Prunes During Pregnancy

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Fruits and dry fruits have high nutritious value and should be included in your regular diet. All the more so when you are on the wonderful phase of pregnancy. Are you craving for prunes lately and wondering, ‘Can i drink prune juice while pregnant’? Read on to find out if having prune juice during pregnancy is healthy for you and your baby.

What it is?

A prune is basically a dry plum. It is one of the healthiest foods in the world. Prunes have multiple health benefits and are good for your overall health. Intake of prunes during pregnancy is advised by experts as they are very good for both the mother and the child’s health. Also, they have very rare side effects.

Prunes During Pregnancy

Benefits of Prunes During Pregnancy:

1. Preventing Constipation:

Due to the various hormonal changes while you are pregnant you are likely to experience bowel difficulties or constipation. The body produces more estrogen during pregnancy to ensure that your baby is has a healthy growth and development.

Production of estrogen in the body may slow down your digestion and cause constipation. Progesterone is another hormone that the body releases during pregnancy. It causes relaxation and loosening of your muscles. It leads to the muscles that form the outside walls of the bowel area to relax during pregnancy. It makes it difficult for the food inside the body to move along and get out of your body.

2. Preventing Anemia by Boosting Iron Levels:

Iron is one of the main nutrients that is extremely vital for the proper growth and development of the yet-to-be-born baby. Prunes are a rich storehouse of iron. While being pregnant, the iron requirements of the mother’s body go up significantly. Taking your regular meals may not be enough. It is important to include additional food items like prunes, which have high iron content, to fight iron deficiency.

Eating prunes help you produce more hemoglobin and prevent anemia during pregnancy. It will also help in building strong immunity for the mother and the baby. Having prune juice while pregnant keeps any signs of weakness at bay. Eating prunes as dry fruits will also help maintain to energy levels and soothe your nerves. Eating prunes during pregnancy can keep you active, fit and healthy.

3. Controling Blood Pressure:

Prunes contain potassium in appreciable quantity. Having prune juice while pregnant helps greatly to reduce blood pressure.

4. Fighting Depression:

The potassium content in prunes also helps in fighting depression and controlling anxiety.

5. For The Baby:

The beta-Carotene and vitamin A content in prunes help in the development of eyes in your unborn child. Eating prunes during pregnancy will work wonders for your skin and that of your baby too.

4. Preventing Joint Pain:

Experiencing joint pains and cramps is common while you are pregnant. Consuming prunes or its juice can help prevent or reduce these pains. Intake of prunes can also help to prevent any inflammations while you are pregnant.

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5. Fighting Nausea:

Eating prunes can be a natural and healthy way to prevent nausea. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that can ward off nausea and keep you feeling healthy.

Prunes During Pregnancy 2

Side Effects

Consuming too much of prunes or prune juice during pregnancy may cause side effects like feeling of bloating, flatulence and even diarrhea. Do visit a doctor if you experience any of the side effects. Take expert advice on daily dosage.

Can i Drink Prune Juice While Pregnant?

Consuming prune juice while pregnant within limits during your pregnancy is normally safe and healthy.

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The fruit has immense health benefits but its best to not take chances in the fragile phase of pregnancy. Consult an expert on how much to consume and then reap its benefits.