Be it any woman out there, one of the major reasons for happiness comes in the form of pregnancy when the feeling of giving birth to a new life takes over the first priority. The beauty of holding a precious bundle of joy and the jitters of being a parent and that too a responsible one is something that each and every person goes through at some point of their lives. If you are among the lucky ones, who are planning a family or even if you are not, it is important to detect the pregnancy as soon as possible. This is solely because as soon as you conceive the top most priority is the good health and safety of the baby.

However, during the first few week of pregnancy a lot of women is not able to gauze their pregnancy. There are some symptoms and signs according to experts that a woman should be aware of in this case. The guide below will give you the signs to expect during the very first week of pregnancy to help you in an immense manner.

Symptoms of Pregnancy at 1st Week:

1. Missed Periods:

Though the cycle of menstruation is of about 28 days, a lot of women undergo the same even in 35 days. So if there is a missed period, then it might be delayed menstruation or else the first week of pregnancy effectively. It is one symptom along with others mentioned here that confirms pregnancy.

2. Tenderness in Breasts:

The breasts becomes tender and sore in the first week of pregnancy. This is because of the hormonal levels in the body that goes on a peak. Along with soreness, there is a certain amount of pain that will be experienced.

3. Mood Swings:

Among the very first few symptoms, some women stated that they had major mood swings during not only the first week of pregnancy but also in the initial 3 months. Mood swings is something that can range from being hysterical to over-emotional and more. It is a result of hormonal changed.

4. Fatigue and Tiredness:

A complete feeling of tiredness along with fatigue is a frequently occurring issue among women in their first week of pregnancy. The body is undergoing various changes and there are a lot of bodily functions for adaption to the growth of the baby. This makes the body tired and lethargic.

5. Nausea And Vomiting:

Commonly known as morning sickness, nausea and vomiting are some of the signs that a person goes through during the first week of pregnancy. This can be due to sensitivity to smell as well as various internal functions change. Overall, vomiting tendencies are quite a general sign in all first week pregnant women.

6. Hormonal Changes:

Most of the above mentioned symptoms for first week of pregnancy is because of hormonal changes. If you start ovulating a lot or if there are major hormonal secretions in the body according to certain tests it only means that you might be pregnant. It is one of the 100 percent sure shot occurring signs.

7. Digestive Issues:

One of the common and the foremost signs and symptoms associated with pregnancy first week is that of digestion. Starting from gas and bloating to constipation, anything can be experienced during this time solely because of too much pressure on the uterus as well as the excessive hormonal secretion. Each person might have different digestive reactions, but the symptom is standard.

These are some of the points and signs that you will be able to connect yourself with, during the first week of pregnancy.

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