The Nakshatras are part of lunar constellations and Aswininakshatra is the first in order in the Vedic astrology. It is the first star in the entire cycle. If your baby is born under this star sign, it is considered auspicious to choose a particular name from designated syllables. With our guide on Ashwini nakshatra baby names, we will do your job easy!

But before we get into the list of our Ashwini nakshatra names, what exactly is the characteristics of a person who is born under this star? Which syllables are good to choose a name to begin with? We will answer all your queries at one go!

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Characteristics of Aswini Nakshatra:

But before we get into this, let us also understand what this nakshatra is all about? Given the first in the cycle, Ashwini nakshatra is said to hold and possess healing energy and the power to create and initiate new ideas and beginnings. The natives of this star sign are said to possess spontaneity. Those born under this nakshatra can never be dull or not active. They are also multi-talented and soft in nature. The lord of this star is Ketu, and the symbol is a horseman. The four padas in this nakshatras is ruled by Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon, respectively. The zodiac Vedic moon sign of this star is Aries (Mesha). The ruling deity of Ketu is Ganesha.

Name Syllables Of Aswininakshatra Babies:

If your baby is born in this auspicious Ashwini nakshatra, it is believed that the baby’s name starting letter should be with Chu, Che, Cho, Choo, La, Laa. However, please note that this may sometimes vary as per panchangam.

Ashwini Natchathiram Baby Names:

We have compiled a list of baby names for boys, girls, and unisex for those who are born in this Nakshatram. Have a look!

Aswini Star Names For Boys:

1. Chetan:

The name Chetan has originated from Sanskrit and means full of Spirit or full of consciousness. It also means an intelligent person or a spirited person. It is among the most popular name in India right now

2. Lavit:

Lavit means lovely and small. But according to Hindu mythology, some also consider the name Lavit to symbolize and mean Lord Shiva. Now this is multiple meaning with both in-depth charm, isn’t it

3. Laksh:

Laksh means to target, goal, and destination. The name is derived from both Hindi and Sanskrit and is among the most popular name. Another variation to this name includes Lakshman.

4. Cherith:

Cherith means beloved or dear. Now, this is quite a rare name in India and a unique choice. The origins of the name are Hindi and Sanskrit times. This is an ideal modern Ashwini nakshatra baby boy names.

5. Chetas:

Chetas have multiple meanings, such as mind, one’s perception, wisdom, brilliance, soul, heart and intelligence. Now, these are also beautiful and most meaningful things we ever hear to name our baby. What do you think?

6. Lalith:

Also can be spelled as Lalit; it means beautiful, gentle, graceful and desirable. The exact meaning and description are hard to put out for this name, given its charm of positivity. It is originated from Sanskrit and is a popular south Indian name.

7. Lakshman:

It is the popular name derived from Hindu Mythology. Lakshman is the brother of Lord Ram and also means prosperous and someone who is born to give. Another variation in its spelling includes Laxman.

8. Lathesh:

Lathesh means someone who is born to give and provide happiness to others. In some regions and communities, Lathesh also means lord of climbers. We love both the intense meanings of these baby names for Ashwini nakshatra.

9. Lashit:

Lashit in Hindi and Indian language means desired and wished. While the exact origins of which language is not very well known and established, Lashit itself hears unique and rare. Other spelling variations of the name include Lashith.

10. Lakhit:

Also can be spelled as Lakit or Lakhith; the name means Lord Vishnu. It is a modern-day unique and contemporary name choice which yet has the traditional and conventional meaning with beauty.

11. Chervik:

Chervik means validation. This Ashwini nakshatra male name is again a modern and new latest name for boys to name in this generation.

12. Chetak:

Chetak is actually the name of Rana Pratap’s horse. However, it later has got popularized, given the beauty in its name and uniqueness in sounding. It is derived from the Sanskrit language.

13. Cholan:

Chola is actually the name of the South Indian Dynasty, and the name has derived from its word. Someone who prefers conventional and yet meaningful dense name can prefer to name their child Cholan.

14. Lakshit:

Also spelt as Lakhshith, it means distinguished. The other meaning also includes someone. The meaning is unique and the name has originated from Hindi.

15. Lalit Aditya:

The name Lalit as we saw above, means beautiful, gentle and wise. Aditya means sun, morning rays. The combination of both the names makes a beautiful pair, with such gorgeous meaning.

