Searching for a perfect name for your baby goes a long way. It needs a lot of hard work and research. But here it is – if you are planning to name your baby with six letter words, we are here to help you out. This exclusive guide on six letter baby names can be of help to you.

From cute and lovely sounding names to intense and meaningful timeless name choices, this 6 letter baby names list will cover all your requirements. Head on, and have a look!

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Unique And Modern Six Letter Baby Names And Meanings

We can’t stop but gush over these best cool 6 letter names. These names that have 6 letters include those that are popular choices and also those which are rare, unique and also in contemporary choices. So why wait? Explore them!

6 Letter Names For Baby Boys:

Here are our top choices for 6 letter baby boy names.

1. Casper:

Casper is from Dutch origins. It means someone who is a treasurer or holder of secrets. While the name itself has such a unique meaning, we love how it also sounds unique and lovely. The name is also popular in other European regions.

2. Horace:

Now, this is something – did you ever hear the name, Horace? It is timeless and a scarce name one can ever think of. Horace means timekeeper. It also is inspired by a character in the Harry Potter series. We bet your kid is going to love this name.

3. Jeremy:

Jeremy is actually a Biblical and Hebrew name. It is a variation and modern-day name for Jeremiah. However, this six letter boy names is also popular for its meaning only – someone with a holy name.

4. Monroe:

Monroe is a Scottish name. It means ‘mouth of a river.’ We also have heard of the iconic name in Hollywood actress name, hence making it a unisex perfect choice who is looking for a unique name.

5. Travis:

Travis is an English name. It means to cross. While the exact origins of the name are not established, we love how it also sounds unique and graceful at the same time.

6. Nelson:

If we consider the Biblical originating of the name Nelson, it means ‘son of Neil.’ However, in popular days, the six letter names are already very famous, and many also know this name as from the famous personality, Nelson Mandela.

7. Jayden:

Jayden means thankful. It is getting quite a popular name in recent days. However, its origins can be traced back to Hebrew and old testament times, where it was originally found.

8. Archie:

We have heard this name enough in our news channels, given our popular celebrities, and Prince Harry and Megan named their kid Archie. Archie means truly brave.

9. Magnus:

Do you know, Magnus is among the top ten names from the last few years trending in Norway as well as Denmark? Magnus was the name of a king over there, and later, it got popular not just in those regions but across the globe.

10. Rupert:

Rupert means bright fame. This 6 letter male name is a familiar and charming name choice in Britain and surrounding areas, and also we have a famous actor with the name, remember, Ruper Grint? He has popularized the iconic character Ron in the Harry Potter series.

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11. Adrian:

Adrian has its roots in Latin. It means ‘sea’ or ‘water.’ Some also believe it is a shortcut and variation to the full name, Adrianus.

12. Jaxon:

Jaxon is a modern-day variant of the full name Jackson. It is an Anglo-American name as well as from Hebrew, which means God has been gracious. It is a lovely name to give to our little boy.

13. Kayden:

It is a variation of the name Cadan in Bible, and this modern variant means son of a battle. Now, this is something intense and innovative, meaning; we love this cute, charming name.

14. Damien:

In Greek origins, Damien means a powerful man of all the people. The word daman means powerful, and demos means people, thus making its meaning.

15. Thiago:

Thiago is quite a rare name that many of us did not hear, which means ‘may God protect.’ These 6 letter names for boys are of Latin origins; however, it is a unique and rare name that is not found much.

16. Lucian:

Lucian means light. It also depicts light, rays of hope, the sun, and brightness in life. The parents who prefer to look only for positivity and light and always stay true to the goodness in life must not miss out on this uniqueness. Isn’t it cool too?

17. Adonis:

Adonis means lord. Many believe it is derived from the Mesopotamian myth times. However, in Greek, Adonis also means an extremely good-looking man. Whatever may be the origins, we love both meanings; what do you think?

18. Zander:

Zander is of Greek origin. However, it is quite a popular and timeless name now in both Western countries and South Asia and other Asian regions. Zander means Defender of the people.

19. Fabien:

Fabien is a shortcut and modern-day variation of the name Fabianus. It is an ancient and quite old name popular across Rome and Italy. It means a bean grower.

20. Walter:

Walter is among very age-old names and is an ancient name which is popular across decades and regions. It means ‘ruler of the army.’ Many in the royal family back in the European regions also had this name.

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6 Letter Baby Girl Names with Meanings:

Our favorite picks for six letter baby girl names includes,

21. Ramona:

Ramona is believed to be originated in the Spanish regions. However, it had later got popular across English areas and in America too. Ramon means a ‘wise protector.’ Now, this is a good meaningful name to try out!

22. Chiara:

Chiara is pronounced as kee-aa-rah. It is quite a cute little and unique sounded name that many uses worldwide, and this spelling pronunciation is popular in Europe. It means light and brightness.

23. Sophia:

Also another variation to Sofia, it is among the most popular baby names by now in not just the western world but also in Asian countries. Sofia means wisdom.

24. Amelia:

Amelia – We love the uniqueness, rarity, and beautiful sound of this name. It is a royal name and has its roots right from the Victorian era. This famous name means industrious work.

25. Cheryl:

Cheryl means a darling who is loved. While the origins of the name are not very quite clear, it is popular in the US and English regions right from the 1950s onwards. Now, this six letter female baby names is quite an old and yet beautiful name, isn’t it?

26. Nicole:

Nicole means ‘victory of the people.’ It is of Greek origins originally; however, by now, many across the globe, especially Christians, prefer this meaningful and unique name.

