The Jyeshta nakshatra falls in the 18th of a total of 27 stars as per the Indian Vedic astrology. For parents who want to name their little one as per the traditions and beliefs of nakshatras, we have a list of Jyeshta nakshatra baby names – for those born in this star.

Today, let us know all about the Jyeshta nakshatra and the characteristics of those born in this star, names syllables, and a lovely list of beautiful Jyeshta nakshatra names for boys and girls.

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What is Jyeshta Nakshatra and Its Characteristics?

The Jyeshta nakshatra ranges from 16.40 to 30 in the Scorpio zodiac sign and falls under the influence of Mercury. The symbol of Jyeshta Nakshatra is an umbrella, and it is the 18th star in a total of 27 stars. In Sanskrit, the word Jyeshta means the eldest one. Accordingly, the Jyeshta nakshatra born will show the influence and quality of the eldest sibling. They are very protective, lovable to others, and are often concerned about the well-being and safety of others, especially the family members. The Jyeshta nakshatra borns are soft in nature are sincere, dedicated, and brilliant. The animal name of Jyeshta Nakshatra is male deer.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Names Starting Letter/Syllable:

If your little one is born under the Jyeshta nakshatra, then it is auspicious if their name begins with the following syllables

No, Ya, yaa, Yi, Yee, Yu.

If you want to go according to the padas, the:

  • Jyeshta Nakshatra 1st pada names start with No.
  • Jyeshta Nakshatra 2nd pada names begin with Ya.
  • The Jyeshta Nakshatra 3rd pada names begin with Yi.
  • Jyeshta Nakshatra 4th pada names start with Yu.

Lovely and Modern Classic Names for Jyeshta Nakshatra:

Here we go; we have compiled a list of graceful, charming, and beautiful Jyeshta star names for babies born in this sign. Let’s see them together.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Yaadav:

Yadav or Yaadav is a very popular baby boy name in India. The name is originated from the Name of Lord Krishna and descendant from the Yadu community.

2. Yaamir:

Yaamir or Yamir means a moon. It also symbolizes moonlight and brightness. If you want a modern and new name, this can be a good choice.

3. Yadhu:

Yadhu is the name of the ancient king and is derived from the royal stories. It is a traditional yet mesmerizing baby boy’s name.

4. Yadvik:

Yadvik means unique. This Jyeshta nakshatra boy names is a lovely and unique rare name in itself and is originated from the Indian languages.

5. Yagya:

Yagya means sacrifice in Hindi and other Indian languages. The name is not much popular and can be a wonderful, meaningful yet rare baby boy name in Jyeshta nakshatra.

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6. Yajas:

Yajas means worship or sacrifice. It is a new and lovely baby boy whose name originated from the Sanskrit language.

7. Yajin:

Yajin in Hindi and other Indian languages means sacrifice and religion. This is a name variant to Yajas. If you want a short and cute name, this can be good to go.

8. Yakshit:

Yakshit is a new and modern-day name choice. It means permanent and God. Another spelling variation is Yakshith.

9. Yamit:

Yamit means restrained or limited. This is a new name which isn’t common at all, making it ideal for modern-day parents searching for a lovely rare name for Jyeshta nakshatra borns.

10. Yansh:

Yansh means the name of God. This is originated from the Indian languages; however, it isn’t famous as yet. This is among the rarest and cute Jyeshta nakshatra male names.

11. Yash:

Yash is a popular Indian household name in India, especially Hindi speaking regions. The name Yash means glory, success, happiness, and victory.

12. Yashpal:

In case you prefer a much traditional baby boy name, Yashpal can be a good one. yashpal means the protector of fame in Hindi.

13. Yashu:

Yashu is a short and cute lovely baby boy name Jyeshta nakshatraborns. The name Yashu means peace and calmness.

14. Yashven:

Yashven or yashvin means imperishable. With such creative and lovely meaning, we quite love how this Jyeshta nakshatra names for a boy does.

