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The Best Weight Loss Yoga Program (25 Challenging Yoga Poses To Try)

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Yoga is one of the oldest fitness forms, which dates back to many centuries. Now, this is considered as one of the best fitness forms all over the world. If practised regularly, yoga can benefit a person in many ways. Most people who perform yoga have reaped many health benefits. If you have issues with your weight and want to reduce it easier and much faster, then yoga would be the ideal choice for you. Many simple yoga asanas aid in losing weight much faster.

yoga programe for weight loss

How to Lose Weight with Yoga for Beginners:

Performing yoga is very easy, and all that it requires is comfortable clothing and a yoga mat. Here are some of the best weight loss yoga asanas for both women and men that you could do at your home easily.

yoga weight loss goals

1. Baddha Konasana for Weight Loss (Butterfly Pose Yoga):

This yoga asana is best suited to work your inner thighs. The asana helps to strengthen the spine, knees and lower back. It tones the muscles at the groins. Women who have menstrual discomfort can benefit from this yoga. It also aids in improving digestion.


  • Sit on your mat with legs stretched out in front of you.
  • Now, sit erect with your spine straight and legs bent at your knees, with the soles of your feet facing each other.
  • With the help of your hands pull your legs in such that the heels touch each other and they are as close to your pelvic bone as possible.
  • Do not exert yourself while doing this and do only to the extent you are capable of.  With more practice, flexibility will improve.

Caution: This asana must be avoided if you have injured knees.

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2. Halasana Yoga Pose (Plow Pose Yoga For Weight Loss):

People who have bad posture and sit for long hours can benefit from this pose. The asana helps to tone the muscles of the buttocks. It strengthens the thighs and the shoulders. It stimulates the function of many organs in the body like thyroid glands, lungs and abdominal organs. Therefore the blood is circulated evenly throughout the body, regulates hormone levels and improves digestion.

Steps :

  • Begin by lying on your back, with your feet flat on the floor and arms on your sides, palm facing downwards.
  • Now raise your legs from the hips. Use your hands to support your hips by placing them on either side of the hips.
  • Bending your legs at the hip, try to touch your toes to the floor behind your head. While doing so straighten your hands on the floor, with the palm facing downwards.
  • Remain in this position for 10-30 seconds and then roll back slowly to the original.

Caution: Do not perform this asana, if you suffer from liver disorders, diarrhoea, hypertension or have had a history of a neck injury.

3. Bridge Pose Yoga to Lose Weight (Setu Bandhasana Yoga):

If you would like to tone your abs and thighs and strengthen your shoulders, then this is the asana that you should be performing. The asana helps to relax the mind, by relieving stress. The other benefits are improving digestion, reducing menstrual discomforts and stretching the spine. Blood pressure is also controlled by performing this asana.

weight loss yoga

Steps :

  • Lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor and arms on either side.
  • Now while exhaling, push your torso up, off the floor, such that your neck and head are flat on the floor and in line with your feet.
  • Do not over exert yourself while you arch your spine in this position.
  • For more flexibility, you may clasp your fingers below your arch, or grab on to your ankles from the inside.

Caution: You must avoid doing this pose if you have had a history of neck injury or back injury.

4. Ardha Matsyendrasana Pose for Weight Reduction (Half Lord Of The Fishes Pose Yoga):

The asana aims to increase the capacity of your lungs so that the lungs can hold more oxygen. It also helps to stimulate the digestive system and helps to burn the fat in your body. The asana aids in stretching the spine and also tones the thighs and abdominal muscles.

yoga weight loss for beginners

Steps :

  • Sit on the ground with your legs stretched in front of you, with feet together and the spine erect.
  • Now bend your left leg and place it next to your right hip.
  • Take your right leg over your left knee and place your left hand’s elbow on the right knee with your hand straight and face the opposite direction. Place your right hand on the ground with the palm facing downward.
  • Hold this position for 20-30 seconds and return to the original.

Caution: People with a back injury must perform this only under the help of a trainer.

5. Utkatasana Yoga Pose (Chair Pose Yoga For Weight Loss):

This asana focuses on strengthening the core muscles, thighs and tones the buttocks. Therefore it requires concentration and focuses on these muscles that are used to perform this yoga asana to remove excess fat from the body.

yoga asana for weight loss

Steps :

  • Stand on the yoga mat with your palms folded (Namaste).
  • Raise your hands above your head and bend at your knee so that your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Stay in this position as long as you can taking deep breaths and then return to the original position.

Caution: This asana must not be performed by those who have a knee injury or back injury.