16. Latest:

Also can be spelled as Lathesh; it means warrior, soldier and someone who fights. The name also symbolises positivity, brave and someone who never gives up. The origin of the name is from Hindi.

17. Layak:

Layak means someone who is skilful and knowledgable. While the exact origins are unknown, the Ashwini nakshatra Mesha rashi baby names for boy are a unique and modern-day choice for many parents in the western part of the Indian belt.

18. Laukik:

Laukik is inspired by two meanings. Firstly, the word loukik symbolizes someone who has worldly knowledge. Otherwise, laukik also means fame and someone famous. Wow, we quite love both the meanings. It is a popular name choice for Hindi speaking regions.

19. Lakshmi Narayana:

The name Lakshmi Narayana is a very popular choice for traditional naming. It means Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi together. Those who prefer traditional naming and mythological names can prefer this one

20. Chelan:

Chelan means consciousness. This is a unique modern-day name that is rare to be found. Yet it is short and sweet. The origins of the name are from Hindu and Tamil languages.

21. Lalitesh:

Lalitesh means god of beauty. It is a Hindi boy name derived from the Hindi language and rhymes near to the names of Lalit.

22. Lavish:

Lavish means cute and lovable. It symbolizes someone who looks rich and sweet. It is originated from the Sanskrit language.

23. Lavin:

Lavin means fragrance. It is again originated from the Sanskrit language and means good smell or pleasant smell.

24. Lavitra:

Lavitra means Lord Shiva. It is a unique and modern-day adoption of lord shiva’s name.

25. Lagan:

Lagan in Hindi translates to devotion, time, and appropriate time. It symbolizes someone who is always devoted to something in life.

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Ashwini Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Cherika:

Cherika means a moon. It also symbolizes glow, shine, and love. It comes from the Sanskrit origin and is a unique name for girls born this gen.

27. Chetana:

Chetana means excellent intelligence or power of art and intellect. While the name is quite popular in the South Indian names, it is also popular in the North Indian belt. It is derived from Sanskrit origins. Another variation spellings include Chethna and Chetna.

28. Lakshmi:

Now, Lakshmi is already quite a popular name. Derived from the Hindu mythological origins and from Goddess Lakshmi herself, the name is a timeless and traditional option for parents who would prefer it.

29. Lasya:

Laasya, or also spelled as Lasya, is derived from the name of dance form performed by Goddess Parvathi. The pronunciation and meaning itself are quite wonderful and elegant. It also means a smile, glow and grin.

30. Latika:

Have you heard of the name Latika? The name Latika actually means a small vine or creeper. The Ashwini nakshatra female names is derived from the Hindi language and is quite a popular name overall in India.

31. Laasyavi:

Laasyavi is quite a unique and modern-day name. It means Smile of a Goddess. With its intense and beautiful meaning, the name surely has stood out to be a contemporary option.

32. Lahari:

Lahari means a wave. It is originated from Sanskrit and is a popular yet timeless and graceful name. Many often, we hear this name from those who love art and literature.

33. Latha:

Latha again in many Indian languages, means a creeper or falling vine. Many also symbolize Latha’s name for slender and beautiful.

34. Lalitha:

Again, Lalitha is quite a popular south Indian name in India already, from ages together. Lalitha means desirable, beautiful and graceful. The name symbolizes women of beauty, grace and elegance. It is derived from Sanskrit.

35. Lalasa:

This is a quite a rare and distinguished name many do not hear. Lalasa means love. This Mesh Rashi Ashwini nakshatra baby girl names also means friendship and many believe it to be of Persian origin.

36. Lavanya:

Lavanya is again another popular and timeless name we keep hearing in many parts already. Also spelt as Laavanya, it means grace and beauty. It is originated from the Sanskrit language.

37. Laranya:

Laranya means graceful or a person filled with grace and charm. It is derived from the Hindi language and is a unique modern choice of new-gen.

38. Chetaki:

Chetaki means someone who is always alert and conscious. The name again is derived from Sanskrit. However, it is not yet established. It is already a popular south Indian name, especially in the belts of Kannada and Tamil Nadu.

