4 Most Effective Yoga Asanas for Depression

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Yoga is now scientifically proven to be one of the best ways to get rid depression as well an anxiety. Yoga mainly comprises of asanas and breathing exercises. This helps the person to cleanse one’s own sub-conscious mind and to get rid of all the negative energy. One feels way more confident and looks at life from a different point of view.

Asanas at the same time help the body to stay in shape and be free harmful diseases. Regular practice of yoga helps the body to reduce hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. This instantly frees them from the anxiety feeling and makes them feel much more comfortable in the very same environment. People learn new techniques to face the same problem and to look at it from the angle.

Doctors have themselves accepted the fact that yoga is a much more healthy way to reduce stress than consuming anti-depressant medicines. Such pills may give instant relief but is not good for the long run where as asanas and breathing exercises not just helps one to be positive but also gives and immense amount of courage to face the problem and also to introspect.

Generally, old people with family issues or work issues as well as students with study load look so weak that it seems that they lack the soul itself. For them yoga can prove to one of the best ways to rejenuvate oneself. Heavy breathing exercises will supply fresh oxygen to the head and will help them get rid of the tensed face. Surya namaskar can also help them feel a lot more energetic. This mainly happens because the brain is so occupied doing something else that it forgets to think or worry about the day to day issues. Full back bending and bridge poses can also serve the purpose.

In addition to all the physical benefits, yoga also helps one to analyze oneself properly. This means that the person learns new things about oneself and new techniques to deal with the situation. The same environment seems a better place and the old person looks like a new one.

Breathing exercises on the other hand will help the person to concentrate and think about the issues going on patiently. However, one will have to fully concentrate on one’s own breaths and keep the flow going on. This has two benefits- firstly, it will help oxygen to travel to the entire body, especially the head and secondly, it will make the person calm and free of stress.

A few yoga poses for depression have been mentioned below-

Yoga Asanas for Depression:


one has to lie on the belly and keep the hands on the sides by lifting both the hands and legs. This helps the body to take in oxygen and frees it from depression, gas, bladder and back pains.

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when stressed out completely or feeling too low, one can sit kneeled down and put their heads on the floor with hands on both the sides. This gives relief from depression very quickly and rejenuvates the soul.

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Bridge Pose:

this asana can be practiced by lifting up the thigh and the abdomen area by keeping the feet and hands on the floor. The hands have to be firmly kept on the floor and in a relaxed position. This pose is also a great way to let positive vibes enter the mind and to make one feel better.

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Viparita Karani:

the person has to lay straight flat on the back with arms resting on both the sides and by lifting the legs up in the air. This is a great way to release stress and not feel depressed anymore. One can stay in that position for as long as possible.

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All the above techniques of yoga for depression can help one to release stress and lead a non-depressive life successfully. However, one just has to be positive of all the techniques and follow them regularly for best results.

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