Persian baby names are quite unique and different from the ones that you must have come across. Some are quite interesting because they have a close connection with their tradition and culture, while others are simply a mix of modernity and tradition. Here are some Iranian names for your baby.

Persian Baby Names:

The list below will give you some ideas on Persian names.

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Persian Girl Names:

1. Aafreen:

A beautiful name to start with, Aafreen, means ‘to praise’ or ‘to give thanks’. The name is often used as an expression of praise and gratitude.

2. Arezoo:

This is a name for a Persian baby girl and has a beautiful meaning that is “longed for”. A destined child is only the one who will be suitable to be named in this manner.

3. Alborz:

Alborz means ‘the highest one’. This name signifies how your daughter will become the one who is highest in terms of wisdom and character.

4. Arsia:

How about this modern Persian baby name? Arsia means ‘throne’ and is of Persian origin. The name is a variant of another Persian name Arshiya.

5. Bahar:

This name means ‘spring, prime, bloom, beauty, glory, delight’. The name is a classic one to represent happiness and positivity.

6. Baigum:

This Persian baby girl name is a title for high officials.

7. Bakhita:

Here is another promising name for your baby daughter. It means ‘the fortunate one.’

8. Bano:

A classic name for your baby daughter, this name means ‘girl; lady; princess. It is sometimes also used to mean ‘bride’.

9. Berin:

Berin means a ‘blond, fair, quick and active individual.

10. Berina:

Berina means ‘best or highest.

11. Bolour:

Bolour is a modern Persian baby girl name. It refers to a woman who is like a crystal. To that lovely beautiful daughter of yours, Bolour will be a good choice.

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12. Caspara:

Caspara is another modern Persian name that means ‘she who is the keeper of treasure’.

13. Cyra:

Cyra means ‘moon faced’. This is a famous Persian name that is now a choice among a lot of parents.

14. Daria:

Daria is a trustworthy-natured person. This is a good name for your baby girl, who will grow up to be a keeper.

15. Darien:

Darien, a Persian Muslim name means royal gift. If your baby is a true gift of God, after all your prayers, then this should be her name.

16. Daana:

Daana is ‘a knowledgeable person’.

17. Damsa:

Damsa means ‘a silk of white color’. The name is a very thoughtful one and is a fairly famous Persian name.

18. Darejan:

Darejani, meaning ‘unique’, will be a suitable name for your daughter, who is also rare and unique for you.

19. Darsameen:

The name means ‘valuable, expensive, and costly’.

20. Darya:

Darya means ‘one who is good’. This is yet another baby girl name for you to think about.

21. Diba:

Diba is a priceless brocade.

22. Ealasaid:

The meaning of this name is “promise of God”. The name is so beautiful that anyone will fall for a girl with this name. If you are looking for a good name for your beautiful Persian baby girl, then this will be the perfect one for you.

23. Eartha:

Eartha means “from the earth”. This is a good name for female Persian babies and is considered to be one of the most used ones for girls as well. It is beautiful, and the meaning makes it quite simple and fancy at the same time.

24. Earlene:

This is a beautiful name for female Persian babies. The name means “noblewoman”, and for such a beautiful meaning, it can be said to be one of the best names for all the kids out there. If you are looking for something that sounds totally amazing, then this might be the right one for your child.

25. Fareena:

Fareena means ‘a kind and merciful young woman’. This Farsi baby girl name is quite popular and is liked by a lot of parents.

26. Farzin:

Farzin means ‘queen’. We are sure your daughter is a queen for you. This name will not go wrong for her.

27. Farzeen:

Another Farsi baby girl name, Farzeen, means ‘a queen who rules us’.

28. Giti:

It is a rare Persian baby name. Giti means ‘world or universe’. That little girl who might be your world, this will be a very apt name.

29. Gordie:

Gordie is a modern Persian baby name. It means ‘having good abilities of leadership’. This is a name that is rather empowering.

