Indian baby names are usually determined based on the birth Rashi or the moon sign. The first one among the 12 JanmaRashi is the Mesha Rashi or Aries, as per Western astrology. If your baby is born in one of 4 padas of Aswini Nakshatra or Bharani Nakshatra or the first Pada of Krittika Nakshatra, she or he falls under the Mesha Rashi.
In this article, we have collected 60 Mesha Rashi baby names for girls and boys, which start with the specific first letters of the star and the birth constellation.

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60 Modern Mesha Rashi Baby Names For Boys And Girls With Meanings:

In India, it is considered important to choose a baby name that adheres to the rules and norms of Vedic astrology. So, if your baby is born in the above-mentioned nakshatras and padams, we highly recommend you explore this latest Mesha Rashi baby name list.

But, before that, take a look at this chart of Mesha Rashi Nakshatra starting syllables:

  • Ashwini (all four padas) – Chu, Che, Cho, Choo, La, Laa
  • Bharani (all four padas) – Li, Lu, Le, Lo, Lee
  • Krithika (1st Pada) – Aa, Ae, E, Ee

25 Mesha Rashi Names For Baby Girls:

Here are some of the best baby girl names with Mesha Rashi starting letters:

1. Avni:

Among the many Mesha rasi girl names that start with ‘A’, the name “Avni” seems to be quite popular. It is a Sanskrit origin word which means “Earth”. The actual word is “Avani”, but we feel “Avni” sounds a lot cuter.

2. Aadhya:

This is a unique name that starts with two “A”s! “Aadhya” is a Sanskrit word which has multiple meanings like “Earth”, and “First”. It is said to have been derived from “Aadi”, which refers to the female Hindu Goddess “Aadi Shakti”. The spelling variant is “Aadya”, but adding the letter “h” helps us pronounce the letter “d” in an intended way.

3. Aditri:

Aditri is a lovely name for baby girls born in the Mesha Rashi and KrithikaNakstram. It refers to “Goddess Lakshmi”, the Hindu deity of wealth. The original version is “Aaditri”, and to keep it short and sweet. The extra “A” is removed. Some cute nicknames for girls with this name are “Aadi”, “Ady”, etc.

4. Aahna:

This two-syllable Mesha Rashi girl name sounds like music to the ears. It is pronounced as “Aah-na” and comes from the Sanskrit language. The meaning of this name is “to exist”. When we say “exist”, we mean living an exemplary life!

5. Aanya:

Aanya is an exotic-sounding name that, surprisingly, is of Sanskrit origin. It has different meanings associated with it, some of them being “gracious”, “friendly” etc. This name should not be confused with “Anya” meaning “others”.

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6. Amika:

Sounds close to “amicable”? Yes! Amika means “friendly” or “lovable”. It is a Latin derived name that perfectly suits new-gen girls born in Mesha Rashi. Although it has a western origin, the sound and spelling look very much Indian. Friends can even call your girl “Amiga”, a Spanish word meaning “female friend”.

7. Avisha:

Avisha is a beautiful name for baby girls born in the Mesha Rashi and KrittikaNakshtaram. It is a Sanskrit word which means “Gift of God”. Also, Avisha means anything that is not poisonous and indirectly refers to amruta or even heaven.

8. Atira:

Atira is a three-syllable Hindu baby girl name which means “prayer”. The alternate spelling of this name is “Athira”, although both variants are pronounced in the same way.

9. Chetana:

Chetana is a nice option for parents looking for baby names that start with the “Che” syllable. It is a Sanskrit word which means “intellectual” and the spelling variant is “Chetna”.

10. Chinmayi:

Chinmayi is a Mesharashi name for girls born in Aswini Nakshtram. The word is of Sanskrit origin and means “knowledgable”, and “blissful”. The alternate spellings are Chinmayee and Chinmaye.

11. Etasha:

Etasha is a relatively new style name for girls of Mesha Rashi. It means “shining”. It is a good name option for those looking for a fashionable and meaningful name at the same time.

