Custard Apple (Sitaphal) During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a time in woman’s life that is very special and requires her to consume good portions of healthy fruits and vegetables. Custard apple is one such food that can be highly nutritious and beneficial for not only the pregnant woman but also her unborn baby. This custard apple originates from South America and is known as cherimoya there. Sitafal is the term given to this fruit in India. This sugary fruit is highly recommended for pregnant women and can be given in the form of milk shakes, smoothies, tarts, ice cream and several other ways.

Custard Apple (Sitaphal) During Pregnancy:

Mentioned below is the description of this fruit, the reason behind its utility, effect on the pregnant mothers and foetus, other health benefits of custard apple and precautions taken in pregnancy while eating this fruit.

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Description of Custard Apple:

It is a sugary fruit with hardened greenish brown skin that turns yellowish brown when ripe. The fleshy part inside the hardened skin is edible and especially very good for pregnant women. It cannot be peeled but you can break open the skin to reveal the flesh that creamy, thick engulfing several seeds. The fruit is named after the custard like texture of the flesh of the fruit. It is generally heart shaped however you often find them in irregular shapes as well.

Why is Custard Apple Recommended for Pregnant Women?

Custard apples contain a high content of calories and nutrients with natural sugars that works in the favour of pregnant women as these qualities help the underweight expecting ladies to gain weight and minimize the risk of abortions. Pregnant women who experience nausea and develop distaste for food in general often find custard apple very palatable due to its delicious taste. It also has a lot of other benefits hence it gets high recommendations.

Other Health Benefits:

1. High in Copper Content:

This fruit has exceptionally good quantity of copper which is helps in enhancing the hemoglobin levels and preventing premature delivery. 100 mg of copper intake is compulsory for a pregnancy and custard apple helps in fulfilling this requirement.

2. Presence of Other Vitamins and Minerals:

It also contains good amounts of vitamin A and C, vitamin B6, Potassium and Magnesium that is most vital for the development of bones and teeth, proper vision, god quality of hair and a healthy heart.

3. Topical Application:

The paste of the flesh of this fruits is very effective for curing boils and ulcers. It has to be applied at least twice a day for effective results.

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4. Provides Dietary Fiber:

Eating this fruit daily when pregnant prevents constipation and helps in digesting the food better as they provide sufficient fiber for the digestive system to work properly.

5. Works as an Expectorants and Stimulants:

They help in getting rid of nasal congestion and people suffering from allergies get relief by eating this fruit as it helps in getting rid of mucus that triggers allergies.

6. Milk Substitute:

Many women who suffer from lactose intolerance during pregnancy can try using this fruit as a beverage to substitute milk as it contains all the nutrition that milk supplies.

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7. Beneficial in Treating Dental Problems:

In pregnancy, a woman often suffers from gum inflammation and tooth aches. The bark of custard apple tree comes handy as it is can be known to relieve the pain.


Custard apples are very safe fruits and do not have any side effects, however care should be taken to consume this fruit only when it has ripened. The seeds of this fruit are slightly poisonous therefore not fit for consumption therefore one should be careful and avoid swallowing it.

Call it cherimoya, sitaphal, bull’s heart or any other name custard apple will remain a favourite fruit for not only pregnant women, but also other folks due to its delicious and satiating qualities.

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