How to Do Swami Satyananda Yoga Asanas and their Benefits

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One of the most distinct and interesting forms of yoga is the Satyananda Yoga. It was developed by a famous and modern yoga teacher named Swami Satyanand Saraswati. It includes all the important types of yoga such as raja yoga, hatha yoga, Pranayama etc.

Satyananda Yoga Asanas

Satyananda Yoga – Steps and Benefits:

Some of the most basic poses of Satyananda Yoga have been discussed in the following paragraphs.

Cobra Pose:

To do the cobra pose, you need to lie on your stomach and keep your feet close together. Your hands should be under your shoulders on the ground. Take a deep breath and lift your head very slowly. After this you must lift your chest and abdomen as well. Keep navel on the floor.

Bow Pose:

To do the bow pose lie on the yoga pat and keep your hands by your side. Your forehead should rest on the mat. Close your eyes and breathe twice. Bend your knees now and bring your feet towards your buttocks. Hold your legs and lift your legs and torso off the floor. Hold for a few pose and come back to the first position.

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Lotus Pose:

For the lotus pose, you need to sit on the yoga mat and fold your legs in such a way that one is on top of the other. Place your hands on your knees, tuck your stomach in, feel the stretch and hold the pose for a few seconds. Come back to normal position and do this a few times.

Seated Forward Bend Pose:

Sit on the yoga mat and put your legs straight in front of you. Breathe in and while exhaling bend forward and bring the chest down. Keep your shoulders open and breathe normally for a few seconds. Hold for 30 seconds and the release.

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Locust Pose:

For the locust pose, you need to lie on the floor with your head facing the floor. Your arms must be side by side. Now gently lift your legs off the floor followed by the head and the upper torso. Hold for a seconds and breathe. Do this exercise a few times as this will help you stay fit, active and healthy all the time.

Cat Pose:

To do the cat pose, get your hands and knees on the mat like a four legged animal. Spread your fingers and gaze at the floor. Breathe deeply and press the middle of your back upwards. Now look the floor and curl your head towards the inside. Repeat this exercise about ten to twenty times. After that, you may release with your torso upright.

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Auspicious Pose:

The Auspicious Pose is one of the easiest asanas to do. For this you need to sit on the yoga mat with your right leg placed in the empty space between the left thigh and your calf muscle. Keep your spine straight and place the hands on the chin. Take a few long and deep breaths.

Mountain Pose:

To do the Mountain Pose, stand straight with your feet together. Bring your palms together in such a way so that they face each other. Keep your spine straight. Now breathe in and out. Make sure you take deep and slow breaths.

Thunderbolt Pose:

For the thunderbolt pose, you need to kneel on the floor and place your hands on your knees. Look forward with a soft gaze and relax. Sit up tall and hold the pose for one whole minute. To release the pose, put your palms on the floor and raise your buttocks. Cross your ankles and extend your legs out.

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