Are prunes good for pregnancy? This is a widely common question asked by several pregnant women. While fruits are generally associated with the benefits they give during the phase of pregnancy, there are also certain foods which are recommended not to eat at this stage. On the other hand, there are always negatives and risks associated with certain foods.

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Read this article to know more about prunes during pregnancy, their benefits, risks and side effects along with the nutritious values it delivers.

What are Prunes?

A prune is basically a dry plum. It is one of the healthiest foods in the world. They are widely available in several parts of the country. Prunes have multiple health benefits and are good for your overall health. Intake of prunes during pregnancy is advised by experts as they are very good for both the mother’s and the child’s health. Also, they have very rare side effects.

Are Prunes Safe During Pregnancy?

A common question faced us is ‘are prunes good for pregnancy.’ While many have that dilemma within consuming the prunes, it is always good to know the complete picture. Prunes are generally very helpful to reduce hunger instantly and hence they are the perfect snack for pregnant women with a blend of several dietary fibres, and vitamins built from within. Hence they in turn also build muscles and strengthen them. This greatly augments a smooth delivery process.

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Nutritional Benefits of Prunes During Pregnancy:

While we often ask if is it safe to eat prunes during pregnancy, the answer is yes due to the rich nutrient values in the fruit. Prunes are very rich in dietary fibres along with iron, potassium, vitamin C, magnesium, natural sugars, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. This helps greatly in the health of the mother-to-be and the growth of the fetus. They help also strengthen the uterus and in turn, help with the delivery. Hence no wonder, if someone asks you can I eat prunes during pregnancy, you definitely know the answer!

Benefits of Prunes During Pregnancy:

Can you eat prunes when pregnant? The answer is definitely a huge yes; know the benefits of prunes during pregnancy here.

1. Preventing Constipation:

Due to the various hormonal changes, while you are pregnant, you are likely to experience bowel difficulties or constipation. The body produces more estrogen during pregnancy to ensure that your baby has healthy growth and development.

Production of estrogen in the body may slow down your digestion and cause constipation. Progesterone is another hormone that the body releases during pregnancy. It causes relaxation and loosening of your muscles. Prunes lead to the muscles that form the outside walls of the bowel area relaxing during pregnancy. It makes it difficult for the food inside the body to move along and get out of your body.

2. Preventing Anemia by Boosting Iron Levels:

Iron is one of the main nutrients that are extremely vital for the proper growth and development of the yet-to-be-born baby. Prunes are a rich storehouse of iron. While pregnant, the iron requirements of the mother’s body go up significantly. Taking your regular meals may not be enough. It is important to include additional food items like prunes, which have high iron content, to fight iron deficiency.

Eating prunes help you produce more haemoglobin and prevent anaemia during pregnancy. It will also help in building strong immunity for the mother and the baby. Having prune juice while pregnant keeps any signs of weakness at bay. Eating prunes as dry fruits will also help maintain energy levels and soothe your nerves. Eating prunes during pregnancy can keep you active, fit and healthy.

3. Controlling Blood Pressure:

Prunes contain potassium in appreciable quantities. Having prune juice while pregnant helps greatly to reduce blood pressure.

4. Fighting Depression:

The potassium content in prunes also helps in fighting depression and controlling anxiety.

5. For The Baby:

The beta-Carotene and vitamin A content in prunes helps in the development of eyes in your unborn child. Eating prunes during pregnancy will work wonders for your skin and that of your baby too.

6. Preventing Joint Pain:

Experiencing joint pains and cramps is common while you are pregnant. Consuming prunes or their juice can help prevent or reduce these pains. Intake of prunes can also help to prevent any inflammations while you are pregnant.

7. Fighting Nausea:

Eating prunes can be a natural and healthy way to prevent nausea. It contains essential vitamins and minerals that can ward off nausea and keep you feeling healthy.

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Side Effects of Prunes During pregnancy:

Consuming too many prunes or prune juice during pregnancy may cause side effects like the feeling of bloating, flatulence and even diarrhoea. Do visit a doctor if you experience any of the side effects. Take expert advice on daily dosage. Those with gas and bloating issues are not advised to consume these. Further, those who are overweight are supposed to watch their quantity.

Ways to include Prunes in a Pregnancy Diet:

While the benefits of prunes during pregnancy are understood, many ask how many prunes I should eat while pregnant. Eating prunes during pregnancy is well recommended due to their values and richness in nutrients from within. Here are certain ways you can include prunes in your diet while pregnant.

You can choose to eat them separately as a snack or add them to your pudding or salads. Further, you can also add baked items or mix them in smoothies. It is your wish up to you totally on how you would like to add them into your diet.

Can I Drink Prune Juice While Pregnant?

Consuming prune juice while pregnant within limits during your pregnancy is normally safe and healthy. Prunes during pregnancy for constipation are widely recommended. Dried prunes during pregnancy can be accommodated in your diet through juice.

When someone asks if prune juice good for pregnancy, the answer is yes. While you generally have seven to eight glasses of water every day, you can also inculcate this juice for more nutritional benefits. Prune juice during pregnancy is a great source of energy and does not lead to blood levels rising. They are rich in fibre hence benefiting your bladder and bowels. Hence if anyone asks ‘can I drink prune juice while pregnant’ the answer is yes. Prune juice benefits pregnancy greatly, and you do not need to think twice.

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The fruit has immense health benefits, but it’s best to not take chances in the fragile phase of pregnancy. Consult an expert on how much to consume and then reap its benefits. Since every pregnant woman will have their own dietary requirements, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before you begin eating them regularly.


Q1. Can I drink prune juice every day while I am pregnant?

Ans: While you regularly have your water intake, make sure you have one glass of prune juice which can help you add nutrients and fibre to your diet. You can have it every day unless doctors recommended you or advise you separately on reducing the quantity. This is the case unless you are in extra pounds. Otherwise, you can have them every day.

Q2. How many prunes can I have every day as pregnant?

Ans: You can have a handful of them every day. But do not overeat as they are not recommended in huge quantities due to the presence of natural sugars and related elements. Any fruit or food is good while had in limited and needful quantities.

Q3. Do prunes help you lose weight while pregnant?

Ans: No, this is a misconception. Prunes do not help you with weight loss. Rather you may be advised to not have this fruit in case you are in extra pounds during pregnancy. The natural sugars present in this fruit may help you gain weight in turn, but not lose.


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