We humans have always used animals as our inspiration. There are many admirable qualities in animals and birds, like ferociousness, loyalty, beauty, charm and even intelligence, which we wish to see in our babies. If you are one of those parents who have a fascination for the creatures of the animal kingdom, these 50 Unique Animal inspired baby names are sure to interest you.

These beautiful Baby names inspired by animals are for both girls and boys. Read on to find their meaning, origin, nickname, variant name and other details. Also, check out the list of 10 Celebrity Baby Names with animal meanings.

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60 Unique Animal Inspired Baby Names For Boys and Girls:

Do you want to give your baby a unique name that not only sounds stylish but is also meaningful? These animal-themed baby names are the perfect ones for your little one! Each of these words is derived from different countries and cultures and has a rich symbolism. Read along to pick your favourite:

20 Best Baby Boy Names Inspired By Animals:

If we take a peek into the history of humankind, there are many famous personalities named after animals. So, naming a baby after an animal like a lion, wolf, or even a bird is not new. However, these names are now twisted to suit the tastes of the modern generation without altering the original meaning or symbolism.

1. Abbas:

Abbas is an Arabic word which means “Lion”. The name also has importance in the Islamic religion. It is believed that the word “Abbas” was derived from “Abbas ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib”, who is one of the uncles of Prophet Mohammed. The variant names of Abbas are Abas, Abbass, Abass and Abassi.

2. Adler:

Adler is a Yiddish word which means “Eagle”. It is used as a surname in Germany and even in certain Jewish communities. Coming to symbolism, there are many meanings associated with eagles in different cultures, like nobility, freedom, courage etc. Common nicknames for Adler are Addy, Ado, Ad etc.

3. Arthur:

Arthur is one of the popular animal inspired baby names for boys. In the Celtic language, Arthur means a “bear”. The name was popularized after the legendary British King Arthur of the 6th Century. The name represents physical strength, heroism and dynamic nature.

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4. Barrett:

Barrett is an English baby boy name which means “bear power”. People with the name “Barrett” are said to be very energetic and have physical activities. The word is said to have originated from “Beroald” of the German language, which means “as brave as a bear”.

5. Coyote:

A Coyote is a dog that resembles a wolf in both physical and behavioural aspects. Though this animal has negative symbolism associated with it in cultures like Mexican, it is considered a spirit and a power animal in many regions. This creature is associated with calmness, independence and even enigma.

6. Tipu:

Tipu is a Muslim baby name for boys derived from animals. It originated from the Arabic language and means “tiger”. The name is also associated with the famous Muslim ruler – Tipu Sultan of Mysore. The other variant names are “Tippoo” or “Tippu”.

7. Jonah:

Jonah is a biblical name for baby boys, which means “dove”. The word is derived from “Yonah” in the Hebrew language. The name is also the name of one of the prophets described in the Bible. The common nicknames of this word are Jo, Jay, Jojo etc.

8. Nagraj:

Nagraj is an Indian baby boy name inspired by animals. It is a compound word derived from the words “Nag”, meaning Snake, and “raj”, meaning a king. Nagraj is the King of serpants and is a powerful deity of the Hindu religion. It is also used as a surname in South Indian states and comes with nicknames like Nag, Nagesh, Raj etc.

9. Chetak:

Chetak is the famous war horse of Maharana Pratap. According to local tales, Chetak carried Ranapratap to a safe distance from the battle of Haldighatti and eventually succumbed to injuries and died. Since then, many Indian boys, particularly those of the Mewar communities, have been named after this brave horse.

10. Lowell:

Lowell is an animal-themed baby boy name derived from the French language. It means a “wolf cub” and is more often used as a surname. The origin of this word is said to have been from “Lupus”, a Latin word meaning Wolf. Other variant names are Lovell, Luuel etc.

11. Osborn:

Osborn means a “divine bear” in the medieval English language. It is said to have been derived from “Asbjorn” of the old Norse, in which “as” means god and “Bjorn” means a bear. The name has multiple variants like Osbourne, Osbern or Ausburn.

12. Namir:

Namir is an Arabic baby boy name which means “Leopard” or “Panther”. Leopard is a swift cat which is known for physical strength, speed, agility and grace. This Muslim name is also used for girls due to the gender-neutral meaning of the word.

13. Ralph:

Ralph is one of the most popularly used baby boy names inspired by animals. It is a modern version of “Rathulfr” of the Old Norse, which means “Wolf Counsel”. The roots of this word are from the Scandivanian language and later spread to Germany and England. Other variant names of Ralph are “Ralf”, “Raff”, and “Rauf”.

