What is Samadhi Yoga:-

A true Yogi is someone who has through enough practice been able to attach and detach himself and has reached a stage where he can understand himself. Samadhi is the state where comes to terms with his real personality. It is the eighth and the final limb in the Yoga Sutra or Patanjali. It completely absorbs the individual’s consciousness and helps him to observe better. It is the higher level of meditation and is taught in several famous yogic schools. The basic meaning of Samadhi Yoga has been enlisted below for your understanding.

Benefits of Samadhi Yoga:

There are numerous benefits of Samadhi Yoga. It reduces stress, brings positivity and stability to one’s life and also keeps you away from illness. You become closer to God and also concentrate better on various things. You will also be free from depression, anxiety and pain.

What is the Tips to Practice Yoga Samadhi Poses :-

1. Three Kinds of Samadhi Yoga:

In Samadhi Yoga, you will find three different types. The first is Samprajnata which is a conscious state of mind. The second is Asamprajnata which means unconsciousness and the third is Jata which means inert. They help you overcome ego and experience bliss.

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2. Prepare Yourself:

Before you begin your yoga session, it is advisable to prepare yourself. For the Samadhi Yoga, you must first sit somewhere that is comfortable and relaxing. Place your hands on your knees and close your eyes. This position is known as the mudra.

3. Control Your Thoughts:

To go deeper into your yoga session, you need to remain steady and control your thoughts. Although this is when different thoughts start coming into your mind, it is important for you to focus on meditating. So it’s best you remove all kinds of unwanted thoughts from your mind. Give your hundred percent and focus.

4. Imagine and Focus:

You can always imagine for focusing better. Imagine the picture of a yoga guru. Keep still and keep your mind steady. Remove all anxiety and fear and think of the picture from between your eyebrows. This will also help you to increase your concentration level.

5. Chant Mantras:

The next step for you is to chant mantras. If you are not aware of a single one, you can simply say Om. Make sure you are not too soft. It will bring about almost the same effect. When you are chanting, you will start to feel positive vibrations from within. It will give you a divine feeling and cleanse your body.

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6. End the Session:

To end the session, you must gain consciousness and be aware of the world around you. Then you need to do some palming. For that, you need to rub both your palms and then place them on your eyes. Cover your eyes completely when you do this. Then you can slowly move your hands and legs and release.

7. What Happens When You Practice Samadhi Yoga?

When you practice Samadhi yoga, you will be so deep into the meditation that you will not even think about the practice. Controlling your thoughts shall only become a memory. You will only feel the bliss of life, the bliss of being yourself. You will find peace and happiness in what you do. The state cannot be described with words. It can only be felt.

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How to Do Samadhi Meditation:

Meditation Samadhi:

Once you have completed the earlier stages, you will be ready for the meditation. You can meditate as long as you like. This stage will help you to improve your spiritual level. After your meditation is over, you must end it the same way you have started it.


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