The aim of integral yoga is to integrate our souls, bodies and minds. It has been designed for mankind so that they can enjoy a healthy, beautiful and joyous life. This is one of the most successful forms of yoga in the world and is practiced by millions. From the beginners to the professionals, everyone loves integral yoga. The following paragraphs below gives us a detailed discussion on the concept and aspects of this form.

1. Hatha Yoga:

Hatha Yoga is one of the most important aspects of integral yoga. It describes any physical practice of yoga. It has simple breathing exercises, meditation and other relaxation techniques especially for beginners so that they can derive a relaxed, pleasant and good feeling out of it. Hatha Yoga also has great health and spiritual benefits.

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2. Chanting:

Chanting is the sound of yoga. It allows your mind to sink into itself and enter a state which is full of peace and tranquility. It energizes you, smoothens your senses and has a profound effect on all indeed. Om is the universal sound used for chanting, although other mantras are also used while doing different kinds of yoga exercises.

3. Kriya:

Kriya basically consists of exercising and breathing techniques which purify and cleanse your body to the core. It opens the blocked channels of your body and helps you feel fresh, alive and rejuvenated. Kriya is one of the best aspects of integral yoga because of its benefits and positive characteristics.

4. Breathing Exercises:

Breathing exercises or Pranayama is very popular in integral yoga. It helps you relax, bring yourself to a state of balance, clears the energy of your body and also helps to fill up and empty your lungs completely. As human beings, it is very important for us to know the right ways to breathe and also to control our breath. Pranayamas are perfect for this.

5. Meditation:

Meditation is the main aspect of integral yoga. Your yoga sessions shall be useless if you don’t know how to meditate. It rejuvenates your breath, body, and mind and helps you reach a stage of bliss and happiness. It helps you to look closely into your life and question yourself. Your concentration level shall also increase if you learn to meditate well.

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6. Integral Yoga Benefits:

In Integral yoga, you shall find no difference between psychology and spirituality. Practicing integral yoga shall help you to receive energy from the sun which you can use in your daily life to upgrade it. It increases your stamina and endurance with time and makes you a better performer. It also takes away all unwanted tension, stress and anxiety. You can focus better and succeed with the integral yoga.

7. Observation of Breath:

Integral Yoga teaches you to observe your breath. It will put you the right state of consciousness and help you feel quiet and peaceful. It is important to know how to observe your breath without which meditation is an impossible goal to accomplish.

8. Releasing All Tension:

Integral Yoga teaches you to open up your head centers and relax. It removes all stress, tension, headaches and anxiety. You will be at ease and also feel energized after your integral yoga sessions.

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9. Integral Yoga Foods:

Integral Yoga foods are completely vegetarian. They consist of mostly whole grains and healthy items. Buckwheat, spelt, millet, brown rice and basmati rice are eaten. Sea vegetables are also a part of this diet. Proper vitamins and minerals are also an essential. The main point of keeping a healthy diet is to keep the immune system strong.


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