America has influenced several cultures and countries that can be seen in the names that are fairly popular in American culture. We bring you 60 popular American baby names that are full of cultural history and meaning.

While some names are of Hebrew and Greek origin, there are famous names from English, Latin, Italian and other origins too. As and when are a certain community growing in a region it starts having an impact on the others, which can be seen through the names as well.

List Of American Baby Names:

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Best 20 American Baby Boy Names:

1. Jacob:

Jacob is a name that has several variations, each of them having the same positive meaning, God will protect you.

  • Origin: Hebrew

2. Michael:

The name has a unique meaning as unlike other names that directly relate to being god-like, Michael means ‘who is like God?’ this can pose as a question or a statement.

  • Origin: Hebrew

3. Joshua:

The name Joshua has a biblical meaning that means ‘God is Salvation’

  • Origin: Hebrew

4. Matthew:

Every baby is a gift of a lord and that’s exactly what Matthew means biblically, ‘Gift of Yahweh.’

  • Origin: Hebrew

5. Ethan:

The name Ethan can be spelled and pronounced differently in different parts of the world, the name means ‘Eternal’ in Hebrew.

  • Origin: Hebrew

6. Andrew:

The name Andrew signifies the words ‘manly’ and ‘brave.’

  • Origin: Greek

7. Christopher:

Christopher is yet another biblical name, the meaning of which translates to the ‘Bearer of Christ.’

Origin: Greek

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8. Joseph:

Joseph a fairly common name is also a biblical name and means ‘to increase.’

Origin: Hebrew

9. William:

Derived from two German words that when combined mean protection or will and desire.

Origin: German

10. Alexander:

A very common and loved name, Alexander means ‘defender of men’ a title that was given to Paris, the Prince of Troy by herdsmen.

Origin: Greek

11. Ryan:

Descendant of ‘little king’ that’s the Celtic meaning of the name Ryan or also spelled ‘Rian.’

Origin: Celtic

12. David:

Every baby is beloved, and that is what the name David means biblically, ‘the one who is beloved.’

Origin: Hebrew

13. Oscar:

The name that has many spelling and pronunciation variations means a ‘gentle friend.’ This is a very popular name in England.

Origin: Norse

14. Noah:

Noah is yet another biblical name that means ‘comfort or rest.’

Origin: Hebrew

15. Harry:

Harry can be a boy as well as a girl’s name that means ruler, army, landlord or just the owner.

Origin: German

16. Charlie:

You know your son is going to grow up and be a free man if you name him Charlie, meaning ‘free man.’

Origin: German

17. Oliver:

The name Oliver has two significant meanings, one being the olive tree whereas the other being the ‘elf warrior.’

Origin: German

18. Anthony:

Priceless or highly praiseworthy is what the name Anthony means.

Origin: English

19. Daniel:

Another name that comes with a lot of spelling and pronunciation alternatives, Daniel means ‘God is my judge.

Origin: Hebrew

20. George:

The name George means ‘earth worker’ or ‘farmer,’ its variation Georgia is also a popular girls name.

Origin: Greek

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Best 20 American Baby Girl Names:

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21. Emily:

The name Emily means trying to be equal or excel or rivals. The name has many variations in spelling and pronunciations in multiple languages.

Origin: English

22. Charlotte:

The name Charlotte has multiple variations in masculine form in many countries; it means a free man.

Origin: Norse

23. Ava:

Ava also known as Aba in Hebrew means ‘my father,’ it is the feminized form of the word.

Origin: Hebrew

24. Emma:

The name Emma too has multiple variations; this German origin name means ‘strength.’

Origin: German

25. Olivia:

A variation of the masculine name Oliver, the name has the dual meaning Olive tree or elf warrior.

Origin: Latin

26. Mia:

The name can be a nickname as well as a first name that can be meant as ‘bitterness’ or is used as a way to show affection in certain languages.

Origin: Hebrew

27. Lily:

The name means the elegant-looking Lily flower and was very popular and still continues to be.

Origin: English

28. Isabella:

The name has many variations but holds a common biblical meaning ‘God is my oath.’

Origin: Hebrew

29. Sophia:

The name Sophia has origins in both ‘Greek’ and ‘Hebrew,’ the name has variations too, meaning wisdom or god will multiply respectively.

Origin: Greek/Hebrew

30. Grace:

A biblical name, the name means grace or charm and has multiple variations.

Origin: Latin

31. Evelyn:

Another name with multiple variations, Evelyn means the ‘wished for a child.’

Origin: English

32. Madison:

The name is related to the surname Maud and thus means the ‘son of Maud.’ The name can also be a boy’s name.

Origin: English

33. Amelia:

The name means something/someone different, and its origin is from the word Amala that means work.

Origin: Hebrew

34. Natalie:

A name popular among kids born during Christmas, the name means ‘born on Christmas.’

Origin: Latin

35. Hannah:

Another popular girl name with a lot of variations, the name means ‘God has shown favor.’

Origin: Hebrew

36. Samantha:

While many suggest, that name means ‘name of God,’ the real meaning of the name Samantha is known to be uncertain.

Origin: English

37. Katherine:

Katherine has many variations and a dual meaning that can be ‘pure’ or ‘of the two.’

Origin: Greek

38. Jessica:

‘God beholds foresight’ is the meaning of the name Jessica.

Origin: Hebrew

39. Jasmine:

Jasmine means the flower Jasmine, a beautiful flower.

Origin: Persian

40. Jennifer:

The name Jessica means blessed or holy or white.

Origin: Welsh

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10 American Celebrity Baby Names:

41. Amalia:

Amalia, meaning beloved, is the name of the daughter of famous Actress Natalie Portman and beau Benjamin Millipeid.

42. Bella Raine:

The name Bella means beautiful and is the name of Derek and Hannah Jeter’s daughter.

43. August:

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, along with his beloved wife Priscilla Chan, welcomed their daughter into this world and named her August, meaning ‘Great or Grand’.

44. Alexis:

Famous Tennis star Serena William and beau Alexis Ohanian’s baby’s name means defender of men.

45.  Ada James:

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins named their daughter Ada that means the first-born female.

46.  Angelo:

Angelo meaning Angel or messenger of God, is the name of famous singer Adele and her beau’s son.

47. Caroline:

Charles and Lizzie Shaffer’s child named Caroline, is the feminine version of Charles, that means ‘free man.’

48.  Sailor Lee:

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook named their child Sailor, that means boat-man.

49.  Max Liron:

Singer Christina Aguilera and beau named their son Max short for Maximillian, that means greatest.

50. Elijah Blue:

Musicians Cher and Greg Allman named their child Elijah blue, Elijah means ‘Jehovah is God.’

An American name can be used for kids from various countries and religions. Since there are so many religions living in America, there are names of all cultures around. One can easily find a name that is suitable for their baby, while being an American name but also of their culture. Finding modern American baby names is not a difficult task anymore, in fact, people can come across several unique American baby names too.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. What Kind Of American Names Can I Give My Baby?

Most American baby names have references or mentions in the bible, making them biblical, But there are also names inspired by flowers as well as other biblical aspects. You have a wide variety of options to give your baby an American name.

2. I Am African, Can I Use American Names To Name My Baby?

Yes, people from any country can use American names to name their baby, although it is possible that not many may find the names meaningful as they often are biblical, and there are people of another ethnicity around the world.

3. Are There Americanized Names Of Other Ethnicities?

There are people of several religions living in America, so, over the years, people have merged as well as updated their naming skills which show how ethnicities come together, so yes, there are Arabic-American baby names, Indo-American baby names, etc.


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