An inexplicably good solution to most of your problem will never really come packaged in a single box. A dietary pill will never really give you happiness of mind, well at least not until the results show up. A gym session too will never give your mind the peace that it so badly wants.

This is why, every individual should enroll yoga in their life, a form of fitness encompassing around soft stretches and twists which would not only give you a stupendous healthcare free of charge but also take care of your fat shedding and mind serenity. Now, yoga has a huge brochure of all the different types and sub divisions. Out of them we shall discuss one, called the Virabhadrasana.

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How To Do It?

Yoga is one of the most calmest yet spot on fitness technique mainly relying on the stretches and the twists that come along with controlled natural breathing. While some are easy, most of them would have you in knots trying to twist and churn your body into immense flexibility.

Fortunately, for the beginner souls, the Virabhadrasana or better known as the warrior pose would be quite an easy achieve. To start off, let’s get the yoga mat ready. As you stand on your yoga mat, your limbs, the lower ones should be stretched outwards creating a gap between the two feet.

The stretch should be wide enough to create a soft stretch but soft enough to keep things comfortable. Now lift your arms up, parallel to the ground so that it forms a perpendicular with your body. At this time, keep them straight while you bend one of your knees, say the right one.

Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Your body, now would twist towards the right side as you bend down your knee more, making your right thigh parallel to the ground. Since this is an easy enough posture, why not hold it for a good three to four minutes? While you do so, make sure you are breathing deep but controlled.

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After a few minute, release your position and then repeat the cycle this time with the left leg in focus. To make things easier for you, here are some tips while performing the exercise. While you stretch out your arms, make sure they are above or directly aligned to your chest level to create that slight stretch in the chest area.

Also, turn your neck to the side you bend to make it easier for you. This way you don’t have to worry about neck sprains.

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How Does It Help Us?

The first benefit is for the ladies just stepping into motherhood still carrying their ward inside them. This is a good exercise to tone up the ovary walls making them firmer which would be a blessing during natural childbirth. Also, this helps you deal with unnecessary contraction pains.

For the ladies who are simply carrying their irregular menstrual cycle and mid night cramps, this is a good escape for them as well. You strengthen the ovary walls regardless and as a boon it would help you cope with the pain as well.

Lower body muscles are strengthened which will let you firm up your thighs and even your buttocks with time.The same goes for the upper body where the slight stretch in the chest area would help you firm up your mammary glands. This also aids in firming up your chest muscles making them stronger.

This yoga in the past has been related to rediscovering your body balance while working on relieving stress which would let you escape the not necessary depressions or tension.

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