Finding a name sometimes can be challenging. But, what if we say we can help you a bit there? We mean that! All the Hindu baby names listed here are names that are closely associated with Hindu culture, tradition, art and religion. Take a look at these names and see what aptly will suit your baby.

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Indian Hindu Baby Boy And Girl Names

Hindu Names for Boys:

1. Aadesh:

Aadesh means ‘command, message’. This name will be a good name for your son, especially if he is a little on the active side.

2. Aadarsh:

Aadarsh is a modern Hindu baby name. It means ‘one who has principles’. This is also a nice way to tell your son how principles are important in life.

3. Aadhishankar:

This one is a name that has some religious significance. It is the name of Sri Shankaracharya, who is the founder of Adwaitha philosophy.

4. Aadit:

Aadit means ‘peak’. The name is used to refer to Lord Shiva.

5. Aagman:

Here is a rare Hindu baby name for your son. The name means ‘arrival’ and is an apt time to name your newborn with this name.

6. Aagney:

Here is a name that is very fierce. The name means ‘born from fire’ and signals the strength of the boy.

7. Aahva:

How about this unique modern Hindu name for your son? Aahva means ‘beloved’ and is a good way to tell him what he means to you.

8. Aakarshan:

Aakarshan means ‘attraction’. This is a well-suited name for your tiny little handsome boy, from whom you can’t take your eyes off!

9. Abhay:

This Hindu baby name with meaning can take your son to practice certain essential principles of life. The name means ‘fearless’ and ‘son of Dharma’.

10. Abhi:

Abhi means ‘fearless’.

11. Abhijat:

This name for your baby boy will be a very unique and rare one. The name means ‘one who is noble and wise’. It also means ‘total victory’.

12. Abhijit /Abhijeet:

This name has a variation in spelling, but both mean the same. It means ‘one who is victorious’. It also means ‘a star’.

13. Abhik:

Abhik is a unique Hindu baby name for a boy. The name means ‘beloved’.

14. Abhilash:

Abhilash is a common Hindu baby boy name. It means ‘wish or desire’.

15. Abhinandan:

Isn’t this a common name that we hear on an everyday basis? The name means ‘congratulations’.

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16. Abhinav:

Abhinav is another common Hindu name that means ‘quite new’. An apt name for your newborn son, isn’t it?

17. Abhinivesh:

Abhinivesh means ‘desire’.

18. Abhiram:

Abhiram is a popular Hindu baby name that means ‘lovely’. It also means ‘pleasing’.

19. Abhiroop:

Abhiroop means ‘handsome’. For that handsome little boy, this will be a Hindu child name you can think about.


20. Badal:

Badal is a rare Hindu baby name. It is not mostly heard as a name for babies. It means ‘cloud’.

21. Badri Prasad:

This is a name that has a religious association. The name means ‘gift of Badri’. Badri referred to Lord Vishnu.

22. Bahuliya:

Bahuliya means ‘Lord Kartikeya’.

23. Bajrang:

Bajrang is a popular Hindu name. Most of the devotees of Lord Hanuman name their son Bajrang, and the name also refers to Lord Hanuman.

24. Balamohan:

Balamohan is a classy old Hindu name that means ‘one who is good looking’. It also means ‘attractive’.

25. Balavan:

Another commonly heard name, it means ‘powerful’.


26. Chaitanya:

Chaitanya means ‘knowledge’. In some contexts, the name also means ‘life’.

27. Chakradev:

A popular Hindu child name, Chakradev, refers to Lord Vishnu.

28. Chakravarhi:

Chakravarthi is another popularly chosen name for baby boys. It means ‘King’.

29. Chandramouli:

Chandramouli is a famous name in the South of India. It refers to Lord Shiva.


30. Dahana:

Dahana is a unique Hindu baby name. It means ‘a Rudra’. Rudra is a seed that is worn by Lord Shiva, and thus it has significance in Hindu mythology.

31. Danvir:

Danvir means ‘charitable’.

32. Das:

Das means ‘in service of the Lord’.


33. Eashan:

Eashan refers to Lord Vishnu and is a very popular name in Hindu mythology and among Hindu children.

34. Ekanga:

Ekanga is a bodyguard.


35. Gaangey:

Gaangey is the name of Bheesham, another character from the Mahabharata.

36. Gadaadhar:

This name refers to Lord Vishnu.

37. Gagan:

Gagan is a very popular and modern Hindu baby name that is commonly heard in the North of India. It means ‘sky’ and ‘heaven’.

38. Gajanand:

A very popularly heard Indian Hindu baby name, this name refers to Lord Ganesha.

39. Gambheer:

Gambheer is a ‘deep’ and ‘serious’ person.


40. Hansh:

Hansh means God-like and is also a Hindu baby nickname for all the young and cute boys.

