One of the oldest trades possible has been the ancient forms of body stretching through which many a cure has been invented and many a problem has been solved. One of the best ailments for a bad back or a weight loss plan involves yoga which is why yoga holds an integral part in our life. Through a quiet morning full of stretching you never knew so many cures could be unfolded and now that you know better, it’s time for you to learn the new divisions yoga can offer to you.

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How to:

The yoga pose virasana, is also known as the hero Pose. For virasana to begin you first have to perfect the sitting posture of the yoga. Here you start by spreading a mat or a soft quilt on the floor however the less cushiony it is, the better it will be.

Start by kneeling on the floor with both of your knees, only yours knees, the inner sides should be pressed together in front of you as you straighten your spine. Now work on the lower limbs. As you are knelt down you can feel the pressure of your body on your hips. Spread your legs just a slight at the end side so that your hips can fit in somewhat well in between the gap. Do not make the gap too big. Now work on your feet.

Make sure they are parallel to the ground and pressed slightly curling to the inner sides. Make sure both the legs have equal support and weight.

From now one the exercise is simple. Prior to starting exhale loudly and bend a bit forward and you would find your body adjusting itself to the position. Now straighten your spine and like a proud warrior widen up your collar bones. Hold onto that stance for a good 30 seconds before releasing your spine. Then repeat once again. Slowly try to increase the time space.



Often at times, it is realized that the body may be flexible from the upper hemisphere where due to wear and tear your body has already been used to the waist twists and arm exercises. It is the lower half that has the problem and thus when you get into the habit of doing this back stretches and lower body stretches, your body’s flexibility, especially the lower ones increase manifold.

Inner peace:

This posture is known as the hero pose and many a psychologists say that yoga can not only benefit you physically but it has a great hand to play in case of mental issues too. Hence, the virasana yoga according to many yoga experts is one of those yoga, that calms your inner self. As you breathe high and close your eyes, you feel that calming soothing sensation wash over you creating an inner peace.

Blood circulation:

Virasana yoga mainly focuses on the pressure points in the lower body parts and stretch in the upper body parts. This is a good situation to create a supple blood flow in your body regulating the blood circulation which is one of the most important ideals for a good healthy body.

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Pregnancy alert:

If this yoga is done during pregnancy, unusual swelling of legs can be reduced to a significant amount. However make sure you get your doctor’s take on it and make sure it is advised. Also do not attempt this during the last months of your pregnancy. Save this for the middle duration when everything is stable.

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This is also a great way to improve digestion processes and thus you now got all the more reason to put this on use.

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