15. Yashwanth:

Yashwanth is a very popular and famous Indian baby boy name, especially in southern states like Telugu and Tamil. It means a famous person or the one who achieves glory always. These are common Jyeshta nakshatra names.

16. Yatan:

Yatan means devotee. The name is new and modern with traditional meaning, which isn’t common too as yet. It is originated from Indian languages only.

17. Yathavan:

Yathavan means Lord Vishnu. The name is traditional and religious in nature, so for those parents who want a conventional baby boy name, this can be a unique and good choice.

18. Yatish:

Yatish means the Leader of all devotees. This is a classic and old baby boy name for Jyeshta nakshatraborns.

19. Yatvik:

Yatvik means the one who succeeds. It also implies brilliance and determination. Yatvik isn’t a commonly found name, making it feasible for parents who want a rare name choice with good meaning.

20. Yazat:

In case you want short cute, and again a lovely name with modern connotations, Yazat can be a good choice. Yazat means sacred or holy and divine. It also means the moon.

21. Yug:

Yug is a classic and evergreen name choice for boys in Jyeshta nakshatra. It means an age, and the name is originated from the Hindu religious texts and stories.

22. Yugandhar:

Yugandhar again is a common name in Telugu and Tamil languages. The name Yugandhar means Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna.

23. Yukt:

Yukt is a four-letter short cute baby boy name which means prosperous and attentive. The name also means a skilled person and a clever brain.

24. Yuvaansh:

The name Yuvaansh is originated from the Hindi word Yuva which means youthful. This Vrischika Rashi Jyeshta nakshatra names also means Lord Shiva.

25. Yuvraj:

Yuvraj is a common yet lovely classic name choice in India. The name Yuvraj means prince and heir. It also implies a young person or a young soul.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Noshi:

Noshi is a short and cute baby girl name, which can also be used as a nickname. The name Noshi means sweet people.

27. Yaadavi:

Yaadavi means Goddess Durga. This is a very traditional and beautiful, meaningful baby girl name which is famous.

28. Yaasana:

Yaasana means wish or desire. It is derived from the Sanskrit language and is a lovely yet rare baby girl name.

29. Yamini:

Yaamini or Yamini is a popular Telugu, and Tamil baby girl’s name originated from the Sanskrit language. Yaamini means night or darkness.

30. Yachana:

Yachana means prayer or pleading. It is a new and rare baby girl name who wants a traditional meaning too. This is among rare Jyeshta nakshatra female names chocies.

31. Yakshita:

Yakshitha or yakshita means wonderful or beautiful. The name is again classic and traditional in sounding yet with a lovely and meaningful name.

32. Yamrutha:

Yamrutha means a nice one. It is a lovely and unique baby girl name which isn’t much known as yet. This is one of the mesmerizing and cute baby girl names for Jyeshta nakshatra.

33. Yamuna:

The Yamuna is a very common and famous name in South India. The Yamuna means the Jamuna river. It is a classic and evergreen name choice.

34. Yasaswi:

Yasaswi is a popular Telugu baby girl’s name already. It means famous and fame. This is a classic and evergreen baby girl’s name.

35. Yashani:

Yashani means blessing. It is originated from the Sanskrit and Hindi language and is a rare name choice for baby girls in Jyeshta nakshatra.

36. Yashmita:

Yashmita means glorious. It also implies famous and successful. The Jyeshta nakshatra names for a girl is not commonly found as yet but beautiful and wonderful in both meaning and sounding.

37. Yashoda:

Yashoda is a traditional baby girl’s name. The name is after Lord Krishna’s mother. It is a classic and lovely baby girl name for Jyeshta nakshatra.

38. Yashri:

If you want a short and cute baby girl name, Yashri can be a good choice. Yashri means victorious or lucky. The name also means fortunate or auspicious. The other meaning for the name is Goddess Lakshmi.