30. Gulzar:

Haven’t we heard of this name very commonly? Gulzar is a beautiful Persian name that means ‘garden or land full of flowers’. It indicates vibrancy and colorfulness.

31. Heer:

Heer means ‘power, riches or pure’.

32. Huma:

Huma is a ‘lucky bird, Phoenix’. Huma is a bird that is connected to Persian mythology and is considered to be a legendary bird.

33. Jahan:

Jahan is a Persian word for universe.

34. Jasmin:

Jasmin is a name of a flower.

35. Kyra:

Kyra is a modern Persian baby name. It means ‘throne or Sun’.

36. Kiya:

Kiya is a name that has of Persian origin. It means ‘king’.

37. Larmina:

Larmina means ‘blue sky’. It indicates the vastness and generosity of the human mind. Larmina is a name that is popular among the Persians.

38. Mah Tab:

Mah Tab is a name of Persian origin. It means ‘one who is as beautiful as the moon’. This name will be a very good choice for your little daughter.

39. Malakeh:

Malakeh means ‘a beautiful queen who is also a messenger’.

40. Naadiya:

Naadiya is a traditional old Persian name that means ‘the one who calls or the one who announces’.

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41. Nahida:

Nahida means ‘planet Venus’.

42. Paniz:

Paniz is a Persian origin term. It is generally named for babies to indicate sweetness, and the name means it too. Paniz means ‘sugar’.

43. Parveen:

Parveen means ‘a cluster of stars’ and is a name of Persian origin.

44. Roshana:

The name Roshan or a variation like Roshana is a name that is common in almost all the languages of Asia. Roshana means ‘a woman who is bright like a light of dawn’.

45. Roya:

Roya is a classic Iranian name that means ‘a vision from the dream’.

46. Sadie:

Sadie is a usual and popular Persian name. It means ‘a princess or noble woman’.

47. Shahimar:

Shahimar means ‘a woman with beautiful eyes’.

48. Tabinda:

Tabinda is a rare Persian name. It means ‘bright and shining’.

49. Tayyebeh:

This is a classic and traditional Persian name. It means ‘a good deed’.

50. Vardo:

Vardo is a beautiful name for a baby girl. It means ‘rose’.

Persian Baby Boy Names:

Take a look at a list of Persian baby names for your son.

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1. Abdalbari:

If you are looking for a religious name for your son, here is one, Abdalbari means ‘true follower of Allah’.

2. Abdalfattah:

Another name that is also religiously significant, Abdalfattah, means ‘servant of the One who Gives Nourishment’.

3. Abdalhadi:

The name means ‘the Servant of the Leader’. Here leader refers to Almighty and is a very popular name.

4. Abdalhakim:

The name means ‘servant of the wise one’. Again, this name is very religious and a good one for your son.

5. Abdalhalim:

Abdalhalim is a Persian baby boy name that means ‘the Servant of the Patient One’.

6. Baaz:

Baaz means ‘falcon’. The name symbolizes the energy and sharpness of a falcon bird and thus could be a good choice for your son.

7. Baha al-Din:

This Persian baby boy name means ‘beauty of the faith or a helper’. It also means ‘a supporter’.

8. Bahiri:

Bahiri means ‘brilliant’. It is a variant of the name Bahirun, which means lucid and renowned person.

9. Bakhit:

Bakhit means ‘a fortunate and lucky man’.

10. Baqer:

Baqer means ‘man of knowledge’. This is a very thoughtful name for your son.

11. Cem:

It means a born ruler or leader. Cem will be a good choice for your son if you intend to see him as a leader someday. The name will be an additional source of encouragement.

12. Chashida:

Chashida is an experienced man.

13. Darian:

Darian means a gift sent from heaven on Earth. This name will be suitable for all boys whose parents consider them to be a true gift of God.

14. Daana:

Daana is a ‘knowledgeable person’.

15. Dareh:

Dareh is a rich person.

