The modern times have got us wound up, and the fast nature of our lifestyles affects us in so many dire ways. Yoga, an age-old Indian discipline of the mind and body, is the perfect way to de-stress yourself. Yoga classes in Noida are plenty and offer various schools of yoga for learning. The power of yoga is unbelievable; with precise postures and correct breathing, yoga makes you physically fit along with channelizing your mental health.

Yoga also introduces you to meditation, and that helps to gain control over mind and lead a contained life. It helps you unwind and relax. It is the perfect detox. In a city as well planned as Yoga Noida, it is indeed easy to get your yoga journey started. If you want to achieve your fitness goals along with finding your inner peace, read more to find out the first yoga studio in Noida.

Latest and Top Yoga Classes in Noida:

1. Amritam Yoga Foundation, Sector 50:

Located in Sector 50, Amritam Yoga Foundation is one of the best yoga centres in Noida. They offer a complete rejuvenation program which teaches you a lot about yoga and helps you achieve your physical goals. Along with yoga, they also have a meditation and natural detoxification program. Shirodhara is a rare and ancient Indian massage and detoxifying science, which is found here. If you want to heal your physical and mental temperament and lead a long healthy life, this yoga centre you should visit. Their yoga courses in Noida open doors at 6 a.m. every day of the week!

  • Address: B-4, lower ground floor, Near Central Market, Gate No-9, Opposite Ravi Noody Play School, Sector -50 Noida (U.P) – 201301.
  • Contact: 099907 71734, +911204133941
  • Website:

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2. Soham Institute of Yoga Sciences, Sector 61:

This yoga centre in Noida is a wonderland for yoga lovers! They have got everything yoga classes, meditation courses, yoga therapy, yoga classes for kids, all of it. The trainers at this yoga studio are extremely qualified and have been reviewed to be helpful and genuine. This yoga studio offers prenatal yoga classes in noida as well. Yoga is extremely beneficial for pregnant women, and the best part is, you can ask for your classes at home! All you have to do is pick up the phone. They also offer corporate classes so drop in for free yoga classes in Noida trial class now! Hours of operation of this yoga studio are 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., all days of the week.

  • Address: C-11, Near Shopprix Mall, Sector 61, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
  • Contact: 08368342800
  • Website:

3. Pranava Yoga Academy, Sector 37 and Sector 76:

Two prime locations of Noida have this wonderful space for learning yoga, Pranava Yoga Academy. They offer classes at their studios along with individual training at home. Undoubtedly, one of the best and known places to learn yoga teacher training in Noida. A balanced diet is a key to fitness, and this yoga academy offers you diet management and counselling to help your life get back on track. Book an appointment with a qualified yogi and embark onto the journey of fitness and health.

  • Address: Sector 37 – Arun Vihar Amar Public School Campus, Near Chinmaya Mission, Sector 37, Noida Nearest Metro Station: Noida Golf Course Sector 76: JM Orchid Sector 76 Noida Gautam Budha Nagar Uttar Pradesh.
  • Contact: 9650996490, 9650422526
  • Website:

4. The Yoga Guru India, Sector 15 A:

The Yoga Guru is wide-spread over the city and has several branches located in Sector 15 A, Sector 26, Sector 50, Sector 18, etc. One of the best yoga classes in Noida, this place offers various kinds of courses in the area of holistic healing. Yoga, meditation, power yoga in noida, corporate classes are some of the examples. If you have been practicing yoga for a while and want to get into teaching, check out their yoga teacher in Noida program. Pregnancy classes for yoga and pregnancy yoga classes in noida are also offered as they are effective and help develop the health of the mother and the child. If you want to make a difference in your life and get a healthy spin on your life, join the yoga Guru India.

  • Address: Sector 15A – Sec. 15A Club, Noida, India Sector 26 -Gangotri Hall, RW & CS Sec 26, Noida Sector 50 -Neelgiri Hills Public School, Sec. 50, Noida, India.
  • Contact: 098102 69806, 098102 69806,
  • Website:

5. Kailash Institute of Naturopathy Ayurveda and Yoga, Greater Noida:

Looking for yoga classes in Greater Noida? Found the perfect one. Kailash yoga institute in Noida has an intensive program for yoga along with other disciplines of healing such as Naturopathy and Ayurveda. This place specializes in treating ailments with yoga and Ayurveda. Treatments are offered for people suffering from diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure, asthma, obesity, etc. Yoga is the most natural way to relieve stress. They offer free classes for underprivileged people. If you are in need of complete rejuvenation, this place is a must-visit. They also help people fighting depression and other mental illnesses. Hours of operation for the classes here are from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., every day of the week.

