Twin baby names are very interesting. Most of them they look identical in spelling and sometimes in meaning too. What differs is their meaning. That being said, this article is aimed at giving you a comprehensive list of popular Indian twin baby names for your two little ones. Get over the challenge of having to think of one from scratch. Our interesting ideas will surely give you the much-needed hints at naming them.

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How to Name Twins?

There are some expectations and rules on naming your twins. Here are the three quick things you need to keep in mind.

  • Don’t look for names that are too matchy. While there may be a general tendency to do so, it is only fair that your kids get names that are very unique and not ones that will allow people to guess what the second twin’s name could be upon hearing the first one.
  • Set a theme around which you want to name them. Within this theme, look for names that have the same theme and meaning. That way, your desire of wanting to name them something similar will be solved in terms of meaning at least.
  • Keep it short. The task now will be to call out two names together when they do some mischief. You don’t yourself calling out big names to grab them by hand. Smaller names would be a lot better for your convenience.

Twins 2023: 100+ Unique Indian Twins Boy and Girl Baby Names with Meanings:

A. Beautiful Indian Baby Names for Twins: Only for Twin Girls

Here are some popular baby names for twins and girls.

1. Abhaya-Akshita:

These are both taken from Sanskrit. They mean Fearless- Wonder girl and are very classy ones, to begin with. Ambar-Divya means the sky- Divine.

2. Aarushi- Ahaana:

If you are looking for a name with a similar meaning, these could be the best. Both mean 1st rays of the sun.

3. Aarzoo- Aakansha:

Both these twin baby names mean desire.

4. Amrita-Dhara:

Amrita and Dhara are names that have close meanings. They mean Spiritual holy water- Constant flow. This newborn twin baby names are then from Sanskrit.

5. Aditi – Smriti:

These names that rhyme means freedom – memory. They are names for parents looking for rhyming words for their little ones.

6. Antara – Akshara:

Beautiful names for twins Antara and Akshara are traditional ones that have never lost their charm. They mean the second note in Hindustani music – everlasting.

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7. Anandi-Aeisha:

This twin sister names mean one who is happy.

8. Anaya – Shanaya:

They mean god answers – the first ray of the sun. Aren’t they very creative?

9. Asha and Ashita:

Asha and Ashita mean hope.

10. Ava – Olivia:

If you are looking for something very modern and trendy, these names will do justice. They mean bird – a symbol of peace. Although the meaning might be usual, the names aren’t.

11. Bhavya – Navya:

Bhavya and Navya are a common pair. They mean splendid – young and is a name given to twins.

12. Charu-Charvi:

Charu and Charvi are two newborn twins baby names. They mean beautiful.

13. Celine- Luna:

They mean ‘moon’.

14. Diana- Rishima:

A classic name for your twins, this refers to the moon Goddess, a mythological name for your children.

15. Diya-Daya:

Diya and Daya are two common names that you must have heard often. They mean light help.

16. Euria-Flora:

These are seasonal twin baby girl names. They mean spring.

17. Devina-Devika:

Looking for twin sister names? Here is one similar names for twins where the meaning is constant. It means goddess.

18. Deepa-Deepika:

Another twin baby girl names with a similar meaning is Deepa and Deepika. They both mean light.

19. Esta –Tara:

For those who love their kids to be named after celestial bodies, this combination will be the best suited ones to think of. Both mean “star” for the stars of your life.

20. Farrah-Muskaan:

For those looking for some happy sounding names and unique twin girl names, here is one. Both mean ‘one who smiles’.

21. Fiona-Fallyn:

These are one good modern female twin names. They mean fair-in charge.

22. Geeta-Geetika:

Geeta and Geetika are twin girl name ideas for your cute little one. They mean a holy book-a piece of the song.

23. Ganga-Godavari:

How about naming your twins after the mighty rivers? These are the names of two famous rivers in India.

24. Himanshi-Ekanshi:

If you are looking for unique twin girl names, this one will be a good choice. They mean part of snow- of one part.

25. Hansika-Harini:

They mean deer.

26. Jyotsna-Swara:

Another twin baby names for girls that share the same meaning are Jytosna and Swara. They mean Radiant like flames- Self-shining.

