The trikonasana is a popular asana or yoga posture which effectively reduces many internal body and muscle aches. This famous asana is being practiced since ages and is actually one of the most effective poses for improving the breathing procedure internally. The name originates from two Sanskrit words, where ‘Trikona’ means ‘Triangle’ and ‘asana’ means ‘posture’ or ‘seat’.

This asana can be performed in a variety of positions that, facing left, or facing right, etc. The triangle posture is unlike any other yoga posture as you will have to keep your eyes open in order to maintain your body posture. For performing this asana properly, you will have to consider the following steps.

How To Do The Triangle Pose:

For performing the triangle yoga posture first stand straight and put your feet wide apart until you feel uncomfortable. Balance is one of the most crucial things in this asana. So don’t forget to put equal body pressure on both your legs. Now turn your right foot out so that it creates a 90-degree angle and turn the left foot out as well to form a suitable 15-degree angle.Proper inhaling and exhaling will be required for making this posture successful. Now put the center of right feet in proper alignment with the center of your arch. You will have to make sure both your feet are equally pressing the ground and that your body is balanced.

Now, take a deep breath and bend your body to your right, by keeping the waist straight by allowing the left hand to come up so that your hand comes down towards the floor. Remember to keep your arms straight as you perform this asana. The hands should rest on your ankle, floor or your shin and waist should not break the posture. Don’t lock your head. Keep it in a neutral position so that you can turn it whenever needed. Keep your eyes open and keep gazing at your palm to maintain the required body posture.

You will also have to ensure that your body is bent sideways, not forward nor backward. Also makes sure that your pelvis and waist are wide open. Stretch as much as possible but keep steady at the same time and continue inhaling and exhaling vigorously. Now, bring your arms up to the sides while inhaling and straighten your legs and feet.

Tips – Be with the body. Feel the movement. Don’t hate it, enjoy the stretch. These mindsets will allow you to perform this asana accurately.

Trikonasana Benefits:

The triangle pose will straighten the legs, arms, hips, chest, ankles, etc. It will make the calves, hamstring, chest and spine flexible. Your mental and physical balance and control over the body will increase. If you’re willing to remove indigestion and stomach upsets, perform this asana every morning. This yoga posture can also reduce anxiety effectively and also aids back pain sciatica.

Many priest and ancient gurus have claimed that this triangle yoga posture can stimulate the nervous system and remove nervous depression. It will strengthen the pelvic area and make it flexible. Along with that, this posture will tone the reproductive organs. Doing this yoga can relieve you from a number of major diseases as well.


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