14. Zvi:

Zvi is a Jewish baby boy name which means “deer”. It is derived from the Hebrew language and is a widely used first name in Israel and regions which follow Jewish traditions. The alternate male name is Tzvi, and the female version is Tzivia.

15. Leander:

Leander is a Greek name for baby boys, which means “Lion Man”. In Latin, the same name means “lion”. People with this name are usually believed to have strong leadership qualities and a spirit of adventure. The female sibling name for Leander could be “Leanne” or “Leandra,” and the alternative names are “Leandre” and “Leandro”.

16. Corbin:

Corbin is an animal-themed baby name for boys, which means “little crow” or “raven”. It is derived from both English and French. The nicknames of Corbin are “Corby”, and “Korby”, and the variant names are “Corban”, “Korbin”, and “Korbyn”. The sibling name for this word can be “Corvina”.

17. Galvin:

Galvin is an Irish baby boy name which means “Sparrow”. It also means “White” in the Gaelic language and symbolizes purity, innocence and spiritual beings. The variant names for Galvin are “Gavin”, “Galven”, and “Calvin.”

18. Madigan:

Madigan is an English version of the Gaelic word “Ó Madagáin”, which means a “little dog”. It is one of the cute animal names for babies and is typically used as a surname in Irish regions. Variants of this name are Madden, McAvaddy and O’Madden.

19. Rudolf:

Rudolf is derived from the German name “Hrodulf”, which means ” famed wolf”. It is a widely used first name for baby boys in German, Dutch, Hungarian and Armenian countries. The variants of this name are “Rodolf”, and “Roelof”, and the common nicknames are “Rudi”, “Roel”, etc.

20. Shaurav:

Shaurav is a Hindu baby boy name which means “bear”. It is of Indian origin and used in both North and South Indian states. This name is usually given to babies who are born in Kumbha Rasi and Hasta Nakshatra. It is believed that the name brings success without many hassles in life.

20 Best Baby Girl Names Inspired By Animals:

There are plenty of names from the animal kingdome to choose for your doting daughter. Some of these names symbolize traits like independence, freedom and leadership, while the others are associated with softer qualities like love, bonding, innocence, purity and benevolence. Here are our top 20 animal-derived names for girls:

21. Mayuri:

Mayuri is an Indian baby name for girls which comes from the Sanskrit language. The word means “female peacock” or a “peahen”, which is considered a sacred bird in Hindu mythology. The word has a sweet melodious sound to it when pronounced correctly. The male sibling version of Mayuri is “Mayura”, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu.

22. Aswathi:

Aswathi is a Hindu baby girl name which is derived from Animals. The true translation of this Sanskrit word is “graceful fire horse”. It is usually chosen for girls born in the Mesharashi and Krithika Nakshatra.

23. Kiara:

The word “Kiara” has multiple meanings in different cultures. In the Australian aboriginal language, Kiara means “white cockatoo”. The other association of this word with the animal kingdom is the character “Kiara,” Simba’s daughter from The Lion King. This stylish baby girl name inspired by animals has variant names like Keira, Kaia, Ciara, Chiara etc.

24. Koko:

Koko is a Japanese word for “Stork”. It is usually chosen for baby girls and is associated with symbolism like creativity, intelligence, solitariness etc. Another interesting fact is, Koko is the name of a female Gorilla who was an expert in using sign language to communicate with humans.

25. Meena:

Meena is a Sanskrit-derived word, which means “fish”. It is a Hindu name for girls born in SimhaRashi and Makha Nakshatra. “Meena” symbolizes love, peace and tranquillity. In another context, it also refers to “a precious blue gemstone”.

26. Nyala:

The name Nyala is an African baby girl name which means “mountain goat”. Nyala is a type of antelope with spiral horns found in the rocky mountains of Africa. It is pronounced as “Nee-Ah-La” and “Ny-ala”. The name is considered to be appropriate for girls born in the Capricorn sun sign.

27. Ayala:

Ayala is a beautiful animal inspired baby name for girls, which means “gazelle” or “doe”. It is derived from the Hebrew language and used as a first name in countries like Israel and Ethiopia. People with this name are usually found to have many desirable traits like patience, practical thinking and orderliness.

28. Paloma:

Paloma is a Latin-derived baby name for girls, which means “dove”. The name symbolizes peace, purity and innocence. It is a commonly used first name in countries like Italy, Spain and America. Some of the nicknames for Paloma can be Poma, Palo, Polly, Mona etc.

29. Rima:

The name “Rima” means “White Antelope” in the Arabic language. It is pronounced as “Reema” and is one of the trending baby names for girls inspired by animals. Rima is used in Mulim and Hindu-speaking communities.