27. June-Juno:

How about twin girl name ideas that are not Indian? These names are of the bridal month.

28. Janani-Janaki:

These are a popular pair for twin girls names Indian. They mean mother of all and Sita, wife of Lord Rama, respectively.

29. Jiya-Diya:

They mean sweetheart-light.

30. Jyoti-Jyotika:

Another popular name is Jyoti and Jyotika. They mean light.

31. Kamala-Vimala:

For those of you who love similar sounding names, this one will be good for your twins. They mean ‘one who is perfect in every way-white/pure in Sanskrit’.

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32. Kavana-Kavya:

A poem-the person who embodies beautiful poetry. These names are very classy.

33. Keethana-Sankeerthana:

How about these traditional twin girl name ideas? They mean ‘the song sung in praise of the Lords-a part of every devotional song’.

34. Kirti-Krishi:

They mean a beautiful work of art framing. Krishi is taken from Sanskrit.

35. Lavanya-Karunya:

They mean ‘the graceful one-one who is kind and compassionate.

36. Lekha-Sulekha:

Haven’t we heard of this much? They mean ‘a line or border of the crescent moon-the fortunate one’.

37. Maya-Chhaya:

They mean illusion-shadow. They are names from Sanskrit and are names given to twins.

38. Meena-Veena:

Meena and Veena mean a jewel-a musical instrument. These are classy old school names.

39. Meenakshi-Kamaskhi:

Here is another one that is very traditional and old. These are names that are still preferred by a lot of parents by virtue of their meanings. They mean a person with beautiful eyes-a, a name for Goddess Parvati.

40. Mohini-Shreya:

Both these are very popular twin baby names that mean most beautiful.

41. Meadow – Amaya:

These are more of modern names for your baby girl. Both mean “night rain”.

42. Nayana-Sunayana:

If you are looking for a name that rhymes, one sounding more or less like similar names for twins, this one is for you. They mean a person with beautiful eyes.

43. Nisha-Lisha:

Nisha means light and is derived from Sanskrit, and Lisha means a woman with great nobility.

44. Nikita-Nishita:

They mean river Ganga-a person who is very dedicated.

45. Padma-Sadma:

A very common twin baby names Hindu, which means the colour of a lotus-a stroke of fortune.

46. Pallavi-Anupallvi:

A very classic name, they mean youth verses in devotional songs.

47. Preeti-Swati:

They mean affection-goddess Saraswati.

48. Poojita-Premita:

They mean one who is fit to be a worshipped-a woman with love for everyone.

49. Ramya-Gamya:

They mean captivating-the beautiful one.

50. Riddhi-Siddhi:

They mean fortune, prosperity-perfection and achievement.

51. Riti-Aakriti:

These are beautiful names for twins. They mean memory and well-being, shape or form.

52. Storm – Salena:

The latest twins baby names, Storm and Salena, mean, meaning “moon”.

53. Saila-Sailaja:

Saila is another name for Goddess Parvati, and Sailaja means a child of the mountains, also referring to Goddess Parvati.

54. Savitri-Gayatri:

A form of Goddess Parvati-another term for Goddess.

55. Sruthi-Preeti:

Both are very common names in isolation. They mean raaga-to love or be affectionate.

56. Suhma-Sushmita:

They mean a woman who is an extremely beautiful-a person who has a good smile.

57. Tanya-Vanya:

They mean fairy queen God’s gift.

58. Usha-Uma:

Classic old names, they mean the first rays of the morning sun-a name of Goddess Parvati.

59. Vanaja-Indra:

They mean the queen of the forest-a woman who has beautiful eyes.

60. Yashasvini-Tejaswini:

They mean one who is a successful-a woman who has a lustrous aura.

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B. Twin Baby Boy Names Indian: Only Twin Boys

Here are twin boy name list that you can refer to if you are looking to name your little boys.

61. Aadesh and Sandesh:

These are two popular names that rhyme. They mean instruction messages, respectively.

62. Aadi and Anant:

They are twin baby boy names that mean beginning-infinite or uncountable.

