The perfect way of keeping yourself fit, both mentally and physically is by indulging yourself in the world of yoga. Yoga has been a dominant care taker of your body issues complied with the serenity that your mind achieves once you walk down that path. Being practiced for ages and many more, Yoga now in the recent years have coped up with the craze of keeping yourself fit. The world today is more interested in easy ways to keep the flab off yourself while looking for small tips and tricks to end the never ending small body issues. In today’s Article we shall talk about one such yoga, named the Karnapidasana and the benefits it can shower us with.

Karnapidasana (Knee to Ear Pose):

The Karnapidasana is also known as the knee to ear pose where ‘karna’ would stand for “ears” primarily. Through a process of body twists and stretching paired with soft deep breathing, this yoga posture for the beginners may not be a child’s play. However, when we start revealing the benefits attached to it, you would be left dumbstruck in awe.

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How to Do It?

  • To start off, position yourself on a yoga mat. This might be a bit difficult at the beginning and it is strictly advised that you do not force yourself to perfection on the very first day of your trial. In fact, you might also ask a separate pair of hands to assist you in this trial. The primary posture of the yoga mainly focuses the pressure on the skull and therefore caution should be maintained.
  • Lying down on your back place your arms on either side, parallel to your body as you look up spine straight and neck aligned.
  • Now comes the part where you push your palms to the ground as you lift your legs up. Sucking in your breathe and holding it while you lift will facilitate the process.
  • Now swing your legs up and above your head by lifting up your hips. At this point, your sole body balance is rested on your hands and neck.
  • Swinging it to the other side bring the knees down parallel to your ears.
  • Once you lock yourself in the position, let your arms retain its original position but this time with palm facing upwards.

Ear Pressure Pose for Beginner’s Tips:

To practice this pose, one should need the flexibility and balance together. Karnapidasana is the advance level of Sarvangasana and halasana. The important tips to note for beginners are:

  1. Don’t worry if your knees don’t come all the way to the floor. It’s fine to keep the knees up until they come to the floor naturally.
  2. There’s some weight in the neck in this position so moving your head from side to side is strictly prohibited.

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Karnapidasana Benefits:

One of the primary benefit that yoga forever has been providing us is body flexibility. We know that the rigidness can get the better of you throughout the week with a soft pain at your back or a slight pull near your neck. Through this yoga posture, you can allow your body to be more flexible. Working your abdomen should be perfect for women not only because it houses the ovaries but also because of the fact that a huge apart of digestion has been linked to the abdomen that also houses the intestines. The pressure that you feel in your abdomen section while having to go through this posture will definitely keep your abdomen strong and healthy.Putting the pressure in your skull, as you perform this yoga, it instead pressurizes the thyroid gland stimulating it which facilitates body growth and above all a healthy thyroid check. This is also related to elongation of your spine and shoulders, which for the men will help you, broaden your upper body and chest.

Precautionary measures and Contraindications:

This yoga posture is extremely difficult to master for beginners. The Karnapidasana yoga posture demands a great deal of core strength and flexibility.

The major contraindications include people with problems like Diarrhoea, Menstruation, Neck injury, Blocked arteries, High blood pressure, Asthma, Beginner level pregnant women. These persons are highly advised to avoid practising this pose. If this yoga posture is practiced by these persons, it should only be conducted under the strict supervision of an expertor by following a doctor’s advice.

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The Karnapidasana is also known as the knee to ear pose where ‘karna’ would stand for “ears” primarily. This exercise is highly recommended to women who suffer with irregularities and related problems, menstruation can be an easy ordeal now that you have started practicing this yoga.Sinus workup can be prevented by performing this exercise where the pressure in your skull opens up the nasal cavity letting you breathe properly.Yoga above all brings peace of mind, one of the most important catalyst to a healthy sleep. So, if you still haven’t gotten over your insomnia, you know what to do best.


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