Yin Yoga Asanas and Benefits

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Yin Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise to exist today since it focuses on the connective tissues of your body. They strengthen your bones and ligaments and help you to improve your joints. They are popular known as the slow-paced yoga and is usually held for longer periods of time. If you are a beginner, the holding time will be anywhere from 45 seconds to two minutes. Once you become an expert in this asana, you may find yourself holding for about two minutes. If you are looking to calm the mind and stretch the body, then this one is sure for you!

Yin Yoga for Beginners:

The yin yoga sequence is usually performed in seated or lying down pose. While the many poses of this yoga might look the regular ones, the major difference lies in the way it is approached. It does not involve your muscles! Take a look for the beginner ones.

a. Anahatasana: This is also known as the heart melting pose. It will help to open the joints of your chest, shoulder and the upper and middle spine.

  • Stand on your four arm support and your knees have to be beneath the frontal hipbones.
  • Place your hands forward and out, making sure that it is slightly wider than the shoulder-width distance.
  • Keep your arms stretched out well, making way for your chest to fall towards the mat you are lying on.
  • Place your forehead on the ground and breathe slowly for about 5 minutes.

Although they might not be the easiest to do, practice will definitely help you to overcome this challenge. Some of the most basic yin yoga poses are listed below for you to try.

1. Dragonfly Pose:

To being with the dragonfly pose, you must stand in the mountain pose first.

  • Shift your right leg and bring the left angle in such a way that it crosses your right thigh.
  • Bend forward and bring your palms towards the floor. Bend your right leg and twist your torso.
  • Bring your elbows down and bring the left foot on to the shelf. Now bring the right thigh and the left upper arm to rest.

2. Seal Pose:

To do the seal pose,

  • Sit on the mat and bring your knees to the side. Lift your legs so that they are as high as your chest.
  • Now hold your ankles with your hands. Inhale and take a roll backwards. Keep your head and neck off to the mat.
  • Exhale as you push your feet together. Inhale and roll upwards. Put your feet together another three times.

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3. Saddle Pose:

To do the saddle pose,

  • You need to lie on the mat and gently bend both your legs inwards in such a way that they go behind your buttocks.
  • Keep your eyes closed and your hands spread out.
  • Now lift the hips higher and take heavy and deep breaths.

Do these exercise four to five times to get good results.

4. Square Pose:

This is easy to do and is the best yin yoga poses, among the many.

  • Sit on the yoga mat with your spine straight.
  • Rest your fingers on the floor on either side of the body. Bring your gaze to the space between your eyebrows.
  • Hold for one minute and then release very slowly. Extend both your legs along the floor.

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5. Child Pose:

To do the child’s pose,

  • Kneel on the floor.
  • Exhale and bring your torso between your thighs.
  • Lay your hands on the floor and let your palms face the ground.
  • Stay in this position for about thirty seconds to a minute or so and then repeat.

Remember to do this yin yoga flow daily. This one is good for your spine.

6. Deer Pose:

The Deer Pose is the easiest to do and has a large number of benefits. It gives your body a good stretch and improves your digestive system. However while doing this pose, you can also rest and bring
your head to the floor. It all depends upon your comfort level.

  • Fold your legs at the knee and twist your hips slightly, bringing the knees on to touching the floor, to the left.
  • Your left knee should be on the floor and the right knee towards the inwards of the floor. Allow some distance between the knees and the thighs.
  • Gently inhale now and raise your spine, while twisting the torso towards your left. When doing this, place your left hand behind you, on the floor.
  • Bring your right hand to the left knee and push your body behind. Stretch the lower right side of the back.
  • Remain in this pose for about a minute, that will take about 6 breaths.
  • Sit straight after your done. Repeat the same with the right knee. When you do on the other side, increase your holding time, for at least 40 breaths.

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7. Camel Pose:

To do this pose,

  • Sit on your knees and bring your hands to the back in such a way that your fingertips touch the soles of your feet.
  • Put your head back and breathe.

This pose is the best for those who have hunched backs or those who are looking for some opening in their thighs.

8. Butterfly Pose:

For the butterfly pose,

  • You must sit on the yoga mat with your spine straight and bring both your legs in a triangle position, in such a way that the soles of both your feet touch each other.
  • Now bring both your legs and thighs up. Stay in this position for about thirty seconds and then repeat.

9. Squat Pose:

The squat pose has several health benefits such as opening up the hips and providing strength to the ankles. All you need to do is

  • Stand with your feet apart and then squat down bringing both the arms in front of you, in a prayer like position.

Yin Yoga Benefits:

Healing heart and mind at the same time, Yin yoga is widely practiced by many people. It has a range of benefits to offer. These will give you some of the best reasons to why you must do a yin yoga workout.

  1. Your flexibility level will increase greatly. What the yoga does is, it will stretch your deep connective tissues, that are between the muscles and the facia. It will target the tissues of the entire body, thus increasing the circulation to the joints and increasing your flexibility level.
  2. It is known to calm the nervous system. It helps to relax you, that will bring an influx of energy and self-love.
  3. So, we know for sure that half of the times, our mind is responsible for our stress. Therefore, yon yoga focuses on the mind and help to provide you relief from stress.
  4. Patience is a must thing to have when doing Yin yoga. It is more like a meditation for the beginners, that will slow your breath and calm your mind.

Precautions and Contraindications:

Here is something to watch out for!


  • Get expert advice to do the pose if you are pregnant.
  • Those of you suffering from major back aches or disc problems should stay away from doing it, or do it after consulting with your doctor.


  • Be very sure that the pose you are doing is correct. Hatha yin yoga particularly, is known to be very dangerous for your spine if you do it wrong.
  • It is necessary to do a warm up before starting the yoga. A couple of breathing exercises and posture check is necessary to prep you up.

The much-needed respite in today’s mad world is peace. With the world being dynamic and mad rush for work, our minds somewhere sure gets bogged down and is truly searching for inner peace. Yin yoga is perfect way to get started to calm your mind. When your mind becomes healthy and calms, you will see the positivity and self-love you will radiate. That’s the power of Yin yoga. Start today and you will see the results in no time!

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