63. Aahan and Aarush:

Two popular baby boy names, they are very modern and yet classy in meaning. They mean sunrise-first ray of sun in winter.

64. Aakash and Avan:

Two unpopular names are Aakash, which means sky and Avan, which means ruler of the Earth.

65. Adin and Adil:

These twin brothers’ names mean beautiful, noble of spirit-honest, and sincere.

66. Ajit and Ranjit:

They mean irresistible-the delighted one or victorious.

67. Akshit and Rakshit:

These Indian twin baby boy names mean eye-guarded or protected.

68. Amar and Azhar:

They mean immortal and luminous, brilliant, and radiant, respectively.

69. Amrit and Arpit:

Here are two twin male baby names for you to think of. They rhyme and mean nectar to donate.

70. Anuj and Tanuj:

Again, two similar sounding names that mean younger brother-rising sun.

71. Arun and Varun:

Arun and Varun are two common baby boy twin names that we may be aware of already. They mean the crimson glow of the rising sun-lord of water, a supreme Vedic God.

72. Ayan and Yuvan:

These awesome twin names mean the lucky one-strong and healthy.

73. Bob and Max:

These are two non-Indian twin baby names for your little ones. They mean bright frame-greatest.

74. Benjamin and Braxton:

Son of the right hand-Brock’s settlement is their meaning.

75. Chand and Chandan:

They mean sincere wish, moon-sandalwood, perfumed.

76. Deep and Deepak:

They are names that sound similar and also share a common meaning too. They mean a lamp, brilliance lamp, or kindle.

77. Druv and Tara:

These twin kids’ name means a pole star or faithful-star. If you are looking to name your baby boys after celestial beings, this could be the right choice.

78. Ehsan and Imran:

They mean perfection-a prophet’s name.

79. Ekant and Vishant:

These are popular male twin names. They mean solitary, and Vishant is another name for Lord Vishnu.

80. Ethan and Aidan:

Heard of these twin male baby names before? They mean strong-help; intelligent.

81. Farih and Fariz:

They mean delightful, happy-determined, and promising. Both these names are happy sounding names that indicate some level of positivity.

82. Gagan and Neel:

Two popular twin boy names, they mean sky or heaven-a mountain; a champion.

83. Girish and Harish:

For those parents looking for similar sounding devotional names, this will be a good choice. They are names of Gods. Girish means God of the mountain, and Harish refers to Lord Shiva.

84. Harsh and Sparsh:

Here is another rhyming Indian twin baby boy names. Harsh means happiness and Sparsh means to touch.

85. Hitesh and Ritesh:

They mean Lord of Goodness- Lord of truth. For those looking for a similar theme for their twin boys, this will be an ideal choice.

86. Ishan and Jihan:

They mean Lord Vishnu, Agni and Surya- the universe or world.

87. James and Jacob:

They refer to the supplanter-holder of the heel.

88. Krish and Rish:

They are popular names of all time. Krish means attraction and is also a name derived from Lord Shiva. Rish means brave and a dominant ruler.

89. Lakshay and Akshay:

They mean target, goal or aim-forever; infinite.

90. Lava and Kush:

Famous twin names of all time, they mean piece-talented, skilful and master of everything.

91. Madhur and Milan:

They mean sweet union.

92. Mayank and Priyank:

They are male twin names that mean sweet-very dear husband. These are very popular throughout.

93. Mohit and Rohit:

Mohit means one who is attracted, and Rohit means red.

94. Moksh and Taksh:

This twin boy name list is incomplete without this. Moksh means salvation, and Taskh means God Ganesha, and strong.

95. Mridul and Mukul:

They mean soft blossom. These are Sanskrit twin brother names for your little ones.

96. Nakul and Mukul:

Nakul refers to Lord Shiva, and Mukul means blossom.

97. Nayan and Naman:

Nayan and Naman are two names that are very new. They mean eye-bowing; salutation.

98. Naveen and Naval:

They mean new-wonder.

99. Nigam and Shubham:

They mean victory – auspicious; good.

100. Nikhil and Nikhit:

Nikhil and Nikhit are popular names given to twins. They mean universe-sharp.

