Spotting is a very common problem that pregnant ladies have to be faced. Half percentage in the normal case of pregnancy experiences the bleeding from the vagina at the time of pregnancy. Simple and little spotting is the good sign whereas spotting in large amount is the sign of a heavy disorder. You must be aware of the causes behind spotting during pregnancy and take important advice of your doctor at regular interval to erase such problems.

Differentiation Between Spotting and Bleeding:

You can observe and identify yourself which one is spotting and which is bleeding, in a very homely manner. The light pink or brown coloured blood is discharged in case of spots which is very similar to the menstrual bleeding at 6th or 7th days that cycle. If the discharged blood is deep red in colour then it is termed as bleeding. Spotting does not need soaking pads like bleeding needs.

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Causes of Spotting During Pregnancy:

Implantation As A Cause:

In the primary stage of pregnancy, twenty to thirty percentage ladies are experienced by spotting. The spotting during pregnancy can happen because of embryo implantation to the uterus wall. Spotting can appear before or around the menstrual period. You should not confuse both cases as well as never be worried about the spotting.

Sex As A Cause:

Spotting can appear after having sex with your partner. Any kind of stress from light to heavy, it can starts spotting. Also in the duration of pregnancy cervix polyps can growth from the normal size and may result in spotting when pregnant due to the stress of intercourse. It is a very possible and normal case to have spotting after intercourse during pregnancy.

Pap Smear As A Cause:

Cervical tender is the result of the huge flow of blood that can appear due to the internal exam of the pelvic region. The light pressure at the time of checking or any type of collision in that area may result in spotting.

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Infections As A Cause:

Vaginal infections, fungus infections, vaginal bacterial infections are some serious cause of spots. STD diseases like chlamydia, herpes, trichomoniasis are the very possible reason for vaginal irritation which can lead to the brown spotting during pregnancy. You need to take this reason with special care to eradicate the problem.

Chorionic Haemorrhage As A Cause:

This type of blood discharge happens due to the change in chorion and as well as in placenta. Chorion is a little thin membrane fitted in the foetus, enclosing the area of the placenta. It can stop by its own, though the matter of concern is spotting normal during pregnancy, which needs the ultimate supervision of medical experts.

Upcoming Labour Date As A Reason:

As near as your delivery date is coming, you may face cervix dilation. It can be absorbed by blood and mucus plug may lead to a huge blood discharge. That’s why this is termed as bloody show. You should affix an appointment with a gynaecologist in case of heavy haemorrhage.

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Ectopic Pregnancy:

It is a rare case which needs special attention from the personal medical professional. When the egg settled in the fallopian tube, which is the out uterus, ectopic pregnancy can happen. The symptoms may arise in you like nausea, dizziness, vomiting, or weakness. Prior ectopic surgery, fallopian surgery, or any inflammation of the pelvic region can be the reason behind such complications.

Molar Pregnancy:

A defective embryo can make the placenta a big enlarged cystic volume which may result in molar pregnancy. It has no serious impact though it is a kind of tumour. But if it has spread through the whole body within the conception weeks large bleeding can appear. Gestational diseases may create due to such abnormal vaginal situation.


It is a matter of concern during the time of pregnancy. The primary 12 months are the period when the miscarriage can arise. The common symptoms of miscarriage are abdominal pain in the lower section, cramping, vaginal discharge of tissue etc. This is probably one of the horrible cases that the pregnant lady does not want to be faced.

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Placenta Previa:

At the last stage of pregnancy, the appearance of bleeding has the most common and simple reason and that is placenta Previa. Placenta generally gives stress in cervix rupture which causes bleeding. The time is in the middle of pregnancy duration when your cervix is getting ready for an upcoming delivery.

Placental Abruption:

During the last trimester or final stage of pregnancy, this kind of abruption can appear which can cause heavy bleeding. The natural symptoms of this disorder are lower and upper abdominal pain, cramps, uterus tendering etc. Placenta gets early separation from the uterus in such case and results in blood collection in that region.

Uterine Rupture:

This rupture can appear before the delivery time. It is not a normal splitting from the uterus. It can be very dangerous for the upcoming baby and a pregnant lady. This need to cure by the inspection from a medical expert. Nevertheless, various severe risk factors are related to this term which needs to be solved during the ultimate stage of pregnancy.

Fetal Vessel Rupture:

This is one of the rarest pregnancy cases. It appears in 1 patient among five thousand cases. It is the result of an abnormal rate of the heart. When it happens, blood discharge in large amount occurs in this pregnancy stage. It this case where foetal blood vessels cross the birth route.

Preterm Labour:

Preterm labour is the time period of delivery twenty to thirty-seven week. It can create a heavy pain in the abdomen by cramping and contraction. It can just appear a little day’s gap with your upcoming delivery date. Mucus plug has tremendously cracked due to which a heavy sort of bleeding may get started.

As a caring mother, you should be updated with all such information about spotting in terms of pregnancy. You should take care of your growing foetus from all diseases and disorders by having a proper medical inspection, pregnancy diet, and regular maintenance of medical check-up.

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