Vinegar During Pregnancy

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Is it safe to use vinegar in pregnancy? Is the question that often pops up when it comes to pregnant women who love a touch of vinegar in their food? Many say that it is useful and rich in vitamins which help the baby in developing faster and better. According to proven a research in America,it is safe to use vinegar during pregnancy. Although there is no limit specified to the use of vinegar during pregnancy, it is not advisable to over use vinegar while pregnant.Directly drinking vinegar while pregnant could also be dangerous because it contains an enormous amount of acetic acid.To all those women who like vinegar in their food, here are some benefits to using vinegar during pregnancy. Read all about the benefits as well as the harmful effects of vinegar when you are carrying a child. You will sure be amazed by the benefits that you never knew of!


Works against Nausea:

Pregnant women are sometimes advised to add a drop of vinegar in their morning foods to reduce nausea. Soaking a few organic bones in vinegar helps it release the calcium present. Consuming a small amount of this solution every morning helps eliminate nausea and more importantly it aids the formation and strengthening of the baby’s bones.The most common problem a woman faces during pregnancy is nausea and vinegar is helpful in reducing the affects of that problem.

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Rich Source of Antioxidants:

Antioxidants are very good in general and particularly good during pregnancy. The antioxidants existent in vinegar protects your cells from damage. Vinegar is rich in antioxidants, which benefits your pregnancy on a whole. It also reduces oxidative stress for both you and your baby.  If you will be stress free and relaxed then it will have a positive effect on the baby as well as your mind.

Best Sodium Source During Pregnancy:

Pregnant women tend to crave for high sodium containing foods. A high level of sodium in your body will not do you any good during pregnancy.It is highly recommendable to replace the excess sodium in your diet with vinegar. Vinegar acts as a flavoring agent without increasing your sodium levels. There are different flavors of vinegar available to suit your taste, which is an added advantage.Try to avoid high sodium diets by increasing the use of vinegar in your diet.

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Limitations of Vinegar Consumption:

It is a common thing to experience heartburn’s during pregnancy. However, vinegar with its high acetic acid content is known to increase heartburn’s and in some cases triggers heartburns. You should limit the use of vinegar if it tends to cause heartburn’s and makes you feel uncomfortable. This is not necessarily the case with all pregnant women, so watch your vinegar intake and keep it within the margin to avail its benefits.

Too much of anything is bad, the same goes for vinegar in pregnancy.There are specific foods which when taken with vinegar can cause you some serious health complications during pregnancy. Raw vegetables with vinegar peppered on top can be dangerous, and seafood especially undercooked seafood with vinegar can strongly upset your health when you’re pregnant.

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Vinegar has many advantages to pregnancy. By keeping your vinegar intake away from both the extremes you can have a healthy and happy pregnancy.If you want your baby to be fit and healthy then avoid using preservatives which might be harmful for the health of the baby and start using vinegar in your diets.