30. Jemima:

Jemima is a Hebrew baby name which means “Little Dove”. It is an Anglicized version of “Yamima” and is also one of the beautiful characters mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. The variant names of Jamima are “Jem”, “Jemmy”, and  “Jemi”.

31. Leona:

Leona is an Italian baby name for girls, which means “lioness”. The same word appears in many languages, like Hebrew, which means “my strength”. The male sibling’s name for Leona is Leon. This name also has rich symbolism associated with it, such as majesty, regal nature and courage.

32. Tabitha:

Tabitha is a Hebrew word which means “Gazelle”. This is a type of antelope which was associated with gracefulness and physical beauty in many cultures. This Christian baby name for girls is also mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible as a character known for her good deeds. The variant names of Tabitha are “Tabetha”, and “Tabytha”, and the nicknames are “Tabby”, “Tabbie”, and  “Tabbi”.

33. Ursula:

The Ursula is derived from the Latin word “Ursa”, which means a “female bear”. It is also the name of a 4th Century Christian Saint of England. This name has different pronunciation keys in different languages, such as “UR-se-La” in English, “UWR-Zoo-La” in German and “OOR-soo-lah” in Finnish etc. The variant name of Ursula is “Ursella”, and the nicknames are “Ulla”, “Ursel”, etc.

34. Jarita:

Jarita is an Indian girl baby name derived from Sanskrit and means a “mythical bird”. As per Hindu mythology, a bird called Jaritamarried Sage Mandapala to help him attain Moksha. This name is used for naming girls born in Makara Rashi. The variant spelling is “Jaritha”.

35. Hansika:

Hansika is a Hindu name for girls, which means “a swan”. According to Hindu Puranas, a swan is the vehicle of Saraswathi, the Goddess of learning and other deities, including Brahma, Gayatri Devi and even Vishwakarma. The variant name for Hansika is “Hamsika”, and the nickname is “Hamsi”, or “Hamsa”.

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36. Faline:

Faline is a Latin name for baby girls, which means “cat like”. It became popular after the release of Disney’s Bambi, in which Faline is the lady love of the main character. The variant name of Feline is “Fayline”, “Faeleen”, “Feyline”, etc.

37. Yara:

Yara is a stylish name for girls, which means “small butterfly” in the Arabic language. It is also the name of a mythical mermaid of Brazillian mythology, who is known for her enhancing looks. The nicknames for Yara are “Yaya”, “Yaryour”, “Yoyo”, etc.

38. Birdie:

Birdie is a cute animal inspired baby name for girls, which means a “bird”. The word has its origins in multiple countries like America, Germany and England. This name is associated with success, victory and freedom. The variant names of Birdie are “Bertha”, “Birdena”, or simply “Bird”.

39. Deborah:

Deborah is a modern-day version of “Devorah”, a Hebrew word which means “a bee”. It was first mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible, where Deborah was a female judge and prophetess. The word is pronounced as “Deb-o-raah” and has many nicknames such as “Debby”, “Dee”, “Debs”, etc.

40. Poe:

Poe is a unisex name for babies, which means “peacock”. It is suitable for girls and boys and is often used as a surname. The other version of this name is “Po”. While the peacock represents beauty and elegance, in certain cultures, it may symbolize vanity.

Top 10 Celebrity Baby Names Inspired By Animals:

Celebrities always set new goals for fans with their unique choices. Even when it comes to naming their babies, celebs are setting new trends by choosing animal-inspired names. So, if you are curious to know some Unique Celebrity baby names with animal meanings, read along!

41. Charlie Wolf:

Charlie Wolf is the second born child of American vocalist William Tell and his spouse Lauren Conrad. They wanted to give their baby a “unique” name with a strong meaning and hence made this decision. According to an expert, the word “Charlie” has a kingly stature and “Wolf”, an animal name, is one of the top favourite words for boy babies.

42. Leo Batali:

The name Leo Batali is the son of Mario Frasesco Batali, an  American Celebrity chef. “Leo” in Latin means “Lion” and is considered to be a short form for “Leopold”. The young Batali has also walked in the path of his father and even published a cookbook with his brother.

43. Birdie Johnson:

Birdie Mae Johnson is the third daughter of Jessica Simpson, a famous American Singer and performer. The word “Birdie” is an American word used as a short form for “little bird” or “like a bird”.

44. Bear Grey Payne:

Bear Grey Payne is the son of England’s celebrity couple, Cheryl Tweedy and Liam Payne. When asked why they choose this wild name for their baby, the couple joked about his fighting spirit from the very minute he was born.

