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20 Unique Arabic Baby Names With Meanings

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An ancient language and the language of the Quran, Arabic is spoken by more than 400 million people worldwide.

arabic baby names

Arabic Muslim Baby Names And Meanings:

Here is a list of 20 beautiful arabic baby names and meanings for your baby boy and girl.

1. Aaliyah:

Probably the most famous Aaliyah was the R&B singer whose life was tragically cut short over a decade ago. But it’s soared high to being one of the top names recently. It means heavens and highborn and we can assure a little angel named Aaliyah would be very talented and blessed.

2. Layla:

An Arabic name meaning night, dark beauty, intoxication, was used in many old, romantic Arabic poems. This singsong name has become very fashionable today. If you have a brown-eyed, brown-haired beauty, name her Layla and she’s sure to be the admiration of everyone.

3. Aisha:

Popular amongst the Islamic community due to being the Prophet Muhammad’s favourite wife. Meaning life and lively, Aisha is a beautiful name. Your little Aisha would be fully of boundless energy.

4. Zara:

Zara is a popular name with Arabic origins but is widely used in the Western world. Meaning princess and to blossom, this name gained an elite status when Princess Anne gave it to her baby. Call your little princess Zara and let her blossom into a self confident, graceful lady.

5. Fatima:

Fairly common Arabic name, the Quran describes Fatima as one of the four perfect. Meaning captivating, a baby girl with this name is bound to capture everyone’s hearts.

6. Zaina:

A simple version of Zaynab, Zaina origins are Arabic. This exotic name means beautiful. Name your adorable baby Zayna and watch her beauty grow as she does.

7. Rihanna:

Famous because of the popular singer Rihanna, the name is of Arabic origin and means sweet basil. Fill your lives with the beautiful scent of sweet basil and a child with inner beauty and call her Rihanna.

8. Ayat:

Arabic by origin, Ayat is an Muslim name meaning the miracles of the verses of the Quran. A pretty name given to your baby girl could well means she will work wonders and be successful in life.

9. Adilah:

Just perfect for a female in the present and future generations, the Arabic meaning of this Adilah is just, honest and equal. Name your baby girl Adilah and inculcate all the good and just qualities we want to see in our children. Teach her that she is as good as anyone else and not to be judgmental.

10. Aamira:

An Arabic, Muslim name, Aamira has a wonderful meaning, abundant, prosperous and full of life. What better name could you want for your little princess? Name her Aamira and give her the best life can offer.

11. Abbas:

This is an Arabic boy name with associations to the Quran. The name is popular within the Islamic world. It means Lion, stern and austere. Naming your baby boy Abbas may mean he’ll be strong like a lion in body and character.

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12. Mohammed:

variant on Muhammad, this is probably the most widespread boy’s name in the Muslim world. The name of the Prophet and founder of the Islamic faith, it means praiseworthy and glorified. Naming your baby boy Mohammed will give him all the attributes to receive compliments and held in high regard.

13. Aamir:

Also spelt Amir, hails from Arabic and means Prince, ruler or prosperous. The most famous Aamir being the Bollywood star Aamir Khan. Name your adorable prince this and he’ll have a bright future ahead, maybe a successful entrepreneur or similar.

14. Ali:

A very widespread Muslim name with Arabic origin. A variant form of Allah. It also means elevated or high. The all time greatest boxer Muhammad Ali claimed this name. Calling your baby boy Ali gives you hope he will transcend to great heights.

15. Omar:

Quite a fashionable male name, Omar is from the Arabic Umr which means life, populous and flourishing. Give your bouncing baby the name Omar and see him have a long and happy life.

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16. Kian:

This name is a variant of the Irish Cian but it also has Arabic roots. Ascending the popularity ladder, the name means king or generations. It’s a lovely, trendy name for a baby boy and slides of the tongue easily. With the name Kian, prepare your little one the to be a friendly leader and have a loyal group of friends.

17. Ibrahim:

This name is common amongst both Arab Muslims and Christians. The name of the Prophet Abraham, messenger of God, it actually means Father of nations and friend of God. Name your little boy Ibrahim with the hope he may do wonders for the improvement of the world and unite different races and religions.

18. Ahmed:

This name has also become quite popular recently. Used as a first name or surname, its roots are Arabic and it means praiseworthy, also another name of the Prophet Muhammed. No doubt an adorable baby called Ahmed will do many things to be admired and gain compliments for.

19. Nadeem:

Another name which has Arabic origins and is popular in both the Muslim and Christian Arab communities. Nadeem means a confidante or a friend. A lovely name for an adorable baby boy giving the prospect of him becoming a sincere and loyal friend.

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20. Abdul:

Quite a traditional Muslim name and very common in the Muslim world and often has names added on to it like Rahman or so. The name is Arabic and means servant of God. With a name like Abdul, your baby boy may be quite a calm and quiet child who’s willing to be helpful and kind.

Whilst used by both Muslims and Christians, Arabic names are very traditional. Most of the names have associations with the Prophet Muhammed therefore considered very special. People tend to carefully look at the history and significance before choosing a arabic name for their baby, sometimes taking on the grandfather’s name.

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