Hanumanasana is just one of those many yogic postures that help you rejuvenate your body. Yoga has been an art of keeping ourselves healthy through a soft slow paced process of going through postures, some easy the others difficult, as you breath deep and while your mind resonates of peace and structure, your body goes through a process of workout. In today’s article we shall talk about the Monkey Pose, the benefits and an inner look at how to perform this yoga the right way.

Hanumanasana Benefits:

How To Do It?

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The name Hanumanasana in street word is also called the monkey pose yoga. This is basically nothing but a split done in a slow pace with breathing inculcated in the exercise. To start off, place the yoga mat and kneel to your knees so that you can get the posture started. For the beginners, this might be a bit tough to handle but with practice one would ease into the posture.

Once you have knelt, stretch out one of your legs, say the right, while the other remains stagnant. Stretch it out in front of you and now with the left leg start stretching it backwards in a straight manner. You might want to use your hands at the early stages but with practice perfection prevails. Soon you will find yourself outstretched on either side. Once acquired, remove your hand support and bring your hands all the way to your chest, folding them as you go so.

Somewhere in the middle you might feel a slight hamstring pull. A little pull is good for the stretching but never let it go overboard which might result in muscle pain or nerve pull. Equally balance out your body weight before removing your hand support and then straighten out your spine aligning it to your neck.

For pros, who has done this before, you might even opt for a slight tilt back on your upper body to create the pressure by tilting back your neck and bringing your arm up, matching your eye level.  Once you get to your desired position, hold the pose and make sure you can breathe properly. A few deep breaths and a mind count and you can release the pose and go back to the original stance.

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How Does It Help Us?

The monkey pose imposes a lot of pressure on your abdominal area, the area right in the middle of your split and upper body. This is a good exercise to strengthen your abdominal muscles and make it sturdy and hardy.

For the ladies who often suffer with menstrual problems, this is a good way of strengthening your abdomen thereby helping you work through the pain pangs. However, do not opt for this while you are going through your menstrual cycle.

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This yoga also helps in strengthening your lower body muscles, including the back marrow. It so happens that the lower limbs experiencing pressure increases the blood flow in them. The slight tilt makes your marrow and waist girdles go through a twist and stretch process. Summing them up together, this is a good help for muscle strengthening.

Chinese believed in free flow of qui (chi) or body energy throughout the body to maintain equilibrium within your mind and body. Often, a disturbed mind would only build up sleepless nights and tired mornings. Hanumanasana relieves your body of the toxins that would later go on to become stress and depression factors, the reason why an early morning yoga session might help you recover insomnia.

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