39. Lalana:

Lalana means someone who is pretty and youthful. The name also symbolizes and deduces to a pretty young lady, beautiful women. We are quite in love with this meaning!

40. Lasritha:

Lasritha means someone who is always smiling or laughing. The name has originated from Hindu, and the meaning itself is a happy-toned beautiful one.

41. Laya:

We are in awe with this simple, short, and yet cute name. Laya is a name of musical rhythm and is a very beautiful and timeless choice to name the pretty little girl!

42. Laina:

Laina is a new-day modern name, and its origins are not quite known. However, the name means sun rays or morning shine. It also symbolizes shine and glows.

43. Lakshana:

Lakshana is from the Sanskrit origins. It means someone who has good behavior. Some also believe it means elegant. We, however, love both the meanings!

44. Lara:

Lara is not truly an Indian name; however, it is inspired by Greek and Persian. Given the beauty of name, we now spot a few Indians sporting the beautiful name. Lara means graceful and someone bright.

45. Lavanthika:

Lavanthika is a very rare and unique name again. It is one of the names of the Raga and is popularly adopted by someone who loves music and art.

46. Chestha:

Cheshta in Sanskrit means someone who has the unending desire or is always motivated to try things. Now this is something encouraging, isn’t it!

47. Larina:

The name Larina is from the Latin language. However, it has been recently adopted into the Indian name list, given its unique sounding. Larina means someone who protects.

48. Laxmi Priya:

Lakshmi Priya means Goddess Lakshmi or Tulsi. It is a combination of two names, Lakshmi and Priya, and both are adopted from Hindu mythology.

49. Lalan:

Lalan is from the Hindi language and means someone who is nurturing or very caring.

50. Laghima:

Laghima is another name for the Goddess Parvathi. It is derived from the Sindhi regions and is now a popular name choice already.

Ashwini Nakshatra Unisex Baby Names:

51. Chahat:

Chahat is a unisex name and is found in both boys and girls. It is originated from the Hindi language and means desire or wish.

52. Lahar:

Lahar means wave. This is again a unisex name. However, there is also a feminine version of the same, Lahari. It is derived from Sanskrit origins

53. Chaitanya:

Chaitanya is quite a popular name in India across ages and times and yet stands as a classic option many times. It is of Sanskrit origin and means true consciousness. We quite love the meaning though!

54. Lakshya:

Laksya means aim or target. It is again originated from Sanskrit and has such a positive and motivating meaning behind it.

55. Laksmin:

The name Laksmin is quite a unique name and rarely found. Laksmin is a blend of names of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu together. It is derived from Hindu mythology.

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Ashwini Nakshatra Twin Baby Boy And Girl Names:

56. Chelan – Cheliyan:

The names Chelan and Cheliyan are both twin boy names. Chelan means ‘consciousness’ as well as ‘deep waves and water’. However, Cheliyan means ‘rich’ and ‘prosperous.’ Both the names start with cheand end with ‘n.’

57. Laasak – Laakini:

The names Laasak and Laakini are the names of baby boy and baby girl respectively. Laasak means dancer and also symbolizes a beautiful peacock. Laakini on the other hand means divine and a Goddess who can give and take. Both names start with laamaking them perfect for a twin boy and girl name.

58. Laboni – Labonya:

Laboni means someone who is graceful and filled with grace. Labonya again means beautiful and someone who is mesmerizing. Both the names are for the twin baby girls and aptly match to each other.

59. Lakshay – Lakshanya:

Lakshay for a baby boy means destination and to aim. Lakshanya means someone who is successful and achieves her objectives and goals. Both names combined not only rhymes well but also sits perfectly concerning their meaning.

60. Lalit Chandra – Lalita Mohana:

Lalit Chandra is a name given for baby boy, and it means a beautiful moon. Lalita Mohana on the other hand is perfect for a twin baby girl and means someone attractive and charming. Both names start with ‘Lalit’ and end with ‘a,’ making a perfect twin baby boy and girl name together.

We hope you enjoyed glancing these lovely Ashwini nakshatra baby names. These both boy and girl, including unisex names, are trending and are quite lovely, apt for both classic meanings as well as modern-day short and elegant names.


The names mentioned above can have a different and wide range of meanings and symbolisms, depending on the particular language, culture, community, and region. Please conduct your research before you finalize the baby’s name.


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