Yoga is one of the most wonderful forms of exercise to be seen till date. For all those who recently started to learn yoga, they can look up the following guidelines for good tips and suggestions. Yoga has a lot of benefits in that one thing is main that would be mental peace and a healthy body.

Excellent Yoga Tips For Beginners:

This article will guide you about the yoga basic steps, what are the basic needs to start yoga along with some simple yoga tips for beginners to better understand yoga.

1. Breath:

To practice yoga properly, it is important for you to breathe. Breathing will help you to relax yourself and also maintain your posture and position. It will rejuvenate your senses and make you feel fresh and alive. Also while stretching, it is important for you to keep breathing. Yoga becomes very pointless without this breathing technique basic step. Breathing is one of the main and very important things in yoga, every beginner should practice for easy yoga.

2. Smile:

One of the most important reasons for practising yoga is to living a happy and healthy life. Since yoga is majorly responsible for taking away your tension and worries, it is very important for you to smile. And it should come naturally. If you are feeling a lot of force and your smile seems to disappear, always remember that you might be doing it the wrong way.

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3. Meditate:

An important aspect of yoga is meditation. They deepen your practices and also encourage you to stay focus. Meditation yoga helps in increasing your concentration level and gives you a sense of satisfaction and ease from within. They also prepare you for various types of asanas.

4. Make A Journal:

If you attend your yoga classes daily, you will see that there are a lot of new things to learn and a whole lot of comments which you receive from your instructor. Therefore it is very important to maintain a journal. Jotting down all the postures and feedback will help you understand your performance and also encourage you to remember many things which you are most likely to forget.

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5. Observation:

One important tip for yoga is to observe. You should always notice which foot you have a tendency of leaning upon while standing and which hand are you most likely to use all the time. These might be very small things but they will surely improve your asanas once you get used to them.

6. Use The Mat:

Even though this seems tiny, it is very important to use the mat while doing yoga. Since the floor is too hard, your stretches and asanas might become a little more difficult than it is supposed to. If you don’t have one yet, get it soon. You will feel a difference for sure.

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7. Make Your Own Library:

Books and CDs on yoga are very valuable as they are the ultimate provider of all the details and tips you need to practice yoga like a professional. A copy of the Yoga Sutra or Patanjali and the Bhagvad Gita are some of the books you can start with.

8. Avoid Any Criticism:

To excel in yoga, you must all those negative thoughts that keep you away from it. Everyone has doubts about themselves and it isn’t necessary that you always have to be right. People around you might not always know the best too. Thus it is important to give yourself some time, to keep staying positive and not to give up hope too soon.

9. Sleep On Time:

Getting up early in the morning to do some good meditation followed by a healthy breakfast and long walks shall be impossible if you don’t sleep on time. For this, you must get rid of all the activities which keep you awake late at night. Plus you need adequate sleep if you want to improve your yoga skills. Therefore, go to bed on time and have a good sleep before you can get all fresh and bright.

Simple Yoga Asanas For Beginners:

Below we have given a list of 10 very simple yoga poses along with benefits and how to do them for beginners.


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