Arabic as a language is spoken by a large number of people. It is the language of the Holy Koran. If you are a devout follower of Islam, it is only understandable that you look out for a name that has some religious significance. Our list of Arabic baby names, with meanings, will surely be your saviour during your name-hunting period.

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Beautiful Arabian Names for Girls:

Take a look at this list of Muslim Arabic names for your girl child.

1. Aaliyah:

Probably the most famous Aaliyah was the R&B singer whose life was tragically cut short over a decade ago, but it soared high to be one of the top names. It means heavens and highborn, and we can assure a little angel named Aaliyah would be very talented and blessed.

2. Ada:

Ada is a very simple name for your baby girl. The name means ‘graceful’, ‘noble’.

3. Asiya:

Here is a beautiful Arabic baby name. The name means someone who is pensive and melancholic. It is also the name of the wife of Pharaoh.

4. Aabish:

Aabish is the name of the Queen of Iran. This name for your cute daughter will truly make her feel like a princess.

5. Aafia:

Aafia means a person who is calm and composed and is also free from worries of any sort. This is a modern Arabic name.

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6. Aisha:

Popular amongst the Islamic community due to it being the Prophet Muhammad’s favourite wife. Meaning life and lively, Aisha is a beautiful name. Your little Aisha would be full of boundless energy.

7. Ayat:

Arabic by origin, Ayat is a Muslim name meaning the miracles of the verses of the Quran. A pretty name given to your baby girl could well mean she will work wonders and be successful in life.

8. Adilah:

Just perfect for females in the present and future generations, the Arabic meaning of this Adilah is just, honest and equal. Name your baby girl Adilah, and you will see how she actually grows up to be an Adilah.

9. Aamira:

An Arabic Muslim name, Aamira has a wonderful meaning, abundant, prosperous and full of life. What better name could you want for your little princess?

10. Badeeda:

This is a very unique Arabic name for your daughter. It refers to a person who is smart, innovative and creative.

11. Baheela:

Baheela means ‘beautiful woman’. The name is also an indicator of how your daughter will turn out to be one.

12. Bahnaz:

Your baby daughter must be the most lovable one for you than anything else in this world. If so, naming her Bahnaz as an Arabic name will do all justice because it means ‘most lovable’.

13. Dafiyah:

Here is an unusual and rare Arabian name for your daughter. Dafiyah means ‘a female narrator of Hadith’

14. Doaa:

Doaa means ‘to pray’ or ‘voice of the heart’. The name is a common name among the Islamic community.

15. Fatma:

Fatma is a ‘woman who captivates’. The name is the preferred best Arabic name that you can think of for your daughter.

16. Faatima:

Another variation of the name Fatma, Faatima, means ‘a captivating who is abstinating’.

17. Fadila:

Fadila is a unique Arabic name. It means ‘a woman who gives generously’. The name will instil a sense of righteousness in your baby.

18. Ghasmira:

Ghashmira means ‘liberty’ and ‘generosity’. The name is meant to serve as an indicator of what she needs to grow up to be.

19. GulBano:

How about a name called GulBano that means ‘princess of flowers’. The name is a good choice for all those people who consider their daughters to be their queens.

20. Haniya:

Haniya means ‘pleased’ or ‘happy’. The name conveys the exact feelings of what you felt when you had her.

21. Hakimah:

Hakimah means ‘a wise and judicious woman’. By naming her Hakimah, you are actually telling her what she needs to be when she grows up and how important these values are.

22. Horiya:

Horiyah means ‘beautiful and radiant angel’. The name exactly conveys the beauty of your daughter.

23. Husaina:

To put it straight, you can name your daughter Husaina, which means ‘beautiful’. This popular Arabic name is becoming an increasing choice for a lot of parents.

24. Ibrat:

Ibrat is a beautiful Arabic name for your baby. The name might look small, but it means ‘wisdom to learn from experience’.

25. Ifeta:

Ifeta means ‘innocent and virtuous’. Iftea is a rather rare new Arabic name that will be a good choice for your daughter.

26. Iffah:

Iffah is a very unique Muslim Arabic name. The name means ‘a pure and modest girl’.

27. Imama:

Imama is a popular Islamic Arabic name. The name means ‘leadership or command’. It also means ‘one who has leadership qualities’.