16. Faireh:

It is a Persian Arabic name for your little son. Faireh means ‘the bringer of happiness’.

17. Farhad:

Farhad means ‘a feeling of great happiness’. This is usually your reaction when you get to know the birth of your little son. If you are looking to translate that emotion, this could as well be the name you may want to name him.

18. Gauzar:

Gauzar is a Farsi baby boy name that means Golden ox.

19. Gharib:

Gharib means ‘a known or familiar feeling’.

20. Haabeel:

Haabeel is a religious name. The name is the son of Hazrat Aadam and is therefore considered very pious.

21. Jaaved:

Jaaved is not just a name in Persian. The name is found in Hindi as well. It means ‘one who is eternal’.

22. Javad:

Javad means ‘a libera’.

23. Kayan:

Kayan is a rare Persian baby name that means ‘important person’. This name is not heard often, and thus if you are looking for something unique, this could be a good choice.

24. Maihtab:

Maihtab is also an Iranian boy name that means ‘whose face shines like a moon’.

25. Mirja:

Mirja means a highly-ranked nobleman. The name will be suitable for all those ambitious little young boys.

26. Naasah:

The name Naasah means the one who gives advice about difficulties. You have a kid who is going to be wise.

27. Naase:

The one who is chromatically pure. It symbolizes the highest accord of purity a person can possibly be.

28. Naasih:

Expert in giving advice to others, Naasih is a very common Persian name.

29. Nabibakhsh:

Nabibakhsh is a very pious name. If you are looking for something like that, then this name is for you. It means ‘something given by the Prophet’. Here, it indicates that your son is a gift from God.

30. Nabibukhsh:

Nabibukhsh means ‘a portion of the Prophecy’.

31. Nabibux:

If you think your son is happiness that was blessed to you by the Almighty, then this might sound like your son’s name. It means ‘provided by the Prophet of Almighty.

32. Painda:

It means ‘a wise and intelligent man’. Painda is a very common Persian name that you may hear often.

33. Parvaiz:

The name Parvaiz is another common name that is most often heard by us. Parvaiz means ‘one who comes out victorious’.

34. Poria:

Poria is a name that has a mythological connection. It is a Persian mythical name of a warrior.

35. Ramak:

It means ‘delight’. It also means ‘sporting and happy’.

36. Reza:

The name Reza is a Persian Arabic name. Reza means consent and agreement. It also means ‘one who is content’. The variant of the name is Rezah.

37. Rustam:

Rustam means ‘a tall and strong free man’.

38. Saadee:

Saadee is a name that means ‘the Lord or the master’. The name is a very religious one.

39. Safan:

Safan means ‘he who is brave’. The name also means brave and courageous.

40. Shah:

Shah is a very common surname that we must have heard often. The surname means ‘king’.

41. Shahrokh:

Shahrokh means ‘one who has a royal face’. This is a Farsi baby name that is very popular throughout.

42. Tahib:

Tahib means observing someone or something closely.

43. Taimur:

Taimur means ‘iron’. It also means as strong as iron. It indicates vitality and strength.

44. Touran:

Touran is a unique Persian name that means ‘the land or Tur’. It is also an ancient Persian kingdom.

45. Vakhtang:

Vakhtang means ‘wolf-bodied’.

46. Varten:

Varten is a very rare name in Persian. It means ‘rose giver’.

47. Waaiz:

Waaiz means preacher or advisor.

48. Warqah:

Warqah is a very religious name. It is the name of a dignitary in the Quran.

49. Wuhaib:

Wuhaib means a gift or present.

50. Waiola:

This is a name for Persian baby girls. The name is quite classy but is still in significant use. The name means a violet flower. The meaning makes it quite clear that this name is suitable for a female Persian child.

51. Ya:

The name consists of two letters and is quite cute. It is one of the best Persian shortest names for girls out there and has a beautiful meaning as well. The name means “graceful”, and for such a great meaning, it can be said to be one of the finest Persian names for girls ever.

