If you want to learn yoga, then Bharadvajasana is best suited asana for you. Bharadvajasana is one of the very simple pose and beginners are made to learn this asana first. It is also known as seated twist position. Its name is derived from the Sanskrit word Bharadvaja who was the creator of the Vedas. This asana is done in a seated position and has immense benefits. It has calming effects on your body and helps to soothe your nervous system.

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The reasons why most people do prefer to do this asana, as it helps to relieve stress from your body. It makes you feel fresh and energetic. A lot of people often start their day with yoga. Doing asana provides you with instant results. It not only keeps in good shape but also makes your life stress. Given below are some basic instructions on how you can do bharadvajasana in simple steps-:

How To Do Bharadvajasana

  1.  Firstly place yourself on a mat.
  2.  Now, starting sitting on the mat. Just be in your comfort zone. Just stretch your legs in front of you and simply place your hands in the resting position beside you.
  3.  Slowly start bending your knees and just bring them towards your left hip. Make sure that your body is now resting on the right buttock. And the inner side of your left ankle rests on the arch of the right foot.
  4.  Now slowly take a deep breath inside and stretch your spine as much as you can. Now leave the breath and carefully twist your upper trunk how much you can. Keep your right hand on the floor and allow your left hand to rest on the tights of your left leg.
  5.  While you’re in this pose, just make sure that your left hip presses down the weight of the body on the floor.
  6.  Now slowly bend the upper part of your back and then twist around your backbone.
  7.  With each of your breath, try and apply more force to your spine. And try and twist your body further with each exhalation.
  8.  Now slowly turn your head and look down towards the shoulders on your right. Be in the pose for more than a minute.
  9.  After that, slowly untwist the trunk and revert back to your original position. You can also repeat the procedure with your right side body.

At the beginning you may find this pose to be a little difficult. In that case start applying variations to with the pose.

You can simple take the support of a blanket or pillow around your knees, so as to make the asana a little easy for you in the beginning.

You can also take a partner’s help to make this pose easy and simple. Though this pose provides you with many health benefits, there are times when you should totally avoid this pose.

If you’re having severe headache, low blood pressure or menstruation problem please avoid. It is always advisable to learn yoga from a expert yoga trainer, so that it maximizes your benefits.

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There are several benefits you may attain if you do this pose on regular basis

• It really helps in stretching of spines, shoulders and hips. It also helps I the strengthening of core muscles.
• It also helps to improve your digestive system.
• It is considered to be a therapeutic asana for carpal tunnel syndrome.
• It helps in curing your backache and sciatica pain.
• It restores your balance and equanimity to mind and body.
• It stimulates your organs and also regulates your metabolism.

So if you’re looking for calmer and more graceful state of mind, start practicing this asana every day. Every morning doing this pose, will help you in achieving a healthy and better life.

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