39. Yashtika:

Yashtika or Yastika means a string of pearls. The name also symbolizes precious, beautiful, and like a gem. The name is rare and unique too for Jyeshta nakshatra born girls.

40. Yathi:

Yathi is a short and cute baby girl name which means Goddess Durga. It is another name for the Durga Devi, with traditional meaning yet modern and elegant sounding.

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41. Yatishma:

Yatishma means cute. The name looks feminine and beautiful, yet with such a charming name meaning.

42. Yayati:

Yayati is a unique and rare baby girl name. It means traveller and wanderer. The name is originated from the Sanskrit language.

43. Yukasri:

Yukasri means friendly and fragrance. The name also is unique and rarely found, with beautiful pronunciation and meaning too. It is originated from the Sanskrit language.

44. Yuktha:

Yuktha is a common and lovely baby girl name. The beautiful name means attentive and skilful. It also symbolizes prosperity and skill.

45. Yuvakshi:

Yuvakshi name is originated from the words Yuva and akshi in the Sanskrit language. They mean beautiful eyes or youthful eyes.

46. Yuvanya:

Yuvanya means young or forever young. The name isn’t commonly found and yet has beautiful and modern connotations. What do you think?

47. Yuvathi:

Yuvathi literally translates to a young lady in Sanskrit and other Indian languages. It is a classic and evergreen baby girl name choice for Jyeshta nakshatra borns.

48. Yutika:

Yutika means flower. While the origins of the name aren’t well known yet, it also symbolizes bloom, beauty, and spring.

49. Yugantika:

The name yugantika is derived from the Sanskrit language which means till the end of the century. It also symbolizes unlimited and infinite.

50. Yauvani:

Yauvani is the name of Goddess Gayatri Devi. It has modern and lovely rare pronunciation and name yet with the traditional meaning.

Unisex Names for Babies in Jyeshta Nakshatra:

51. Yaamya:

Yaamya is a unisex name that can be ideal for both boys and girls. The name Yaamya means Lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu.

52. Yaksha:

Yaksha means the one who protects forests. The name also means demi-God. It is a rare and unique name ideal for boys and girls.

53. Yati:

Yati means goddess Durga. It also means the one who always serves a purpose. It is a traditional yet short and lovely unisex name for boys and girls.

54. Nora:

Nora means light. The name can be ideal for both baby boys and girls. These Jyeshta nakshatra names are derived from English speaking countries.

55. Yadnya:

Yadnya means holy fire or sacred fire. While the name is derived from the Sanskrit language, it is ideal for both boys and girls.

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Twin Baby Names for Jyeshta Nakshatra Borns:

56. Noshita – Noyonika:

Noshita means great or eternal. Noyonika means the one with magnificent and beautiful eyes. They both are lovely twin baby girl names for Jyeshta nakshatra borns.

57. Yaami – Yaaj:

Yaami means progress or path. Yaaj means sacrifice or sage. It is also another name for Lord Krishna. They both are twin baby girl and boy names.

58. Yaashvan – Yaatiesh:

Yaashvan and yaatiesh are lovely twin baby boy names. The name Yaashvan means winner. Yaatiesh means lord of devotees.

59. Yaduvir – Yadva:

Yaduvir means brave men or Lord Krishna. It also means a descendant of yadu. Yadva means insight or an intelligent girl. These are a beautiful baby boy and girl twin name choices for Jyeshta nakshatra.

60. Yaksha – Yalini:

Yaksha means speedy or protector. Yalini means goddess Saraswati Devi. These are traditional and mesmerizing baby twin girl name choices for Jyeshta nakshatra.

We hope you enjoyed reading the list of Jyeshta nakshatra baby names for boys and girls. If your little one is born in this star, we hope this list has given you the ideal name to fit your preferences. Let us know your favorite name and why we love to hear from you.


All the names given above have their meanings as per context and time. These meanings and symbols may alter according to different cultures, countries, regions, and languages. We advise conducting your extensive research before to understand the several interpretations attached to the name.


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