Is Passion Fruit Safe During Pregnancy?

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Choosing a healthy diet is important anytime, but more so during pregnancy. Consuming food laden with vital vitamins and minerals is not only good for the expectant mother but also for the baby growing inside her. So as you plan your pregnancy timings it is also important to ensure that your pregnancy diet is well also planned. While eating fruits and vegetables are considered to be healthy, during pregnancy you need to make the choices wisely. If you want to know is passion fruit safe during pregnancy, read this post and get your facts straight. Passion fruit is extremely beneficial for a pregnant mother and is among the top list of prenatal foods.

passion fruit during pregnancy

Health Benefits of Passion Fruit:

Passion fruit also popular as Granadilla, is an aromatic fruit known for its sweet tart flavor. A native of South America, this exotic fruit possesses excellent healing and calming properties. It is a powerhouse of important vitamins, potassium, carbohydrates, dietary fibers and proteins. The list does not end here, read on to learn some of the amazing benefits of passion fruit during pregnancy:

• Improves Immunity:

Passion fruit is a storehouse of Vitamin C, alpha-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin, which can remarkably boost your immune system during pregnancy.

• Fosters Healthy Growth of the Foetus:

The antioxidants and essential minerals present in passion fruit will ensure a healthy growth and development of your unborn baby.

• Relieves Restlessness and Insomnia:

A very simple means to alleviate common pregnancy problems like insomnia and restlessness is eating passion fruits every day. It is known to be a good source of medicinal alkaloids like Harmon that offers a sedative effect.

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• Is Good For The Bones:

Passion fruit is an extraordinary source of minerals like magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorous. Eating passion fruit in pregnancy makes your bone stronger by increasing mineral bone density.

• Aids Digestion:

One of the benefits of passion fruit during pregnancy is promoting healthy digestion. Being loaded with dietary fibers it eases out the bowel movements, besides improving digestion. Eating passion fruit daily during pregnancy will keep the problem of constipation at bay.

• Enhances Blood Circulation:

Iron present in passion fruit is very important for the production of hemoglobin. A good hemoglobin count implies healthy supply of oxygenated blood to all parts of your body. Eating passion fruits during pregnancy also helps in the functioning of other organs in the body. Moreover it also reduces the risk of anemia.

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• Regulates Blood Pressure:

Monitoring blood pressure is extremely critical during pregnancy period. Passion fruit is packed with potassium that functions as a vasodilator and improves the blood flow throughout the body.

• Reduces Respiratory Problems:

Passion fruit also acts as a wonderful expectorant and so consuming this during your pregnancy helps in minimizing the respiratory problems such as cough, asthma and wheezing.

• Is Beneficial for Eyes and Skin:

Passion fruit has very high content of Vitamin A that greatly reduces the risk of eye related problems such as night blindness and cataract. It is also good for your skin and imparts a smooth and soft texture. Who wouldn’t love receiving compliments for glowing skin!

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After learning about these extraordinary benefits of passion fruit, do not wait a second if you still have not started eating it in your pregnancy. Passion fruit provides plenty of health benefits to the expectant mum-to-be and should therefore be included in the pregnancy diet. What’s more there are absolutely no side-effects of eating this fruit in your pregnancy period. Share this wonderful news with other expectant mothers and let the goodness spread.