Chakras are those energy centres in our body through which energy flows. There are eight basic principles of chakra yoga namely the root centre, lower abdominal centre, naval centre, heart centre, throat centre, eyebrow centre, moon centre and crown centre. While the first level is physical, the second level is astral. It influences the consciousness of your body and helps you distinguish between good and bad. Some of the basic poses of chakra yoga have been shared below just for your benefit.

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Here are The Best Chakra Yoga Asanas and benefits.

1. The Locust Pose:

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The Locust Pose has several benefits. It strengthens your upper spine, legs and buttocks. It provides flexibility to your body and stretches your chest and shoulders. You will also feel a lot of relief from stress and anxiety if you include the locust pose in your daily yoga sessions.

2. The Cobra Pose:

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The Cobra Pose opens up your shoulders and neck. It tones your abdomen area, expands your chest and improves your flexibility. Your blood circulation shall also be improved. If you have asthma or suffer from severe depression or anxiety, the cobra pose is perfect for you.

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3. The Triangle Pose:

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The Triangle Pose is also known as the Trikonasana. It provides strength to your arms, chest, ankles, legs and knees. Your hamstrings, calves, hips and groins are stretched and your body feels relaxed. It is also a good solution to knee pain, acidity, constipation and kidney problems.

4. The Crocodile Pose:

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The Crocodile Pose stretches your body from head to toe and brings an end to all kinds of spinal problems. It relieves your body from compression and stress and helps you find peace and tranquility. It fights against scoliosis and also reduces high blood pressure. The crocodile pose is best for those who want to relax their minds and souls.

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5. The Leg Lift Pose:

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The Leg Lift Pose helps you to lose weight, balances your sugar level and controls your diabetes. It improves your digestive system and removes all toxins from your body. Your belly fat will be reduced, stomach muscles will be toned and the lower back shall receive a lot of strength.

6. The Twist Pose:

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The twist pose improves your flexibility and helps you relax your body and mind. It takes your fitness to a whole new level. Your waist muscles, back muscles and abdominals receive lot strength. The longer you hold this pose, the more flexibility you shall be. So make good use of this exercise.

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7. The Bow Pose:

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The bow pose helps in the recovery of diseases related to the kidney and tones the legs and arms muscles. It opens up the neck, chest and shoulders as well. Your reproductive organs are stimulated and all kinds of stress and fatigued are removed. This pose is good for those who feel lethargic most of the time.

8. The Fish Pose:

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The fish pose is best known for improving for posture and giving it some shape. It gives you relief from all stress and anxiety and also from the pain you could be having in your shoulder and neck area. The organs of your belly and throat receive stimulation and also stretch your muscles which are located between the ribs.

9. The Plough Pose:

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The Plough Pose helps in stretching out the spine. It brings blood to your throat very directly. This pose is a part of both the fifth and the sixth chakra series. It reduces your back pain and helps you sleep better. This pose should be done for about one to five minutes in order to get the best result.


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