101. Nilesh and Elesh:

Nilesh refers to Lord Krishna, and Elesh is a King. Both these names carry a sense of superiority.

102. Nithin and Kritin:

Here is a rhyming twin name for your little ones. They mean master of right path-wise and intelligent.

103. Pinank and Piyush:

Pinank refers to Lord Shiva, and Piyush means Dairy milk.

104. Punit and Priyam:

Punit means pure and holy, and whole Priyam means to love and be loved.

105. Ronav and Ronak:

They mean charming, handsome and gracious, while Ronak means radiance or celebration.

106. Rutvij and Ritvik:

These names are identical in sound. They mean teacher-priest.

107. Sanket and Sankalp:

The names Sanket and Sankalp are two baby names for your twin. Sanket means a signal, and Sankalp means determination.

108. Shishir and Mihir:

They are Indian twin baby boy names that mean season-sun.

109. Shiven and Devan:

They mean Lord Shiva’s food offered to Gods.

110. Siraj and Dhiraj:

Siraj means light or lamp, and Dhiraj means patience.

111. Tanay and Shanay:

They mean son-ancient or immortal.

112. Tapan and Tapas:

Tapan and Tapas are classic names of the past, one which is popular even today. They mean sun-heat.

113. Vel and Vetrivel:

Wondering what to name twins. Vel and Vetrivel mean Lord Murugan-Son of Parvati.

114. Vinith and Vijith:

They mean unassuming, knowledgeable-winner, and unstoppable.

115. Viaan and Vihaan:

They are two cute names. Viaan refers to Lord Krishna, and Vihaan means the first rays of the sun.

116. Yash and Tejas:

They mean victory-light, brilliance, gold and power.

117. Yuvraj and Viraj:

They mean prince-sovereignty, excellence.

118. Zayant and Zeehan:

They mean victorious brightness.

119. Zenil and Zenith:

This popular name for twin boys means victorious-peak.

120. Zian and Zavian:

They mean self-peace-light.

C. Similar Names for Twins:

Similar names for twins mean ones that have the same meaning. Here are some ideas.

121. Andrea and Andrew:

This means manly. This is a name for the little girls.

122. Jonah and Jemima:

These similar names for twins mean dove. They are the name of your girl twins.

123. Alisa and Asher:

Alisa and Asher are biblical names for your daughter. They mean great happiness.

124. Deepa and Diya:

These twin baby names mean light. Good ones for your daughter, don’t you?

125. Amir and Amira:

These are Arabic names that mean treetop. Both these are names for your little boys.

126. Ganga and Godavari:

They are the names of a river given to girls.

127. Dev and Deva:

Dev and Deva refer to Gods, specifically to Lord Shiva. This is a name given to the boys.

128. Vel and Vetrivel:

Both are names of Lord Shiva. Ideally, it means names of sons of Parvati and is holy names for baby boys.

129. Dakota and Dallas:

These are unisex names for your little ones.

130. Surya and Suri:

These are unisex names that mean ‘sun’.

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D. Celebrity Twins Kids Names:

131. Stella and Grace:

These are twin baby names for girls, daughters of Singer Dave Matthews.

132. Ava and Grace:

They are the names of baby girls, who are the daughters of soccer star Mia Hamm.

133. Zein and Aisha:

They are the twin daughters of the former King of Jordan, King Hussein.

134. Eden and Savannah:

They are the twin daughters of actress Marcia Cross.

135. Isabella and Isotta:

They are the twin children of Ingrid Bergman.

136. Jaid and Jax:

They are the twin boys of actress Gabrielle Beausvais-Nilon.

137. Nelson and Eddy:

They are the twin sons of singer Celine Dion.

138. Julian and Aaron:

They are the twin baby boy names of actor Robert De Niro.

139. John and Gus:

These are the popular twin baby names of actress Julie Brown.

140. Valentino and Matteo:

They are the twins of singer Ricky Martin.

What to name twins should no longer be your confusion. Our twin baby names with meaning list will give you a good insight into what can be an ideal name for them. While some of them are very distinct, others are truly unique and will thus add to the beauty of their identity.


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