Jathara Parivartanasana – How To Do And Benefits

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Yoga is ancient but the craze for it has been newly created by the age of fitness where every single individual now embraces different techniques to making their body a desirable one. In the fight for trends and styles, the rampant health issues are not declined and that is why yoga has been a household name these couple years and more. Usually slow and collected, Yoga can be performed in the confines of your own room suiting your comfort ability and time. In today’s article we talk about just one of the branches to the entire term Yoga where this yoga is called Jathara Parivartanasana. Even though the name sounds like a toughie, the posture necessarily isn’t.

Jathara parivartanasana

How To Do It:

Lie down on a yoga mat. Your back should be touching the ground as you lie down face up forming the alphabet T with your body. Your spine should be straight as your legs while the hands on each side should be stretched outwards. This is the beginning posture for the yoga. Now bend one of your knees and lifting your hip up swivel yourself to the left. If you are going left, the right leg should be bent and the vice versa. Now keep your upper body straight and twist as you bend your leg to the further left edging it closer to your chest. To keep things easier for the beginners, we prefer that you start with both your legs however, with practice move on to one at a time. This basically would ask you to twist your lower body to the sides while keeping the front upright. Often one of the many variations includes you turning your neck to the side as well but the upper body, chest to stomach must remain upright. Another variation to this yoga posture can be an ease for the beginners where they don’t have to bend their limbs any more. All they have to do is outstretch them to the side so that their limbs are straight yet the twist is evident.

As you do so, don’t forget to incorporate deep breathing with each step. After the first leg return to the beginning position and taking a second to catch your breath, continue with the next one.

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How Does It Help Us?

♦ The first and foremost help that you achieve from this yoga is relief from any sort of lower back pain. Usually the twisting speaks for itself as you twist your lower body, freeing your muscle of any rigidness. All those stubborn lower body pain can now kiss you goodbye.

♦ Speaking of lower back pain, another such help derived from the yoga posture is relief from marrow or spine pain. The long office hours have taken its toll on your spine and neck and now with this posture you can free yourself of the rigidity making yourself more flexible.

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♦ While you twist and turn, the ingredients in your body go through a churn and twist as well, making sure your organs are perfectly in functions. This is why indigestion or any other stomach related problem can be kept at bay. This yoga actually helps you strengthen your stomach.

♦ This yoga pose is widely known for its body detox abilities where it is said that this posture releases body toxins while working to increase your metabolism.

♦ If we refer to the point before, without the toxins and impurities within us, we are already walking towards a much peaceful pathway. Yoga is a good stress releases and would always work to bring harmony to your mind and body.

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