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6. Bhekasana Yoga (Frog Pose Yoga for Reducing Body Weight):

Not only does this asana help you lose weight, but it will also give you proper gait. It helps stretch the abdomen and chest. It also helps in stimulating the abdominal organs while improving posture.

yoga to lose weight

Steps :

  • Lie flat on your stomach
  • Try to grab your feet with your hands even as you bend your needs up
  • When you start inhaling, lift your chest and squeeze your shoulders together
  • Make sure the heels of your feet touch your hip while holding your feet by the toes
  • This position should be held for a minute before going back to your normal position

Caution: Yoga for weight loss is useful. However, this asana should be avoided if you suffer from back, shoulder or neck problems. If you have a migraine or high blood pressure problem, do not perform the asana.

7. Dhanurasana Yoga Pose (Bow Pose Yoga Asana for Weight Loss) :

The bow pose is not easy. However, it comes with its own set of benefits. It helps stretch the chest and abdomen, while also improving posture and stimulating the neck and abdomen.


Steps :

  • Let your belly touch the ground
  • Your hands should then rest near your torso with palms open
  • When you bend your knees, exhale and also ensure that your heels are nearly touching your rear.
  • Let your hands grip your ankles. Ensure that there is sufficient space between your hips and knees.
  • When you inhale, lift your knees from your buttocks. You will also have to lift your thighs away from the floor
  • Shoulder blades will need to be pressed against the back while you look forward
  • Continue breathing
  • The position should be maintained for 20 seconds before you exhale
  • Lie still for a few seconds

Caution: Avoid performing this asana if you suffer from blood pressure, insomnia, migraine or have suffered an injury to the neck or lower back.

8. Shalabhasana Yoga for Losing Weight (Locust Pose):

When you perform this asana, not only do you lose belly fat, your shoulders, belly and chest are also strengthened. It stimulates the abdominal organs, while also relieving stress and improving posture.

locust pose yoga

Steps :

  • Lie on belly with arms rested beside. The forehead should rest on the floor and palms open.
  • Turn big toes towards each other. Keep your buttock firm
  • While exhaling, lift your head, legs, arms and upper torso from the floor
  • Make firm your heels and legs
  • Raise your arms parallel to the floor and stretch through fingertips
  • Arms towards the ceiling
  • Look straight while keeping neck and back straight.
  • Maintain the position for 30 seconds before exhaling

Caution: If you are suffering from back or neck injuries, stay away.

9. Boat Pose (Naukasana Yoga Posture for Weight Loss):

The asana helps strengthen the hip reflectors and abdomen and stimulates the intestines and kidneys. It will relieve stress.

The Boat Pose

Steps :

  • Straighten your legs and place hands behind your back with fingers in the direction of your feet.
  • Lift through the breastbone and lean back slowly
  • Stretch the front of the torso
  • Bend your knees as your exhale. Lift feet off the floor. Positing your thighs in the 45-degree angle
  • Stretch your arms beside your legs
  • Maintain the position for 20 seconds

Caution: Avoid performing the asana if you are going through periods or suffer from heart ailments and asthma.

10. Pawanmuktasana Pose for Lose Weight (Wind-Releasing Pose):

This asana will help reduce abdomen fat for both men and women, thereby improving digestion. It will also ensure no constipation. It is among the less challenging yoga asanas for weight loss.

Pavana muktasana yoga

Steps :

  • Lie on your back and keep your legs straight
  • Lift your legs and bend them near the knees as your inhale
  • Hold legs with hands and press them against the stomach
  • Touch your chin with the knees. You may have to lift your head a bit
  • Maintain the position for 20 seconds.

Caution: If you have an abdominal injury, stay away from the asana. Pregnant women should refrain, too.

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11. Vakrasana Yoga Posture for Weight Loss (Half Spinal Twist Pose):

This asana will help reduce abdominal fat while also strengthening the spine.

Half Spinal Twist

Steps :

  • Sit down cross-legged
  • Turn lower body to the right, extend right leg and bend the left leg at the knee
  • Put your left arm down at a minimum distance from the body, bend right hand and place it on the outer part of the left thigh
  • Maintain the position for 10 seconds

Caution: People with spinal complaints and pregnant women should avoid this asana.

12. Bhujangasana Yoga to Lose Weight (Cobra Pose):

According to ancient texts, this pose helps increase body heat and heals ailments. It also relieves stress.