12. Eesha:

“Eesha” is one of the most trending names for girls born in Mesha Rashi and Krithika Nakshatra. There are many celebrities with this name like “Eesha Deol”, “Eesha Rebba”, “Isha Koppikar”, etc. The word “Eesha” is a contemporary version of the Sanskrit word “Eeshwari” meaning “Goddess Parvati”. The alternative spelling is “Isha”.

13. Idhitri:

For parents who want a rare name for their girls, “Idhitri” can be a great option. It does rhyme with “Aadhitri”, but they are two different words with completely different meanings. “Idhitri” is a Sanskrit derived word which means “One who praises”. You can remove the letter “h” from the name to get a spelling variant.

14. Ihina:

Ihina is a lovely name for girls born in the Krithika Nakshatram. It has three syllables and comes from the Sanskrit language. The meaning is “Enthusiasm”, a perfect quality you would like to see in your baby girl.

15. Iksha:

Iksha is a Sanskrit origin word which means “Sight”. It also means “foresee” or “having divine powers to envision the future”. A simple name with a deep insight!

16. Iniya:

The word “Iniya” has origins in multiple Indian languages. It translates to “a person who is sweet and affectionate”. This is a new name in the list of MeshaRashi baby girl names starting with “I”.

17. Ipsita:

Ipsita is one of the many names of “Goddess Lakshmi”. So, for parents who consider their daughter Ma Lakshmi, this is the name to choose. The nicknames can be “Ipsi” or “Sita”, and the variant name is “Ipshita”.

18. Inika:

Inika means “Little Earth”. It has a celestial sound that instantly creates an impression. This name is picked by parents who look for an earth-inspired theme for their baby girl name.

19. Laasya:

Laasya is a Sanskrit origin word which comes from the celestial dance of Goddess Parvati. The literal meaning of this word is “beauty”, “happiness” and “grace”. This name has become popular in the last few decades as it offers a perfect balance of tradition and modernity. It is a great option for girls born in Mesha Rashi and Aswini Nakshatra.

20. Leisha:

The name Leisha is a less common name for Indian girls but is slowly becoming catching up for its exotic sound and lovely meaning. “Leisha” is a Hindu word which means “beautiful angel” or a “noble person”.

21. Lina:

Lina is a cross-cultural name that has both Arabic and Sanskrit origins. In the latter, it means “united”. This baby girl name is usually picked by Indian parents settled in abroad for its European sound. Its variant is “Leena”.

22. Lakshita:

Lakshita is a female name that works for girls born in Mesha Rashi and Aswani Nakshatram. The Sanskrit origin word means “distinguished” or “unique”. It is said that people with this name usually have a fun-loving, energetic personality. The nicknames are “Laksha” and “Lucky”.

23. Laveena:

Laveena, not to be confused with “Naveena” is an Indian origin word which means “Loveable” or “Goddess of Beauty”. This name is slowly getting attention in the last few years for its unique sound and spelling.

24. Lithisha:

Lithisha is an attractive name for girls born in Mesha Rashi and Bharani Nakshatram. It is derived from Sanskrit which means “Happiness”. True that! Baby girls are bundles of joy and happiness to any parent.

25. Lipika:

This name comes from the Sanskrit word “Lipi” which means script. Lipika translates to “alphabets” or “letters” of a language. It is associated with education and intellect. Do you know of someone who is named “Lipika”?

Top 25 Mesh Rashi Baby Boy Names With Meaning:

Let us now look into the list of best baby names for boys born in Mesha Rashi:

26. Aadi:

“Aadi” is a Sanskrit word that means “beginning” or the “first”. It is a perfect mesharashi name for your firstborn son. Also, “Aadi” refers to “Lord Shiva”, who is considered the first God. The spelling variants are “Aadie”, and “Aady”.

27. Aahan:

Another name for Mesha Rashi born boys is “Aahan”. It is derived from Sanskrit and has multiple meanings like “sunrin”, “glory”, and “powerful”. You can even go for “Aahna” just in case the baby turns out to be a girl after birth, without losing out on the original meaning or sound.