45. Tiger Shroff:

Tiger Shroff is the next-generation sensation of Bollywood, known for his action sequences and dance moves. His actual name is “Jai Hemant Shroff” and is professionally known as “Tiger”. Inspired by his expertise in martial arts and dance, many parents are choosing this name for their babies.

46. Mirabella Bunny Adams:

Mirabella Bunny Adams is the daughter of Bryan Adams, a singing sensation from Canada. He chooses the middle name “Bunny” to pay homage to the Easter Bunny. Mirabella was born on Good Friday, which explains why this name was picked for her.

47. Sparrow James:

American Pop Punk band “Good Charlotte” lead singer Joel Madden and his wife Nicole Richie named their son “Sparrow”. Interestingly, the inspiration for this name comes from the legendary character “Captian Jack Sparrow” of the  Pirates of the Caribbean Sea movie series.

48. Colette Koala:

Colette Koala is the second daughter of American-born music artist Macklemore and his wife, Tricia Davis. She was born on Mother’s day, which celebrates motherhood. This name was chosen to appreciate and honour women for all the women who endure a lot of pain and struggle in giving life to a new child.

49. Elsie Otter:

Elsie Otter is the daughter of Zooey Deschanel, an  American actress and her ex-husband Jacob Pechenik. The couple chose this animal-inspired name for their baby to reveal their love for Otters. Otters are adorable and highly intelligent creatures with unique behaviours.

50. Puma Sabti:

Erykah Badu is an American actress and songwriter who chose an animal-inspired baby name for her daughter. The little girl was named “Puma” to honour the big cat and even the popular sports brand “Puma”.

10  Famous Celebrity Names Inspired By Animals:

51. Drake:

Drake is one of the most popular rappers and singers born in Canada. His full name is Audrey Drake Graham and is officially called Drake. Interestingly the word “Drake” originated in England from an old Norse word called “Draco” which means Dragon. Another meaning of this word is a “male duck.”

52. Bear Grylls:

Bear Grylls is unarguably one of the most recognized TV personalities, particularly for his show “Man Vs Wild”. Not many know that his original name is “Edward Micheal Grylls”. The word “Bear” was actually a nickname set by his sister when he was a baby and eventually turned out to be his public identity.

53. Seal:

A seal is a Britain-born music artist renowned for his blockbuster albums. His actual name was Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, and the word “Seal” is used in a short form. Even symbolically, the animal seal is associated with imagination, creativity and success – all qualities which sum up Seal’s life.

54. Wolf Blitzer:

Wolf Issac Blitzer is an American journalist and reporter working for CNN for about 3 decades. He inherited his first name, “Wolf”, from his grandfather. This unique animal-inspired name has its origins in Germany, where it is pronounced as “Volf”.

55. Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift is one of the most celebrated American Singers and performers. Her surname, “Swift”, refers to a species of bird called the “Swift”, which is known for its aerial skills. The small but speedy bird is known to spend very little time on the ground and is constantly on the move towards the sky.

56. Tiger Woods:

Tiger Woods is a highly-paid American professional Golfer and is regarded as one of the greatest athletes in the world. Not many know that his original name was EldrickTont “Tiger” Woods. The word “Tiger” was put to honour his father’s friend, who was also known as Tiger.

57. Sheryl Crow:

Sherly Suzzane Crow is an American musician and singer of many blockbuster albums and pop songs. Her last name, “Crow,” has origins in Britain. It is an Anglosaxon word that refers to the bird “crow”, derived from archaic words like “Crawa”. This name was originally given to people who have some physical resemblance with the crow and later turned into a surname.

58. Robin Williams:

Who doesn’t know about the great actor and comedian Robin Williams? The American born film personality is well-known for his comic roles and amazing voice modulation skills. His first name, “Robin”, is inspired by the native American bird “Robin”, which symbolizes hardworking nature, a can-do attitude and happiness.

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59. Florence Nightingale:

Florence Nightingale, also called the “Lady with the Lamp”, is a British-born nurse and social reformer. Her surname, “Nightingale”, is an Anglosaxon word which was given to people who has a sweet, melodious voice.

60. Megan Fox:

Megan Fox is an American actress known for her killer looks and great acting prowess. Her surname, “Fox”, has its origins in England and Ireland. The word “Fox” was derived from an archaic word in the Gaelic language which means “son of the fox”. Later, it was used as a surname in English and Irish families.

We hope you loved this collection of Baby names inspired by animal meanings. These names increase the chances of developing desirable traits of animals or birds in your babies. Do let us know if you have any more such unique animal-themed baby names, and we’d be happy to feature them here.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned names originated from various languages of the world and might have negative meanings or associated symbolism in your country. It is important to consider all the aspects thoroughly before selecting one of these baby names for your child.


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