52. Yaffa:

Last but not the least, the meaning of this name is “gorgeous”, and for the features such as great pronunciation, beautiful meaning, etc., it can be considered to be one of the best Persian baby girl names of all time.

Modern Iranian Unisex Names:

Here are some unisex names for you to pick from.

1. Adel:

Adel means ‘righteous and fair’. The name is derived from its origin.

2. Ali:

Ali has origin from Arabic. It means ‘greatest, Lion of God’ etc., all of which symbolize power and strength.

3. Mitra:

It is a Persian name. Mitra is the name of a deity who was once worshipped by Iranians.

4. Nasim:

Nasim is another modern Iranian unisex name. It means ‘breeze and fresh air.

5. Niki:

Niki is actually a variant of Nicholas and is used by both men and women.

6. Nour:

Nour means ‘light’.

7. Nashad:

Nashad means ‘an unhappy person’. The name is a unisex name that is popularly used.

8. Mehtab:

Mehtab means ‘the light of the moon’.

9. Moroccan:

Moroccan is a very thoughtful name that means one who belongs to the land of God.

10. Tigran:

Tigran means shooting or fighting with arrows.

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Persian Muslim and Arabic Baby Names:

In case you are very particular about the names, here are some Persian Muslim and Arabic baby names.

1. Aahoo:

This is a Persian baby girl name that means ‘gazelle’, a beautiful animal. The animal is known for its beauty, especially its eyes.

2. Aaneseh:

This name is a variant of the name Anisah that means ‘victorious woman’. The name is of Persian origin. Aanesh is a common Muslim name.

3. Ayaan:

Ayaan means ‘long night’ and is a name for the boys. It also means ‘improvisation’. Ayaan is a Muslim Persian name.

4. Abanus:

Here is another beautiful Muslim Persian baby boy names to pick. It is a variant of the Persian name, Abnus.

5. Adina:

Adina is a Muslim Persian baby girl name that means ‘weekend’.

6. Afseruddin:

This is a name for the boys. It means ‘crown of faith’. This is a Persian Muslim name.

7. Ahmar:

Ahmar is a Muslim baby name that means ‘red-colored’.

8. Abbas:

Abbas means ‘lion or grim faced’. The name is of Arabic origin and is a suitable name for the boys.

9. Ahmad:

Another Arabic origin name, Ahmad, means ‘much-praised or lauded’. This baby boy name is a very popular one.

10. Afrain:

Afrain is a Muslim Persian origin name that is very attractive and modern. The name is for all those cute little girls.

11. Aliyeh:

Aliyeh means ‘noble born’ and is a Persian origin name for baby girls.

12. Amira:

Amira is a modern Arabic baby name that means princess. The name is a variant of the men’s name Amir.

13. Amjad:

Amjad is a Persian origin name that means ‘most excellent and glorious’. This is a name for all Muslim baby girls.

14. Amir:

It is a common baby boy name. Amir is of Persian origin, a Muslim name, and it means ‘prince’. It also means ‘commanding’.

15. Bahram:

Bahram is a name for boys and is of Persian origin. It is the name of a Persian king. This is a Muslim name.

16. Chaka:

Chaka is a Muslim name that means ‘lark’. It is a name used by both men and women.

17. Dalileh:

Another beautiful Persian Muslim name, Dalileh, means ‘orchard’.

18. Farid:

Farid is an Arabic name that means ‘one of a kind’. It is a name for all the handsome young boys.

19. Habib:

The name Habib is an Arabic Persian name that means ‘beloved or darling’. Habib is a name for males.

20. Hassan:

Hassan is a classic Muslim name that means ‘handsome’.

The list of Persian names will surely come in handy if you are looking for religion-specific Persian names too. We have the meanings covered and thus, you simply have to identify the theme you like and then make a choice. We are sure you will find the right name for your son or daughter.


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