  • Address: 26, Knowledge Park – 1, Greater Noida – 201308, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • Contact: 0120-2321000, 2327900
  • Website:

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6. The Yoga Hutt, Sector 27:

A better lifestyle comes with awareness, acceptance, and amends. Yoga is the perfect amendment your hectic life needs. At the yoga Hutt, the mind and the body can relax completely with proper training and personal attention. They offer yoga classes for ladies and kids. They also have power yoga classes in noida. Power yoga is a modern discipline wherein rhythmic movements, and breathing exercise is taught to achieve your fitness goals. If you are looking for an upbeat method of exercise, power yoga is one of the better options. Drop-in for a class anytime between 6.30 a.m. to 8 a.m. and get start your journey towards a happy life.

  • Address: B 108, Near Kidzee School, Sector 27, Noida, 201301
  • Contact: +919152641821

7. Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga, Sector 41:

One of the most renowned yoga practitioners, Bharat Thakur, established his institution all over the world. This institution deals with the ancient concept of yoga. Several styles of yoga are taught here, along with meditation. They also have virtual and online training for people around the globe. You can learn yoga in Noida at home in your own comfort online! Teacher training courses are available along with weight loss programs. A holistic approach is undertaken towards healing your body and mind is offered at this yoga center. Situated in Sector 41, it is easily accessible for a quick class on a day out.

  • Address: I-67, Dadri Road, Sector 41, Noida – 201303, Opposite Goodwill Hospital. Next to Golf Course Metro Station,
  • Contact: 18001021000
  • Website:

8. Yogathon, Sector 19:

The only place in Noida teaching Aquayoga! Yes, a modern spin on yoga that uses water bodies to explore new physical and mental limits within yoga. Exercising in a water body helps to relax muscles and enriches the health of your limbs and joints. Along with Aqua yoga, yoga then provides services such as power yoga, corporate classes. They also have Zumba classes. It has been reviewed to be one of the best yoga studios in Noida, which mentions the quality of the trainers and education. If you want a fun workout routine, step into yogathon, and change your life while having a good time. This place is open 24 hours, seven days of the week.

  • Address: A-729, Noida, Sector 19, Noida – 201301
  • Contact: +919152925031

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9. The Art of Living, Sector 41:

No yoga list is complete without The Art of Living, one of the finest establishments of yoga and meditation in the world. There are several programs for those who wish to learn yoga. They offer crash courses and happiness programs to help you rejuvenate and get back to work with a clear head. Yoga is extremely beneficial to keep the right temperament and control your mental health. With the help of yoga, it is easy to have a balanced lifestyle without any stress. If you wish to make amends to your life through the process of fitness and wellness, check out The Art of Living in Noida and get your fill of mindfulness along the way.

  • Address: No. D-3, Hansraj Tower Main Road, Sector 41, Noida, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Contact: 2960- 08046800092
  • Website:

Yoga Trainers in Noida:

  • Bharat Thakur
  • Tina Kanwar
  • 3Yogguru Kamal.
  • Rishikesh
  • Ayush Sengar
  • Dinesh Dagar
  • Ranjeeta
  • Maya
  • Pradeep Sharma
  • Shweta Singh

Mentioned above were the best yoga classes in Noida. All the places offer quality training, and you will see a change in your health with consistent practice. Yoga is an excellent form of detoxification and recharges your batteries for the urban whirl we call life. If you think this article was useful, drop feedback in the comments to let us know what you think and share it with people who share the same passion for health as you do.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Q1. Does Yoga Really Cure Illnesses?

Ans: Yes. Yoga is known for its healing properties that come with consistent and supervised training. Yoga is a form of physical exercise which involves the entire physical system along with engaging the mind systematically to enhance the process. And Yoga revives the vital operations in the body and helps you recover, but always remember that it must be done under supervision only.

2. Do I Have to Be Fit to do Yoga?

Ans: Absolutely not. You do yoga in order to be fit, not the other way round. The benefit of this discipline is that you can start learning without having any age bar. If you are fit, you should do yoga to enhance your well-being. If you are unfit, it is essential that you take up yoga or meditation to become healthy.

3. Is the Consumption of Alcohol and Meat Products Forbidden?

Ans: As per the philosophy of yoga, non-veg food items and alcohol are supposed to be avoided. If you are a beginner, trying cutting it out of your diet as and when you proceed to the advanced levels, you might not receive your estimated benefits from your practice of yoga as alcohol and meat products disrupt our internal systems. After a good amount of practice, you will not feel the need to consume it.


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