Benefits of Nuts During Pregnancy

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As soon as the pregnancy results turn positive, mothers get worried about eating the right food to support the baby growing within them. Above all this comes the theory of ‘eating for the two’. Awareness about the nutritional requirement during pregnancy can lessen such anxieties and make the period more enjoyable. Health practitioner suggests some super foods for pregnancy and nuts definitely falls in this category. Nuts are excellent sources of essential minerals and vitamins that help to meet the nutritional requirements during pregnancy. Eating nuts while pregnant has also helped mothers to overcome common pregnancy issues. Read on to learn more about the goodness of eating nuts during pregnancy.

Nuts During Pregnancy

Nutritional Benefits of Nuts During Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, mothers tend to get hungry at wee hours. Munching on unhealthy snacks like fried foods may seen alluring but is best avoided. Nuts make an excellent snack that is also laden with beneficial properties for the expectant mother and her growing baby. Take a look at these incredible health benefits of nuts:

1. Protein:

Protein is very important for the growth of the foetus. They are considered very beneficial during pregnancy and including nuts in your daily diet gives you a good dose of protein.

2. Fiber:

Fiber from your diet helps to relieve some of the unpleasant problems of pregnancy such as haemorrhoids and constipation. Besides it also helps in weight management and regulating blood pressure. Nuts like almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts and hazelnuts have high content of fibres that helps to alleviate problems associated with bowel movements.

3. Copper:

Nuts like pistachios, pine nuts, walnuts and cashew nuts are known to be the powerhouse of copper. Copper is very important for the healthy development of brain and it also aids absorption of iron in the body. Hence pregnant mothers should eat nuts daily to get a good dose of copper during pregnancy.

4. Iron:

A pregnant woman normally requires 27mg of iron daily from their diet. Iron is essential for the production of haemoglobin and also aids in producing more blood in the body. Nuts like walnuts, dates and raisins are extremely good source of iron.

5. Vital Minerals:

Minerals like manganese, calcium and magnesium are important to support the healthy growth of baby in the womb. They are also crucial for the development of the nerves, skeleton, muscle and ligaments of the growing foetus. Nuts are loaded with these essential minerals and health practitioners therefore recommend eating nuts during pregnancy.

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6. Essential Vitamins:

Nuts completely fulfill the essential vitamins requirement of expectant mothers. These vitamins especially Vitamin E, helps to reduce the risk of preeclampsia and also monitors the blood pressure level.

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Risks Associated:

There has always been a debate over the issue of eating nuts during pregnancy. however recent studies in this regard have revealed that eating nuts is good during pregnancy when consumed in limits and also when the expectant mother does not have any nut allergy. As nuts are labelled high in fats and calories, they should mostly be consumed in their natural state. Pregnant mother should avoid sugar coated or fried nuts as it adds unwanted calories and does more harm than good. So the answer to the question can you eat nuts when pregnant is definitely yes, provided you have cross-checked all the factors mentioned above.

Nuts During Pregnancy 2

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Nuts are recommended prenatal foods for expectant mothers owing to their beneficial properties. They are known to be denser in nutrients when compared to fruits and vegetables. However you must be aware that are also high in calories and fats and hence should be taken only in moderation.