41. Hardik:

It is a modern Hindu name. Hardik means ‘a Hindu boy’.

42. Harilal:

Harilal is a commonly heard name in Hinduism. It means ‘son of Hari’. Hari refers to Lord Vishnu.


43. Ilesh:

Ilesh means ‘God of Earth’.

44. Ina:

Ina is a popular nickname as well. It means ‘Lord Surya’.

45. Indradutt:

Another reference to the Hindu Lord, Indradutt, means ‘Gift of Lord Indra’. Indra is the God of thunder and rain.


46. Jagad:

Jagad means ‘universe’.

47. Jagadeesh:

Jagadeesh means ‘Lord of the world’. It also refers to Lord Vishnu.

48. Jagamohan:

Jagamohan means ‘one who attracts the world’.

49. Jagannath:

Jagannath is a very famous Hindu baby name with the meaning ‘Lord of the world’.


50. Kairav:

Kairav means ‘white lotus’. White lotus is rare and is special too, which indicates the role of your son in your life.

51. Kalanidhi:

This traditional Hindu child name means ‘moon’. It also refers to Lord Shiva.

52. Kalyan:

Kalyan means ‘good’. It also denotes auspiciousness and well-being.

53. Kamal Nath:

Kamal Nath is another popular newborn baby name list Hindu names, which refers to Lord Vishnu.


54. Lakshman:

Lakshman refers to the brother of Lord Ramaa. It also means ‘prosperity’.

55. Lakshminarayan:

A very traditional and religious name, Lakshaminarayan, means Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu together.

56. Lalchand:

Lalchand means ‘red moon’.

57. Lohit:

Lohit also means ‘red’. It has reference to the mighty Brahmaputra river.

58. Lokesh:

Lokesh means ‘king of the world’. It also refers to Lord Brahma and Indra.


59. Maan:

Maan means ‘mind’.

60. Madan:

Madan is a famous Hindu name that means ‘God of love’, ‘Cupid’.

61. Madesh:

Madesh refers to Lord Shiva. If you are looking for a very religious name for your son, here is one that will be apt.

62. Madhukar:

Madhukar means ‘lover’. It also refers to ‘honey bee’.

63. Mahadev:

A very powerful name, Mahadev, refers to Lord Shiva and is a very popular Hindu name you could have come across.


64. Naagendra:

Naagendra means ‘Lord of Serpents’.

65. Nagesh:

Nagesh is a classic old Hindu name that refers to Lord of Serpents.


66. Obalesh:

Obalesh refers to Lord Shiva and is a modern Hindu name for baby boy.

67. Ojas:

Ojas means ‘brilliance’. It also means ‘shine and glows’.


68. Padmabandhu:

Padmabandhu means ‘friend of Lotus’.

69. Palin:

Palin is a very modern Hindu name. It means ‘protecting’.


70. Radhesh:

Radhesh is a popular name in Hinduism. It refers to Lord Krishna.

71. Raghav:

Raghav is someone who is born in the Raghu clan. It refers to Lord Rama.


72. Sachet:

Sachet means ‘consciousness.

73. Sachish:

Sachish refers to Lord Indra.


74. Taha:

Taha is a very modern Hindu baby name that means ‘pure’.

75. Talank:

Talank refers to Lord Shiva.


76. Uchit:

Uchit means ‘correct’.

77. Uddish:

Uddish refers to Lord Shiva.


78. Vaaman:

Vaaman is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. And, The name thus refers to Lord Vishnu.


Hindu Baby Names with Meaning: Girls

Take a look at some of the popular girl baby names that you can think about for your daughter.

79. Aadhira:

Aadhira is a very famous girl baby name in Hinduism that means ‘moon’.

80. Aaloka:

This is a rare Hindu baby name that means ‘cry of victory’.

81. Aashi:

For that beautiful smile your baby will offer a few days after she is born, this will do all justice. Aashi means ‘smile’ and is a rare one to hear.

82. Aashirya:

Typically, your baby must be a gift from God. For those of you who strongly believe in this, Aashirya might be a very good name. It means ‘from the land of God’.

83. Abha:

For the beautiful lady she will grow up to be, Abha name is a good one to think about. It means ‘lustrous beauty’.

84. Abhilasha:

This name means ‘Ambition or Desire. This is one good Hindu baby name.

85. Achala:

For the girl who will become ‘constant’ in your life, Achala is a good name. It means ‘constant’.

86. Adhika:

Like you must have guessed, Adhika means ‘more’ or ‘extra’.

87. Adhira:

Another variant of Aadhira, Adhira, means ‘lightning’. Both these names are commonly used by parents to name their children.

88. Adhita:

This name means ‘scholar’. Who knows, she might turn out to be a real good scholar, just like her name!