28. Jadwa:

If your daughter was truly a gift from God, then naming her Jadwa will do all justice. The name means ‘gift’ or ‘present’.

29. Jahaan:

This is a popular Arabic name that means ‘she is the whole world’.

30. Jalynne:

Jalynee is a very modern name to think of. It is a modern American name that is also being largely adopted by Muslims all over.

31. Juwariyah:

This name has a religious connection. Juwariyah is the name of Prophet Muhammad’s wife.

32. Kamilah:

Kamilah is an Arabic Muslim baby name that is very beautiful to even just listen to. The name means ‘flawlessness or perfection’.

33. Kaiala:

Here is another beautiful Arabian name for your baby daughter. The name means ‘pure’ and ‘torture’.

34. Liyana:

Liyana means ‘a tender and delicate woman’. This is a suitable name for a lot of thin woman who is also very delicate.

35. Laiba:

Laiba means ‘Angel of Heaven. It also has another meaning, ‘prettiest woman in all the heavens’. Sounds like a name for your daughter?

36. Lalma:

Lalma is actually an area of land that defends only on rain. This is a rare and beautiful name for your daughter to think about.

37. Layla:

An Arabic name meaning night, dark beauty, and intoxication, was used in many old, romantic Arabic poems. This singsong name has become very fashionable today. If you have a brown-eyed, brown-haired beauty, name her Layla, and she’s sure to be the admiration of everyone.

38. Maarib:

Maarib means ‘end goals’.

39. Maeen:

Here is one of the best Arabic names you can think of for your daughter. Maeen means ‘spring of water’. Water sure is an essential ingredient in your life for survival. Naming her Maeen only signals the importance of your daughter in your life.

40. Mabrura:

Mabrura means a religious girl/woman who is accepted by the Almighty. This name has a religious connection and is sure a good name for her.

41. Nageenah:

Nageenah means a precious stone. Tell your daughter how precious she is to you!

42. Nazo:

Ever heard of this name before? Nazo means someone who is beautiful. Nazo is also the name of a famous female poet of Pashtun of the 18th century.

43. Nazra:

Here is another beautiful Arabic name for your baby daughter. This name means ‘glow and happiness of a person’s face’.

44. Nejra:

Nejra means ‘sparkle’ or ‘shine’.

45. Paksima:

Your young born baby girl might be the one with the most innocent face of all. At that time, you might just want to name her Paksima, which means ‘one with an innocent face’.

46. Pariwarsh:

Pariwarsh is for all the girls who are as beautiful as a fairy.

47. Parigul:

How about this unique Arabic name for your daughter? Parigul means ‘angel of flowers’.

48. Parseng:

Love to name her after a star? Well, then her name should be Parseng which is the name of a star.

49. Raahi:

Raahi is a traveler and also a good companion. In the journey of your life, your daughter will always be your Raahi.

50. Radia:

Radia is yet another Arabic Muslim baby name. It means ‘satisfied’ or ‘content’.

51. Rihanna:

Famous because of the popular singer Rihanna, the name is of Arabic origin and means sweet basil. Fill your lives with the beautiful scent of sweet basil and a child with inner beauty, and call her Rihanna.

52. Saadat:

Sadaat is a very modern and top Arabic name of all time. It means ‘blessing’. A name that signals how your daughter is a blessing of God.

53. Saahirah:

Saahirah means ‘Earth’ or a spring which flows constantly.

54. Sabiqah:

Sabiqah is actually a word from the Sindhi language. The language is spoken in parts of Punjab. The term means ‘past’.

55. Safeta:

Another unique Arabic name, Safeta, means clean or pure. This is probably a simple name you can give to your daughter.

56. Saha:

Saha is an Islamic Arabic baby name. It means ‘witness’ in the Arabic language.

57. Taara:

A very sweet name, Taara means star or apple of the eye. It tries to explain the importance of the daughter to the parents.

58. Taahira:

The name Taahira means ‘pure’ or ‘chaste’. Taahira is a popular Arabic name that has been a choice for a very long time.

59. Tabaan:

Tabaan means ‘splendid’.

60. Zara:

Zara is a popular name with Arabic origins but is widely used in the Western world. Meaning princess and to blossom, this name gained an elite status when Princess Anne gave it to her baby. Call your little princess Zara and let her blossom into a self-confident, graceful lady.

