10 Benefits of Kiwi Fruit During Pregnancy

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Kiwi is a small green yellow fruit whose seeds and skin both are edible. This fruit is low in fat and sugar. It doesn’t contain cholesterol. The flavour of this fruit is topical and many Indians are not as aware of this fruit as it is no readily available in the market like banana, orange etc.

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Kiwi is often regarded as ‘nutritional powerhouse’ as it is a rich source of vitamin C and E.  It contains trace minerals, dietary fibre, anti oxidants, folic acid, potassium etc.

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As this fruit is loaded with vitamins it should be included in the diet of a pregnant mother. It is very beneficial for pregnant women as it has various benefits.

Kiwi Fruit During Pregnancy

1. It Maintains Cardio Vascular Health:

Consumption of 2 or 3 kiwi fruit helps in blood thinning and lower levels of fat content, thus maintaining cardio vascular health.

2. Great Source of Folic Acid:

A pregnant woman requires a decent amount of folic acid in her diet for the healthy development of foetus in the early months of conception.

3. It Helps in Brain and Cognitive Development of The Foetus:

As this fruit s a very good source of folate it prevents neutral defect in newbie and also helps in the brain development process at an early age. So consumption is extremely useful for an expecting mother.

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4. Powerhouse of Essential Nutrients:

It contains more vitamin C as compared to orange and also contains large amount of potassium on a whole. It also contains a lot of Vitamin E. So consumption of this fruit is very healthy for the skin and also provides essential vitamins and nutrients to the baby.

5. Keeps The Bones Strong:

It is a very good source of Vitamin K and hence helps in the development of strong bones. It fastens the healing power of a body and reduces blood clotting. Adequate amount of vitamin K is required by the body during pregnancy because during the delivery process the body bleeds a lot. Excessive loss of blood can be very threatening.

6. It Helps in The Growth of Connective Tissues:

Vitamin C boosts up immunity and produces collagen- elastic like material responsible for the generation of connective tissues in a body. It provides the growing baby with essential nutrients for the development of connective tissues in his or her body.

7. It Prevents The Body From Free Radical Damage:

As this fruit is rich in folate and vitamin C it helps the body of a mother from radical damage caused by bacteria, parasites and viruses.

8. Reduces The Risk of Stretch Mark on Women’s Stomach:

Studies prove that regular consumption of this fruit reduces the risk of stretch mark while delivery of the baby. Hence it protects the beauty of a mother.

9. Develops The Nervous System of a Baby:

It is rich in type B vitamin called B9 which is quintessential for the development of nervous system of a baby. Lack of this folate results in various defects during birth in a baby. Spina Bifida is a type of defect seen in babies who lack B9 in his/her body.

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10. Rich in Antioxidants:

A strong healthy mother is required to give birth to a healthy baby. It is a very good source of antioxidants which can fight against free radicals. Free radicals affect the fertility of a woman. So destruction of free radical is very important which can be done by the consumption of this delicious fruit.

These benefits are well enough for a pregnant woman to decide whether it should be included in the diet regime or not.

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