89. Aditi:

This name is a name for all those parents who like to name their kids after nature and the solar system. Aditi means ‘Earth’ or ‘universe’.

90. Adrika:

Adrika means ‘celestial’.

91. Ahalya:

Ahalya, as per Hindu mythology, is the wife of Rishi Gautam. For those looking for a name from Hindu mythology, this is a good one.

92. Aishani:

Aishani refers to Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is a very powerful symbol and a mighty woman in Hindu mythology.

93. Aishwarya:

One of the most popular names of Hinduism, Aishwarya, means ‘wealth’. This is a name that has been the choice of parents for a very long time.

94. Ajalaa:

Ajalaa means ‘Earth’.

95. Akhila:

Akhila is a famous baby nickname too. It means ‘world’.

96. Akriti:

Aakriti is a modern Hindu baby name that means ‘diagram’.

97. Akshita:

Akshita is a woman who sees it all. It also signifies that women know everything and cannot be cheated.

98. Akuti:

Akuti means ‘princess’. Doesn’tevery girl like to be named a princess?

99. Alisha:

Alisha is more of a blessing than a name. It means ‘protected by God’, and hence you can always feel protected about your daughter.

100. Alka:

Some women are naturally gifted with lovely hair. If your daughter is one, Alka is a name for her. It means ‘one with lovely hair’.

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101. Alpna:

A thoughtful name that means ‘decorative design’.


102. Baani:

Another rare and modern Hindu baby name, Baani, means ‘Earth’.

103. Badhra:

This is one classy and traditional name for a baby girl. It means ‘full moon’. It symbolizes how she will shine bright and confidently in life.

104. Badriya:

Another variation of Bhadra, Badriya, means ‘resembling full moon’.

105. Bagyawathi:

This is one common Hindu baby name in almost all the regions of India. It means ‘lucky’.

106. Bahula:

Bahula means ‘a star’. Do you think your baby is one star of your life? Then she sure is a Bahula.

107. Bairavi:

Bairavi is a popular name in South India. It is a form of raga of Indian classical music. It is the most melodious raaga of all. Bairavi also refers to the Goddess Durga.

108. Bala:

Bala is a popular Hindu nickname. It means ‘young girl’.

109. Bandhura:

Bandhura means ‘exquisite’. The name is for all the babies who are one in a million.

110. Banhi:

Banhi means ‘fire’. For all those feisty and powerful women, Banhi will be a good choice.

111. Banita:

Banita simply means ‘woman’ and is considered to be a rare Hindu name.

112. Bansuri:

The name means ‘flute’.

113. Barkha:

Barkha means ‘rain’.

114. Baruna:

Baruna has a religious association. The name also is the name of the wife of Lord of the Sea.


115. Cavery:

Cavery is a famous river in the South of India. The name is a very traditional Hindu name to think of.

116. Chaaru:

This name is also a Hindu baby nickname for your daughter. Chaaru means ‘beautiful and attractive’.

117. Chaitra:

Chaitra is named after one’s sun sign. It is Aries in English.

118. Chanchal:

Another common Hindu name, Chanchal, means ‘active’.


119. Daksha:

Daksha is a very modern and rare Hindu baby name. It means ‘Earth’.

120. Dakshata:

This is one amazing name for your daughter. It means ‘skill’.

121. Damayanti:

Damayanti is a name found in Hindu mythology. It refers to the wife of Nala.

122. Damini:

Damini means ‘lightning’ and is another popular name of all time.

123. Darpan:

Darpan is a name that means ‘mirror’.


124. Edha:

Edha means ‘sacred’.

125. Ekanthika:

Looking for a classic Hindu name? Ekanthika will be a good choice. The name means ‘born to win’.

126. Erisha:

Erisha means ‘speech’.


127. Falak:

Falak is a modern name for a baby girl. It means ‘star’.


128. Gaandhari:

This is the name of the wife of Dhritarashtra, a character from the Hindu epic and mythology.

129. Gaatha:

Gaatha means ‘story’.

130. Ganga:

One of the famous names of Hinduism, the Ganga, is the holy river of India.


131. Haimi:

A very rare name and one which is modern, Haimi means ‘the seeker’.

132. Hanita:

Hanita means ‘divine Grace’.

133. Hansika:

Hansika refers to a swan.


134. Iha:

Iha is a popular nickname for babies. The name means ‘Earth’.

135. Indira:

Indira is popularly referred to as Goddess Lakshmi.


136. Jahnvi:

Jahnvi refers to the river Ganga. Jhanvi is a variation of the name Ganga.

137. Janani:

Janani is the one who gives birth.

138. Jaya:

Jaya means ‘victory’.


139. Kaavya:

Kaavya means ‘poetry’.