61. Zaina:

A simple version of Zaynab, Zaina origins are Arabic. This exotic name means beautiful. Name your adorable baby Zayna and watch her beauty grow as she does.

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Top Arabic Baby Names for Boys:

Here are some thoughtful and creative names for your baby boy.

62. Aamir:

Also spelt Amir, hails from Arabic and means Prince, ruler or prosperous. The most famous Aamir is the Bollywood star, Aamir Khan. Name your adorable prince this, and he will have a bright future ahead, maybe a successful entrepreneur or similar.

63. Abdul:

Quite a traditional Muslim name and very common in the Muslim world and often have names added on to it like Rahman or so. The name is Arabic and means servant of God. With a name like Abdul, your baby boy may be quite a calm and quiet child who is willing to be helpful and kind.

64. Abbas:

This is an Arabic boy name with associations with the Quran. The name is popular within the Islamic world. It means Lion, stern and austere. Naming your baby boy Abbas may mean he will be strong like a lion in body and character.

65. Ali:

A very widespread Muslim name of Arabic origin, a variant form of Allah. It also means elevated or high. The all-time greatest boxer Muhammad Ali claimed this name. Calling your baby boy Ali gives you hope that he will transcend to great heights.

66. Ahmed:

This name has also become quite popular recently. Used as a first name or surname, its roots are Arabic, and it means praiseworthy. It is also another name of Prophet Muhammad. No doubt, an adorable baby called Ahmed will do many things to be admired and gain compliments for.

67. Baashir:

Arabic baby name Baashir means one who is known for his bravery and loyalty. Baashir is an Arabic baby with meaning that is as heavy.

68. Bacha:

How about setting standards high for your son? Bacha is a name that is also the name of a famous leader of Pashtun. The name also means ‘king’.

69. Badih:

Here is another thoughtful and creative name for your son. This name means ‘able to improvise’ or one who is witty and creative.

70. Cahil:

Cahil is a modern Islamic name for baby boy. It means ‘a young and naïve man’. Sounds like a name for your son?

71. Caliph:

Caliph is more of a famous Islamic title given or conferred to people, but is popular in Arab.

72. Daaim:

Daaim is a very unique modern Arabic name. It means ‘lasting personality’ and is a kind of wish from you that he remains that way.

73. Daanish:

Daanish means ‘full of knowledge’. This is one thoughtful name to give your son.

74. Damurah:

Damurah means ‘sparkle of light’ or ‘fire’.

75. Faadhil:

Faadhil is a very generous person and one who is also a praiseworthy person. The name is for all those parents who are looking to grow their son just as a Faadhil.

76. Faarih:

Faarih is a person full of joy. Bless your son to have a joyous life throughout by naming him this.

77. Ghalib:

A very classic Islamic Arabic baby names, Ghalib means ‘victor’.

78. Bazaar:

This name has an Arabic origin and means ‘etiquette’ or ‘manners’.

79. Hussain:

Hussain is usually named for babies after the famous leader of Islam. The name is of Arabic origin and is a very popular one.

80. Haasim:

Hassim is more of a wish than a name. Haasim means one who lives life with enthusiasm and zeal to a great extent. Hasim is also a latest Arabic baby name.

81. Harkirat:

Harkirat means ‘one who sings of God’s praise’.

82. Hazeem:

Hazeem is another popularly heard top Arabic baby name. It means ‘a wise and intelligent man’. Sounds like a name for him?

83. Ibrahim:

A very popular name of all times, Ibrahim means ‘father of many nation’. The most common variant of Ibrahim is written as Ebrahim.

84. IbadurRehman:

This name has a religious association. IbadurRehman means someone who is a Worshipper of Allah or a devoted servant of Allah.

85. Ijaz:

Ijaz is another latest Arabic baby name. It means ‘miracle’, ‘astonishment’.

86. Ikhlaaq:

Ikhlaaq means a man with good demeanour and also one with moral values. Does it sound like a name for your son?

87. Immad:

If your son is going to be your support always for you, Immad is the right name for him. Immad means ‘pillar’ or ‘support’.

88. Jaabir:

For the good counsellor he might turn out to be in the future, Jaabir can be a good name. Jaabir means ‘good counsellor’.