28. Abhik:

This name is unique in the sense that it starts with the first two English alphabets – A and B. “Abhik” is a modern baby boy name which has origins in the Hindi language. The name implies “one who is fearless” or even “beloved”. You can further cut it short to “Abhi” as a nickname.

29. Adith:

Adith is a contemporary version of “Aditya” meaning “Sun”. It is derived from the Sanskrit language and even translates to “the beginning”. “Adith” is ideal for parents who are looking for an Indian baby name with a modern outlook.

30. Ahaan:

The name Ahaan is a Hindu baby boy name which means “morning glory”, or “the first ray of sunlight”. It starts with the letter ‘A’ and has five alphabets in total. The alphabet ‘A’ is associated with success, positivity and courageousness. With three A’s in the word, “Ahaan” is one name that brings victory in every step of life.

31. Amey:

Amey is a simple, four-letter name for boys born in Mesha Rashi and Krithika Nakshatram. It is one of the many names of Lord Ganesha. The actual meaning of the word is “one who is free from error or cunning nature”. The name is commonly found in Maharashtra and West Bengal regions.

32. Anarva:

Anarva is a Sanskrit name for boys which means “irresistible”. This name is quite apt for your handsome son, and apart from its meaning, the sound is also quite stylish.

33. Arijit:

Arijit is the name of the boy born to Lord Krishna and Subhadra. Apart from its mythological association, this Hindi word translates to “one who conquers enemies”. This name witnessed a major peak in popularity after the release of some superhit songs by Bollywood singing sensation Arijit Singh.

34. Ashvik:

Ashvik is a Sanskrit origin word which means “Blessed and Victorious”. It is suitable for baby boys born under MeshaRashi and AswiniNakshtram. Most Tamil-speaking Hindus prefer this name for these little ones.

35. Ayaansh:

Ayaansh is one of the best names for Mesha Rashi born boys because of its lovely meaning. It translates to “part of parents” or “the first ray of light born out of parents”. Even in an actual sense, this interpretation of a baby boy is so true!

36. Chirag:

Chirag is a male name derived from Hindi. It means “light” or “a guiding lamp”. This name is suitable for boys born under Aswini Nakshatra and looking for a name starting with the “chi” syllable.

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37. Chetak:

This is an excellent name for baby boys inspired by the horse of Rana Pratap, a Maratha king. The animal has become synonymous with bravery and loyalty. Even today, many little boys are given this name in remembrance of this hero horse!

38. Eshit:

Eshit is a short and sweet name for boys. It means “Desired” or “one who is sought after”. The spelling variant is “Ishit”, and the sibling name can be “Eshita”.

39. Ibhan:

Ibhan is a Hindu name for boys which means “one who has the mouth of an elephant”. In other words, Ibhan means “Lord Ganesha”, and “Ibha” can be a cute nickname.

40. Indivar:

Indivar is a suitable name for boys under MeshaRashi and KrittikaNakshatram. Although the name starts with the letter “I”, it is pronounced as “E”. Indivar means “blue lotus” and is derived from Sanskrit.

41. Ipsit:

Ipsit is a suitable name for Hindu boys born in Krittika star. Its meaning is “Desirable”, and its origin is in Sanskrit. However, this name is not as common as the female version “Ipsita”.

42. Iravat:

Iravat is a shorter spelling for “Airavat” meaning “white elephant”, the vehicle of Lord Indra. It is pronounced as “E-ravat” suitable for Hindu baby boys looking for names starting with the “E” syllable.

43. Ishank:

Ishank is pronounced as “E-Shank”. It is a Sanskrit origin word which means “the peak of Himalaya”, which is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva and Parvati. There are no variants of this name.

44. Ivaan:

Ivaan is a cute baby boy name which means “God’s gift”. The other interpretations of this name are “ruler”, “royal” or “sun”. It has become quite a popular name in the last few years.

45. Laksh:

Laksh is a newer variant of the Sanskrit word “Lakshya” meaning “aim”. It is a Hindu baby boy name which starts with the syllable “La” to meet the Aswini Nakshtram names and MeshaRashi naming rules.