Steps :

  • Let your forehead touch the ground
  • Bend elbows and place palms below shoulders
  • Feet should touch the ground
  • While inhaling, straighten arms and raise the chest. Continue till the upper body curves. Shoulders and buttocks should be firm
  • Maintain the position for 20 seconds.

Caution: Those with a back injury or carpal tunnel syndrome should refrain from the asana.

13. Padahastasana Yoga Pose for Weight Loss:

This asana will help improve digestive health while also reducing heartbeat and relieve mental and physical exhaustion.

padahastasana Yoga

Steps :

  • Stand with the distance between hip and feet
  • Bend hips and touch feet with palms
  • Do not bend legs
  • Maintain the position for few seconds

Caution: Individuals with back problems and spinal disorders should refrain.

14. Trikonasana (Triangle Yoga Pose for Weight loss) :

This asana will help you lose weight while also improving digestion and relieving stress and backache.

triangle pose 78

Steps :

  • Stand with feet and apart
  • Turn the left foot slightly towards the right. The right foot should be turned to 90 degrees. Keep thighs firm
  • Extend torso over the right leg, while bending from the hip
  • Place the right hand on the floor near the right foot
  • Stretch hands toward the ceiling
  • Turn head to the left
  • Maintain the pose for 30 seconds

Caution: People with neck pain and blood pressure should refrain.

15. Paschimottanasana Yoga (Seated Forward Bend) For Weight Loss :

This asana increases appetite while also reducing obesity. It improves digestion while helping with stress. If you suffer from fatigue, this asana could infuse new-found energy in you. Weight loss yoga has far-reaching benefits. Give it a try!


Steps :

  • Straighten legs while you sit on the floor
  • Draw groin in
  • Elongate front torso and bend forward from the hip. Stretch till you hold your feet with hands. You can use a strap to hold your feet
  • Maintain the position for close to a minute

Caution: If you have a history of back problems, consult a professional before you
perform this yoga asana.

16. Shirshasana (Headstand) Yoga Exercise For Weight Loss :

This asana helps tone the abdomen while also improving digestion. The pose, when practised regularly, will help strengthen the legs, arms and spine.


Steps :

  • Use a folded blanket to help support your head and forearms
  • Kneel and join your fingers together, with forearms on the floor
  • The crown of your head should touch the floor
  • As you inhale, lift your knees off the floor. Move feet close to elbows with heels lifted up
  • Lift with support of top thighs, make your shoulder blades firm, and lift your feet from the floor. Both feet should be raised at the same time.
  • Make sure your tail bone is firm.
  • Push heels to the ceiling
  • Make firm outer arms and soften fingers. Ensure weight is evenly balanced
  • For beginners, maintain the position for 10 seconds

Caution: Individuals with heart and blood pressure problems must not perform the pose; if you are suffering from back injuries, keep away Pregnant women must refrain

17. Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Yoga Pose for Weight Loss) :

This asana helps stimulate the thyroid glands and abdomen. It will also improve the digestive system. It also helps boost energy. The pose, when performed right, tones the buttocks and legs.


Steps  :

  • Use blankets to give you support
  • Head should be on the floor and shoulders supported by the blanket
  • Place arms beside body and bend knees
  • Arms should be thrust towards the floor before you start pushing your feet away from the floor
    Continue lifting knees
  • Stretch arms, bend elbows and bring them together
  • Open your palms and place them at the back. Your torso should be perpendicular to the floor
  • When you inhale, your bent knees should be lifted towards and ceiling and straightened
  • If you can, lift your upper spine from the floor. You will be able to see your chest from this angle
  • Maintain the position for about 30 seconds.

Caution:If you are suffering from neck, heart, and blood pressure conditions, refrain from performing the pose. Pregnant women should also not try the pose. If you have had a back injury, do not perform the pose.

18. Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana Yoga Exercise to Lose Weight):

When you perform this asana, you stand to benefit quite a bit. It helps remove fat from the belly while allowing the lungs and chest to stretch. Your back muscles, ankles and calves will also be strengthened.

warrior yogic pose

Steps :

  • Stand on the floor
  • Exhale and keep feet apart
  • Raise hands perpendicular to the floor and parallel to each other
  • Turn your left 45 degrees into the right, and your right to 90 degrees to the right.
  • Rotate torso to the right
  • Bend your knee to ensure the shin is perpendicular to the floor
  • The back foot should be firmly rooted in the ground
  • Spread palms together
  • Tilt head back
  • Maintain the position for 10 seconds

Caution: If you have high blood pressure and heart problems, stay away from this asana. People with shoulder and neck problems need to stay away, too.

19. Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose):

When you perform this yoga asana for weight loss, it will improve the balance. It will also strengthen your legs, the back of your legs and ankles.

Uttitha Hasta Padangustana

Steps :

  • Stand straight
  • Lift knee to the stomach
  • Put your left arm through the left inner thigh and the open end of your feet
  • Extend left food while inhaling
  • Straighten the knee
  • Hold the position for close to 20 seconds
  • Move leg back to the centre after you exhale

Caution: If you have ankle or lower back injuries, this asana is not meant for you.

20. Garudasana Eagle Pose for Weight Loss:

This asana, when performed, helps improve concentration and provides you with a sense of balance. It also helps strengthen ankles, calves, shoulders and upper back. This is one of the best and slightly challenging yoga postures for weight loss.


Steps :

  • Stand in a straight posture
  • Bend knees a little and lift left foot
  • Shift the balance to the right foot and bring left thigh over the right one
  • Take the left foot over the right foot’s calf and then over the right shin
  • Stretch arms and ensure they are parallel to the floor
  • Cross arms to ensure the right arm is above the left
  • Bend elbows and wrap a right arm around the left. Palms should face each other
  • Raise forearms to ensure they are perpendicular to the floor
  • Maintain the position for 15 seconds

Caution: Individuals with knee injuries must refrain from performing this pose.

21. Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose) for Beginners:

This yoga asana, when performed, will ensure long-lasting weight loss benefits. It helps individuals lose weight around the stomach, legs and arms. It will also help improve balance.

Side Plank

Steps :

  • Lie on the right side of your body
  • Legs should be over each other
  • Stretch right arm while elevating the body to ensure support
  • Stretch left arms to the ceiling
  • Lift head to ensure you can see your left thumb
  • Maintain the position for 10 seconds

Caution: People with wrist, elbow, or shoulder problems must stay clear of this asana.

22. Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose for Weight Loss):

When you perform this particular asana, your abdomen, thigh, buttocks, and spine will be strengthened. It also improves balance and digestion. If you are a workaholic, this pose will help relieve stress.


Steps :

  • Stand with feet apart
  • Extend right arm and bend torso to the right
  • Continue till your right-hand touches the floor
  • While in that position, lift your left leg to form a straight line with the torso
  • Extend left hand
  • Maintain the position for around 30 seconds

Caution: People with neck problems, low blood pressure and insomnia should refrain from the pose.

23. Tittibhasana (Firefly Pose) Yoga Pose Weight Loss:

Performing this asana will ensure you lose weight and get a toned stomach. It helps shape the torso, improves your overall balance. and also helps strengthen wrists and arms.


Steps :

  • Squat on the floor
  • Try and place torso between the legs
  • Lift upper arm and shoulder and place beneath the right thigh. Your left hand should be on the outer edge of the left foot
  • Repeat the motion on the other side
  • When you lift yourself, place your hands firmly on the floor. Slowly lift your feet. When you inhale, stretch your thighs. Your legs should be parallel to the floor.
  • Stretch arms and widen shoulder blades
  • Lift head gently
  • Maintain the position for 15 seconds

Caution: People with shoulders, elbows, wrists and lower back problems must not perform this asana.

24. Adhomukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose) :

The asana helps improve digestion while also giving your energy level a boost. It gets rid of back pain and fatigue and relieves stress.

Adho Mukha Svanasana yoga

Steps :

  • Bend on your hands and knees
  • Knees should be below the hips; hands should be extended a little above the shoulders
  • Exhale and raise your knees
  • Lift heels from the floor
  • Lengthen your tail bone and lift sitting bones up
  • When you exhale, push the top thigh back
  • Straighten the knees
  • Make firm the shoulder blades and place head between upper arms
  • Maintain the position for a minute

Caution: Pregnant women and people with high blood pressure should avoid performing this asana.

25. Pranayama Yoga for Weight Loss for Beginners :

This breathing exercise involves controlling your breath. It can also help with weight loss when followed and practised, regularly. Perform yoga to lose weight and remain happy. Do regular practice your weight loss yoga session with pranayama for better results.

Pranayama yoga 7456

Steps :

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Close right nostril with the thumb of the right hand
  • Inhale with left nostril and exhale with the same. Alternate the exercise
  • Inhale slowly as it clears the passage

Caution: If you have breathing problems, consult a doctor before performing it.

Yoga asanas or yoga exercises are not the easiest to perform. Therefore, it is important to choose the postures that are most suitable for your body. These yoga asanas, when performed correctly, will help you lose the extra pounds weight of your body.

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