Yoga for all we know is just a fitness technique to reducing flab and keeping away bad cold. However, there is more to yoga than just being there for your body flab shedding. Yoga has a strong history of meditation related to it, possibly the reason why many people rely on yoga for their bare minimum peace of mind.

Some others believe yoga is actually an age-old treatment technique, maybe a miracle healer. The truth, in fact, is, yoga is a mixture of all three, a healer, a tranquil getaway and a fat cutter. In today’s article, we shall talk about a yoga posture called the Guptasana and elaborate a bit on the steps, guides and benefits.

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How To Do It

The English name to this yoga is called the hidden pose where the final stance would have you seated like a sage in the wilderness. This was essentially formulated as a meditation form strictly for the men who wanted to discipline their senses.

However, over the years women have taken up this form too and now this is one of the most beneficial meditating yoga. To start off, gather the essentials, an optional back support cushion and a yoga mat and ready them. With practice, you will soon become an expert in this.

As you sit yourself down on the floor, your lower limbs should be outstretched in front of you as your arms rest beside you. This pose is called the Dandasana which will be your base pose. Now fold your legs and cross them over one another much like the Lotus Pose in yoga where you will now sit your spine straight aligned with your neck as your lower body is folded and knotted underneath.

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Now bring your left leg over the right leg, still folded and bring it closer to your body so that your left heel is rested against the pubic bone. With the lower heel of the right leg, drive it more in until it touches your perineum. At this point, you can either rest your arms on your knees normally or form a mudra with your hands.

Hold the position for a good one to two minutes as you close your eyes and gaze deeply inward paired with controlled breathing. After a while, start unfolding yourself to the base position before repeating it again.

How Does It Help Us

The primary essence of performing this yoga limits yourself to the mind and the brain where this yoga was specially formulated for meditation purposes. This is why control over your mind matters can easily be achieved with this yoga. Hereby mind matters, we usually speak of the negative aspects like tension, worries and depression which is a source of unhappiness in your healthy mind.

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Perfecting your posture through the exercise is yet another mind-blowing benefit of the yoga pose. As you settle in for the minutes, you hoist yourself in a strict position with the back and the neck straightened out. Even while you don’t pay attention to that, your body is going through a soft transformation, perfecting your posture.

The same point mentioned above works on the back muscle pains as well. As you stretch yourself to perfection in the poise, you are actually assisting your body in the fighting off those tough muscle or back pain by making your backless rigid.

This point mainly goes out to the men who practice this stance. This yoga is directly related to testosterone secretion and production of your body, which can be regulated through this yoga.

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