46. Lavith:

Lavith is a Hindu boy name which means “Lord Shiva”. The word has three syllables with no other variants. Some of the nicknames for Lavith can be “Love”, “Luv”, and “Lavvy”.

47. Likhil:

Likhil is a Hindu boy name that sounds close to Nikhil. But the meanings of these words are quite different. Likhil means a male form of Goddess Saraswathi the deity of education. This is suitable for boys born in MeshaRashi and Bharani Nakshatram.

48. Lohith:

Lohith is a Sanskrit origin word which has multiple meanings. The true translation is “red” or “copper” but is also considered as one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

49. Liyan:

This is a nice name for baby boys who are cute and adorable. Even the actual meaning of the name is “cute”. The alternate spelling is “Liaan”, but we prefer “Liyan” for its simplicity.

50. Lalan:

Lalan is a male version of the name “Lalana”, which means “one who nurtures”. Boys with this name can be given “Lalla” as a nickname which sounds similar to the original word and also refers to baby Krishna.

10 Unisex and Twin Baby Names For Mesh Rashi:

The list doesn’t end here, folks! We have even collected some of the best Unisex and Twin baby names for kids born under Mesha Rashi. Let us look into each of them in detail:

Unisex Names:

51. Aswini:

This name is suitable for both boys and girls. It is commonly selected for babies born in Aswini Nakshatra. The literal meaning of this word is “one who possesses horses”. To make them gender-specific, you can use one of the two variants, “Ashvin” and “Ashvini”.

52. Aarya:

Another very popular gender-neutral name for MeshaRashi babies is Aarya. Aarya is a Sanskrit word which means “noble one”. The variants of this name are “Arya”, “Aria” and “Ariya”.

53. Lahar:

Lahar is a north Indian style baby name suitable for both genders. It is a Hindi origin word which means “wave” or “ripple”. Symbolically, Lahar represents the wave of creativity and intelligence in the person.

54. Ekam:

Ekam is a Sanskrit origin name which means “unity” or “oneness”. Although it sounds more like a male name, the gender-neutral meaning makes it suitable for girls also.

55. Ishana:

Ishana or Ishan is a gender-neutral word that translates to “someone who is rich and wealthy”. You can choose the main word “Ishan” and add an “a” at the end to make it suitable for girls. The nickname can be “Ishu”.

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Twin Baby Names:

56. Aahan and Aakash:

Aahan and Aakash are two beautiful names for twin baby boys born under MeshaRashi. Interestingly, both Sanskrit origin words are connected to the sky. Aahan means “Sunrise”, and Aakash means “sky. They both start with double-As.

57. Achal and Akhil:

This is another set of names that work for twin boys born in KrittikaNakshatram. These words start with ‘A’ and have 5 letters each. Coming to the meanings, Achal means “constant”, while Akhil means “complete”.

58. Abhinay and Abhinaya:

For twin baby boy and girl born under MeshaRashi, this set of similar-sounding names is a perfect choice. The root word of both names is “Abhinay” which means “acting or expression”. Adding an “a” at the end converts into a female name and translates to “an expressive actor”.

59. Amisha and Ananya:

Amisha and Ananya are a set of lovely names for twin baby girls. They are both derived from Sanskrit with similar meanings. Amisha means “beautiful” and “pure”. Ananya also means “beautiful” and even refers to Goddess Parvati. Isn’t that an ideal set of names for two pretty girls?

60. Charu and Charvi:

If you are looking for twin baby girl names starting with the “ch” syllable, check out Charu and Charvi. They are Sanskrit origin words. Charu means “one who is pretty”, and Charvi means “a beautiful girl”.

We hope you loved this list of Mesha Rashi baby names for boys and girls. These names are usually selected after the baby is born and the Zodiac details are confirmed. Once you know the Nakshatra and Padam, you can use the related starting syllable and pick from one of these modern names. Do let us know which one of them is your favorite!

DISCLAIMER: The Nakshatra name details present in this site are taken from well-researched websites which deal with Vedic astrology. These names and meanings are collected from various sources due to which there may be a variation in the interpretation. It is recommended to do a thorough analysis before deciding on a name for your baby.


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