89. Jaalib:

Jaalib is a latest Arabic name that means ‘one who has motive’.

90. Jahid:

Arabic baby boy name Jahid is a striving and hardworking man. Jahid can be a good name for your son.

91. Kabir:

Kabir is a neutral name and does not really belong to the Arabic language or Islam. The name means ‘the Great’.

92. Kadir:

Kadir means ‘ray of light’. This indicates how your son might be your ray of light for you in your darkest times.

93. Kian:

This name is a variant of the Irish Cian, but it also has Arabic roots. Ascending the popularity ladder, the name means king or generations. It’s a lovely, trendy name for a baby boy and slides off the tongue easily. With the name Kian, prepare your little one to be a friendly leader and have a loyal group of friends.

94. Lath:

Lath is a name of Arabic origin. It means ‘lion’.

95. Lawin:

Lawin means ‘young man’.

96. Mustafa:

Mustafa is a very popular Muslim Arabic name. It means ‘the chosen one’. Mustafa is also the epithet of Prophet Muhammad.

97. Maheer:

Maheer is a brave and courageous man.

98. Malang:

Malang means ‘mystic’ and is not a name of Arabic origin.

99. Mohammed:

This name is a variant of Muhammad, and is probably the most widespread boy’s name in the Muslim world. The name of the Prophet and founder of the Islamic faith means praiseworthy and glorified. Naming your baby boy Mohammed will give him all the attributes to receive compliments and be held in high regard.

100. Naseefa:

Naseefa means ‘a speech that is spoken in secret’.

101. Nadeem:

Another name which has Arabic origins and is popular in both the Muslim and Christian Arab communities. Nadeem means a confidante or a friend. A lovely name for an adorable baby boy giving the prospect of him becoming a sincere and loyal friend.

102. Nijaz:

Nijaz means ‘wish’ or ‘need’. It is also ‘want’.

103. Ovais:

Ovais is the name of the companion of the Prophet. The name is a variant of the name Owais, and it also means ‘little wolf’.

104. Omar:

Quite a fashionable male name, Omar is from the Arabic Umr, which means life, populous and flourishing. Give your bouncing baby the name Omar and see him have a long and happy life.

105. Parwaiz:

Parwaiz means ‘success or victory’. It also means ‘commendable’.

106. Pazir:

Pazir is someone who is good in the eyes of everyone. This is one unique and new Arabic name for you to think about.

107. Raahim:

A very popular name, Raahim means ‘one who is compassionate and merciful.

108. Raheeq:

Raheeq is a smart and handsome man.

109. Rakeem:

Here is a name inspired from Quran. The name is a variant of Raqeem. The name means ‘compassionate’ and is derived from Raheem.

110. Rameel:

Rameel means ‘mercy of God’.

111. Saeed:

Saeed is a popular Islamic name that means ‘happy’, or ‘fortunate’.

112. Sabghta:

This is a rather rare Muslim Arabic name that means ‘true faith’ and ‘color given by Allah’.

113. Sair:

Sair is a passionate and an enthusiastic human being. This name will surely be a blessing for your son.

114. Tafeef:

Tafeef means ‘praise or hymn of God’.

115. Taahir:

A very famous and known name, Taahir means chaste or modest. The name has an Arabic origin.

116. Ubaid:

Ubaid means ‘faithful’. This name has an Arabic origin.

117. Ubaida:

Ubaida is a closely related name of Ubaid. It means ‘servant of God’.

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Unisex Arabic Names:

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118. Nour:

Nour means light and is a very modern name for your child.

119. Farah:

A very classy and stylish name, Farah means glory and praise.

120. Arayan:

This is a name that has multiple origins, from Persian, Arabic and Irish. The name means doorway to heaven.

121. Zayn:

Another modern name, Zayn, means beauty and grace.

122. Jamal:

The name Jamal means beautiful and is a gender-neutral name.

123. Siham:

The name Siham might be unique and rare. It means arrow. It comes from the Arabic word ‘sahem’.

124. Ehsan:

Ehsan means excellent and perfection.

Most of the names have a strong connection with religious text and the Prophet himself. While the whole name-hunting job can be tedious, our list of beautiful Arabic names will surely help you sort out the kind of names for your daughter or son. Go through! We hope you find the best ones only.


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