Ayurveda is completely scientific, and this field mainly refers to healing a person’s ailment through natural treatment. This means a natural procedure is adopted instead of taking tablets or other medicines. Various kinds of leaves and juices are used to treat the person. It was originally an ancient practice and has recently lost its relevance; however, this scientific method has again gained its importance. It was developed as a discipline where the person this method is first tried and experimented only then is it practised commercially. Here, we listed some of the best Ayurveda yoga asanas for your health.

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People generally mistake this method as only applicable to any physical problems, but the truth is that it is equally helpful regarding mental stability. This method is considered to be extremely relaxing for the body as well as the mind. It causes deep peace to the mind and helps the person to do away with everyday issues and take a larger look at life.

Conversely, yoga refers to improving the body conditions by carrying out specific body postures and breathing exercises. Ayurveda yoga refers to the practice where yoga and Ayurveda are performed together. Certain postures or exercises are prescribed to the person according to the problems in the patient’s body.

Most physical problems in the body are related to the imbalance in the dosha, the three energies that are said to exist in a person’s body responsible for physiological ailments. In short, imbalance or disruptions in any of the three doshas can cause physical problems. This, in turn, can be treated by Ayurveda and by adopting various postures and exercises. Exercise helps the body restore the imbalance and get on track. The person gets naturally treated, and there are no side effects.

In total, three kinds of energies control all our physical functions intact. Disruptions in any of these energies can cause problems. All three doshas have been mentioned below with their side effects.

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Pitta Dosha:

This energy is responsible for the consumption of all the nutrients and minerals. It also leads to the proper functioning of the metabolic system and keeps the person active all day. Also, this helps to digest the food properly and extracts all the necessary vitamins and minerals that may be required by the body to keep working properly.

However, any imbalance might lead to agitation and frustration. The person might feel restless and depressed. Improper digestion of food can lead to unwanted ulcers and boils. The person might also feel dizzy. The best way to treat this is to have natural digestive tablets and perform exercises that can lead to the digestion of food.

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Vata Dosha:

Vata dosha is mainly responsible for proper blood circulation in the body. This energy helps the body move properly and provides proper movement functions. Even the working of the heart and the slightest movement like blinking of the eyes or wriggling of the toes also depend on this dosha. An imbalance of this energy can cause severe anxiety. The person might get tensed up due to improper movement. However, this also has a solution. Regular practice of certain exercises can bring the energy level back to normal.

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Kapha Dosha:

Kapha Dosha refers to the energy responsible for the body’s water balance. It keeps the skin hydrated and supplies water to different body organs. An imbalance in this energy can cause insecurity, as the correct balance can keep the person calm and loving. The person will remain caring and will also have a forgiving nature.

Ayurveda yoga is not a new technique and is accepted worldwide for scientific reasons. Regularly practice the postures and take natural medicines to stay fit and balance the three vital energies.


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