The life of a yogic is always considered a better one, not only in terms of a fit body but concluding the healthy part in it as well. Yoga has been in tradition since a long time now and yet the benefits of this regime are just being uncovered. The recent craze for fitness in the world has had us going over the board trying something new to make ourselves healthier.

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Yoga in the past recent years have conquered many a soul, where along with body fitness, yoga provides something that no other workout techniques can offer us. Yoga provides presence and calmness of mind. In today’s article we shall talk about one such yoga move called the kurmasana and the benefits derived from it.

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How To Do It?

The kurmasana, also known as the tortoise pose is an easy enough yoga posture mainly focusing on stretching and flexibility amongst the other important aspects. The name for the posture is derived from its very form where through a slow paced breathing ritual we perform a series of stretches and pulls. To start off, spread your yoga mat on an even surface and sit with your legs outstretched in front of you.

Slowly spread from your legs from the center to either side as you bend down more and more trying to touch your forehead to the ground. As you bend down, you would feel a stretch in your lower limbs which would involuntarily bend now. Put your arms through your bent legs now and spread them backwards. By now, your forehead should be touching the ground. Lock yourself in that position and then relax not leaving the stance. Your marrows should relax as you breathe deep in and out for some seconds. The limbs, be it lower or upper, both should be in a relaxed state instead of a constricted one.

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There is also a variation to this for the beginners who have yet not experienced expertise at this venture. They can start by sitting on the ground on your knees with the toes curling up to touch your hips from underneath. Bending down forward all the way to the ground, suck in your breathe and as you make your forehead touch the ground, spread your arms right in front of you, maybe even interlocking it if possible. Hold the position for 30 seconds and slowly work up to a good minute before releasing the stance and regaining your breath. This is called the ardha-kurmasana or the half tortoise pose.

How Does It Help Us?

1. As mentioned before, the Kurmasana is a pose that mainly focuses on body flexibility, a boon that would help you get rid of muscle stiffness and rigidity forever. While you twist and stretch your body, you are actually releasing the tension from the rigid muscles thereby allowing yourself to be more flexible.

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2. The stretch and pull that you experience during the exercise mainly focuses itself on the upper body as you throw your hands to the back and spread them. this is essentially how your chest muscles are put to work which in the long run would bless you with a broader shoulder and stronger chest muscles. This is even applicable for the women where a strong chest is a universal desire.

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3. While your legs are propped up and you bent down, your abdomen is put through some work and once again we have a solution for a better working abdomen, making it stronger and healthier.

4. This is a good way to release your body of the latent toxins that house in you. This is why this yoga has been a recommendation for all the people who lay awake in their bed at nights. Releasing your body of subsidiary tension, we attain the peace of mind.


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