9 Best Surya Yoga Asanas and Benefits

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The Surya Yoga provides with several health benefits than you can possibly imagine. It also has mental and spiritual benefits and is known for improving one’s flexibility and balance. It helps you concentrate better and also rejuvenates your senses. There are twelve different poses altogether out of which the last four are repetitive. You must chant the Surya Manta while doing this and make sure you breathe properly.

Benefits of Surya Yoga Asanas:

1. The Standing Pose:

surya yoga

The first pose of Surya Yoga is standing with your feet together and your palms folded right in front of your chest. Make sure you breathe normally while you chant the Surya Mantra. Remember to close your eyes properly while doing this. Continue saying Om Mitraya Namaha as you do this pose.

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2. The Bending Backward Pose:

For this pose, slowly raise your hands upwards and bend backwards. Stretch your arms completely and relax. Your feet should stay firm on the ground and not move. Take deep breathes and chant Om Khagaya Namaha. It increases you’re the balance of your body, improves digestion and also stretches your back and leg muscles.

3. The Bending Down Pose:

After the bending backward pose, you must do the bending down pose. For this you need to bend forward and touch your knee with your forehead. Breathe deeply while doing this and continue chanting. This will increase your blood circulation, tone your body and stimulate the lymphatic system.

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4. The Looking at The Sun Pose:

For this pose, you need to put one leg at the back and the other leg at the front with your palms firmly placed on the ground. Keep your arms completely straight and inhale deeply while looking at the sun. Chant Om Bhanuvae Namaha slowly. This pose will increase your flexibility, relax your senses and also tone your digestive tract.

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5. The Push Up Like Pose:

For the pose, you need to bring both your legs to the back and lift your body off the floor. Make sure your two hands are at the front and they are supporting the weight of the body in a push up position. Breathe deeply and exhale while chanting Om Ravi Namaha. This pose will remove all tension and body pain, especially your neck area. It will also provide strength to your arm muscles.

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6. The Lowering Down Pose:

For the lowering down pose, you need to bring your body down with your elbows facing upwards. Your palms should be placed firmly on the ground and your knees should be lowered. You must hold your breath there and chant Om Pushnae Namaha. This will exercise your back muscles and strengthen your arm and wrist.

7. The Looking Upward Pose:

For the looking upward pose, you need to lower your waist and raise the upper part of your body. Keep your arms straight and breathe slowly. Chant Om Hiranya Gharbhaya Namaha. This will help in stimulating nerves in your spine.

8. The Inverted V Pose:

For the inverted V pose, you must bring your hips up and your head must be on the floor with your eyes on your navel and the heels are to be on the floor. Exhale and chant Om Marichiye Namaha. This will strengthen your heart and remove shoulder tension.

9. Repeating the Poses:

After you have done all these, you must repeat the fourth step and chant Om Adityaya Namaha. After that repeat the third step and chant Om Savitre Namha. Repeat the second step after that and chant Om Arkaya Namaha. Following that you should finish with the first step chanting Om Bhaskaraya Namaha.