Yoga has been a predominant part of health care and body rectification. Often people complain about having to run to the gym at the early hours of dawn only to catch up on some workouts before the hectic office work. To some it may be a pleasure, but for many they wished they had something closer to the home. This is essentially why yoga is advised to people from all ages and from all walks of life. The boon of yoga not only limits itself to the fat shedding, but also plays a huge role in body care. Today’s article is about one such yoga called the Kukkutasana where we will talk about the pose structure, how to do it and the benefits availed from it.

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How To Do It?

This is quite a funny posture which is easy enough if you practice it on a daily basis. This is also known as the cockerel pose derived from the very posture. The pose primarily induces your body weight into your arms, asking you to balance yourself through your upper limbs. Through a process of slow movements, some stretches and twists, this yoga can be the fruit of many small bodily issues. Above all, paired with heavy breathing, mental personality also increases through yoga. To start off, we need a mat on which you would place yourself, knees bent and crossed over. This is called the padmasana or the lotus pose. Your spine should be straight aligning itself to your neck. Look forward and make sure you retain this strict rigidity of your marrow throughout the yoga process. This is important since a slight slip in one of the posture might cause a nasty pull or a muscle knot if not careful.

Once you have seated yourself, drive your arm through your inner thigh to the ground below in such a way that your arm is now lodged in between your inner thighs and calves. Do the same with the other hand and now using the pressure of your palms on the ground lift yourself gradually. Still looking straight rise above the ground until your arms are straight, balancing your whole body while you hoist yourself up. While hoisting, inhale which you will exhale now.

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All throughout the yoga pose, you are advised to look straight up. The initial days would cause strain in your arms, so never hold on to the position if you are not comfortable anymore.

How To Do It?

♦ The first and foremost benefit achieved from this yoga is strengthening of the upper body, especially the arms. This is essentially for the boys who wish to show off their biceps. This is just a stepping stone to that path where you work on building up the strength on your arm before moving on to the width. Even for the women, this is a good way to strengthen the upper arm, basically firming it, so that you don’t have to worry about flaunting flabby arms.

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♦ While you hoist yourself on an invisible pedestal and hold it up with your arms, you are putting pressure on your abdomen that now crunches up in order to hold itself upright. This is why it has been related to abdomen strengthening which is also a good way to take care of indigestion and related problems.

♦ Often nervous system of an individual may not be as coordinated with the body as expected. This is why through this exercise we work on our body balance and mind eye coordination. While performing this yoga, we are strictly advised to stare straight at a direction transferring the focus there so that you can coordinate your body balance with your sight.


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