15 Best Yoga Exercises for Your Face

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An old proverb goes, “Face is the index of the mind”. It is, therefore, no surprise that we take any steps to make our faces look as pleasing and appealing as possible. We take as much efforts we can to highlight the most beautiful features and hide our blunt features.

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With lifestyle choices getting better by the day, one can make their face look very pleasant by styling. Using make up to make the face look appealing is one. Another way is to go for hairstyling. With recent hairstyles, one can highlight or hide their facial features. There is also the option that one might sort if nothing can be done but also comes at a very huge price, which is cosmetology.

While all these might not seem very easy on the pocket, one might still be able to define their facial features just by doing a few yoga exercises. Let us take a look at some of them.

Simple Yoga Exercises for Your Face:

1. To reduce chubbiness on your face, try this simple exercise: Inhale as much air as you can into your mouth. Now shift the air in your mouth from one side of the cheek to another, like how you might you clean your mouth with a mouthwash.

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2. To tone your chin muscles and reduce your double chin, bring your lower lip over your upper lip and try to bring it as close to the nose as possible. Hold this for at least 15 seconds. Repeat the same 10 times. One may fee slight jaw pain while doing this exercise.

3. Sunken Cheeks is another exercise that one can do to define your face. This can be done even while you are having drinks using a straw. Suck in your cheeks, so that you feel the muscles sink in on both sides. Remain in this position for 15 seconds and repeat the same for at least 10 times.

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4. Here is an exercise that would help you lighten your jaws and reduce your cheeks. Take in as much as air as you can with your mouth open. While doing so pull your cheeks in as much as possible. Then gently release the air out of your mouth.

5. To reduce wrinkles, keep your eyes wide open and lift your brows up. Remain in this position for a few seconds. Focus your gaze on a point in front of you. Do the same for at least 5 times.

6. To exercise your cheeks, tighten your cheek muscles and smile as wide as you can. Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat the same for 15-20 times.

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7. If you have fine lines and wrinkles near your eyes, here is an exercise that would tone and firm them. Keeping your index finger on the outer corners of your eyes, pull them upwards so that your cheeks are pulled up in a smile. Hold this for a few seconds, and then relax. The exercise below focuses on reducing wrinkles and giving a youthful look to the face.

8. Keep your index fingers on either side of the eyes and thumbs on the sides of your mouth. Now pull your skin up with the fingers. You would feel a stretch on the muscles. Hold it for a few seconds, relax, and repeat the same.

9. Stay in a seated posture relaxed and inhale deeply. Bring your palms to form a fist. Close your eyes as tightly as possible, which would make scrunch the face muscles.

10. As a follow up to the previous exercise, perform this exercise: Exhale through your mouth, and stick your tongue out. Keep your eyes and palms wide open. Repeat the same some 3-4 times.

11. Another exercise that can reduce chubbiness: Keep your mouth closed, lips pressed together. Blow air to fill the space under your upper lip and hold it for a count of ten. Shift the air to your left cheek and hold it for 10 seconds. Repeat the same with your right cheek. Repeat this exercise at least 10-15 times.

12. The Fish Face Exercise: This is a very simple exercise. Suck your cheeks in and with your lips make a fish face and try to smile. Remain in this pose for a few seconds and repeat the same some 5 times.

13. Want a firm jaw line and toned cheeks? Try this exercise. Lift your face up, looking at the ceiling and blow air out of your mouth. Repeat the same for a few seconds.

14. This exercise might slightly hurt your jaw, but is highly beneficial to strengthen your facial muscles. Keep your mouth wide open as much as possible and hold it for as long as you can. If you feel too much stress, release from this position.

15. To exercise all your facial muscles, do this simple exercise: On both your cheekbones, keep your index and middle finger. Now pull your skin up to your eyes. Now open your mouth, so that it forms an oval shape. Hold this for a few seconds, relax and try again.

We all know how chewing well can actually make our jaws much well defined and exercise the cheek muscles and reduces them. But with the fast paced life, we usually gorge the food down our throats. A better solution to this is to chew gum. Chewing gum, every few hours exercises the cheek muscles. Chewing gums come in different flavours and the choices of brands are many. Ones who are diabetic or health conscious can even use sugar free gums in order to avoid extra calories that these gums give. Not only do they define the face, but chewing gums leaves your mouth fresh.

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