140. Kaishori:

Kaishori means ‘Goddess Parvati’.

141. Kala:

Kala means ‘art’. The name popularly means the beauty of art.


142. Laksha:

Laksha means ‘white rose’. For your daughter, who may be rare and special, Laksha will be a good name to think about.

143. Lalitha:

Lalitha is an old Hindu name. The name is now springing up, and parents are using this name to name their daughters. Lalitha means ‘elegance’.

144. Lavanya:

Lavanya means ‘grace’.


145. Madhavi:

Madhavi means ‘a flowering creeper’ and is an old and classy Hindu baby name.

146. Madhu:

Madhu means honey and implies the sweetness of the daughter too.


147. Nayantara:

Nayanatara is also a very modern Hindu name. It means ‘star of our eyes’.

148. Nabhi:

Nabhi means ‘central’.


149. Padma:

the Padma refers to Goddess Lakshmi.

150. Padmaja:

Padmaja means ‘born of a Lotus’.


151. Radha:

Radha is the wife of Lord Krishna and is yet another popular name to think about for your daughter.

152. Radhika:

Radhika means ‘prosperous’.

153. Ragini:

Ragini means ‘melody’.


154. Saanvi:

Saanvi means ‘Goddess Lakshmi’.

155. Saatvika:

Saatvika means ‘calm’,


156. Tamanna:

Tamanna means ‘wish’. It also means ‘desire’. This is a very popular name in Hinduism.

157. Tanisha:

Tanisha means ‘ambition’.


158. Ujjwala:

Ujjwala means ‘bright and lustrous’.


Hindu Twin Baby Names: Girls

159. Aarushi- Ahaana:

His name refers to the first rays of the sun and is a name for the baby girl.

160. Aarzoo- Aakansha:

This name is for all the baby twins and means ‘desire’.

161. Aashi- Aashita:

Both these names mean ‘happiness’ and are for all those energetic baby girls.

162. Karishma- Kashish:

Both these names mean ‘attractive’ and are a good choice for baby girls.

163. Aadhaya- Aakarsha:

This is a very modern baby girl name that means ‘powerful’.

164. Aasha- Aashita:

The name means ‘hope’ and is for baby girl twins.

165. Mohini- Menaka:

A very popular name for women, it means ‘beautiful’.

166. Charu- Charvi:

Another name for baby girls that mean ‘beautiful’.

167. Deepa – Deepika:

These names refer to ‘light’ and are very popular twin baby girl names.

168. Sampada-Sampatti:

These names mean ‘wealth’. The name is for the girls.

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169. Garima – Anita:

For the graceful daughters you might have, these names mean ‘graceful’.

170. Hema- Hemakshi:

For those golden-eyed daughters, these names mean the same.


Hindu Twin Baby Names: Boys

171. Aadesh and Aadi:

Aadesh means ‘instructor’, and Aadi means ‘beginning’.

172. Aakash and Abhay:

Aakash means ‘sky’, and Abhay means ‘fearless’.

173. Ahil and Ajit:

Ahil means ‘guide’ or one who leads, while Ajit means ‘invincible’.

174. Atul and Avik:

Atul means matchless or unique, while Avik means ‘brave’.

175. Ekant and Ethan:

Ekant means ‘solitary’, and Ethan means ‘strong’.

176. Hemal and Himir:

The former means ‘golden’, and Himir means ‘calm and cold’.

177. Hitesh and Hrithik:

Hitesh means ‘Lord of Goodness’, and the latter means ‘truthful and honest’.

178. Kanish and Krish:

The former means ‘caring and thoughtful’, and Krish means ‘attraction’. Krish is a name derived from Lord Krishna.

179. Lalith and Lava:

Lalith means ‘elegant’, and Lava means ‘piece’.

180. Moksh and Mridul:

The former means ‘salvation and Mridul means ‘soft and delicate’.


Hindu Baby Names: Unisex

181. Chaman:

Chaman means ‘garden’ and is a common unisex name.

182. Deepu:

Deepu means ‘light’ and is used for both boys and girls.

183. Daya:

Daya means ‘kindness.’

184. Davinder:

Davinder means ‘God of all Gods’.

185. Madhu:

Madhu means ‘honey’ and is named for both girls and boys.

186. Varuna:

Varuna means ‘all-enveloping sky’.

187. Panika:

Panika means ‘the hand’.

188. Kesara:

Kesara means ‘saffron’.

189. Hari:

Hari means ‘reddish’ or ‘fawn coloured’.

190. Bhagya:

Bhagya means ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’.


Hindu names are most often associated with Gods and nature. Most of them are commonly heard names and are widely loved. Take a look at these Indian Hindu baby names for your daughter and son. For those of you who are looking for a unisex name, we have some ideas for that as well! Happy name hunting!


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