27. Amanda:

By now, we are all familiar with the name Amanda which is a popular choice in several movies and series. Amanda means lovable. It is popular even across literature and has its origins in several regions of Europe. The unique sounding, beautiful tone, along with a meaningful name, makes it quite a popular choice for many parents.

28. Alicia:

Alicia means noble birth. It has roots in Spanish and German. However, this 6 letter female names are now famous worldwide for their lovely meaning as well as sound.

29. Monica:

We all know this name from our favorite and popular series, Friends! Monica means to advise. It has its origins in both from Latin as well as North African regions. The other variations of the name include Mona and Monika.

30. Tamara:

Tamara means a date tree or palm tree. It is a Biblical name by origins; however, it is now popular across the globe. It also symbolizes the beauty and fullness of the tree.

31. Sabira:

Sabira is an Arabic and Middle-eastern name with a beautiful meaning. It means patience. The simplicity with intense and depth meaning and its stunning pronunciation makes this name a popular choice too!

32. Gloria:

Gloria literally translates to glory and beauty. While many believe its origins to be around Latin, it also symbolizes fame, immortal honor, and praise. We love this positive vibe associated with the name and its meaning!

33. Brenda:

Brenda means sword. It is quite an old and ancient Nordic name and has its roots in centuries together. However, nowadays, we often see and spot the name popular even in America as well as Asia. It is a female version of the male name Brandr.

34. Sheryl:

We are in love with such a unique and gorgeous tone, Sheryl. It means Dear. Such a simple and elegant yet name filled with love. Sheryl is an English-speaking name.

35. Kristi:

Kristi means a follower. While the original roots are related to Latin origin, which means followers of Christ, the modern meaning is deduced to a follower and is adopted widely across the globe.

36. Naledi:

Naledi means a star. It also symbolizes shine, beauty, and sizzle. It is a nice and beautiful African name which we absolutely love!

37. Silvia:

Silvia, which is a variant of Sylvia, means the forest. The name bounces off beauty, nature and greenery. The name has originated and has its roots in English and Latin and also is mythologically related to the God of the Forest.

38. Helena:

Helena means radiant. It is a greek origin name and is a female variation of the name Helen.

39. Regina:

Regina means a queen. It is a royal name and is now adopted widely across the globe and has its origins in the Latin region. It also symbolizes and relates to power and fame.

40. Zuleka:

Zuleka is an Arabic poetic name which means lovely and brilliant. The other variations of this name include Zuleyka, Zuleykha, and Zuleikha.

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Indian Six Letter Baby Boy And Girl Names:

41. Aadesh:

Aadesh, which is also a variation of the name Adesh means a message or command and order. This 6 letter Hindu baby boy names are popular in the Northern belt of India.

42. Zuhair:

Zuhair, in the Indian language, means to bloom or shine. It is a pan Indian popular name for boys and is derived from the Hindi language.

43. Zarman:

Zarman is derived from the Parsi language and means old age or timeless. It is popular in the western area of India and later adopted by other South Asian countries too.

44. Yuvesh:

Yuvesh is derived and originated from the Hindi mythological origins and means youthful or young lord. It also symbolizes always remaining young and classic. We quite like the meaning, what do you think?

45. Tharun:

Tharun means the name of God. It is derived from Sanskrit and is another variation of Tarun. It also means sun, light and rays.

46. Svaksh:

Svaksh, which also can be spelt as Swaksh, means handsome eyed or someone who looks handsome. It is from Sanskrit origins and is a quite modern and new-day name choice for this gen kids.

47. Sulekh:

Sulekh means something which is beautifully written. While it is a modern choice for many in the belt of Orissa and Bengal, it is derived from the Hindi language.

48. Sravan:

It is a very popular and timeless Indian classic name choice for many parents. Sravan is a character in Ramayan Mythology and is popular in pan India. It denotes friendship.

49. Shubam:

Shubam means good beginnings, good fortune or good wishes. It is a literal translation of the Hindi word, Shubam, in India. This is a popular name in both the north and south Indian languages.

50. Chaman:

Chaman means lord of Earth. It originated and derived from Sanskrit and is a unique and rare name to find for kid boys.

51. Aadhya:

Aadhya name is derived from Sanskrit and is a popular name choice for South Indians. However, these 6 letter names in recent days have seen its popularity across the country. Aadhya means first power.

52. Deenal:

Deenal is originated from Aryan times, and it means someone who is a sweet girl. This is a perfect and unique name choice for many baby girls of today’s times.

53. Dhvani:

Dhvani, which also can be spelt as Dhwani, means sound or noise. It can also symbolize a sweet sound. It is originated from Sanskrit and is a unique yet sweet tone choice for a baby girl name.

54. Gomati:

Gomati means a river. It also means the milky way in other languages. The origins are both Hindi as well as Sanskrit, and is a popular traditional-sounding pan Indian name.

55. Hasini:

Hasini means someone who is always joyous or laughing. This quite a beautiful and intense meaning name is originated from Sanskrit, and we love how it sounds too!

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56. Indira:

It is a very popular Indian girl name from ages and time together, and yet it remains a classic choice. Indira means Goddess Lakshmi. It is popular and originated both from Sanskrit and Aryan.

57. Yasoda:

The name Yasoda, which also can be spelt as Yashoda, is derived from the Hindy Mythology and is the name of Lord Krishna’s mother. It is a beautiful and timeless elegant name choice even today!

58. Javana:

Javana in Sanskrit means someone who is fast, quick and rapid. The name and meaning both are rare, unique and quite mesmerizing to hear; what do you think?

59. Malati:

Malati means a jasmine flower. It is again a timeless and ancient name choice yet in trend even today. This 6 letter Hindu baby girl name originated from the Sanskrit language.

60. Vanika:

Vanika means a little forest or a small beautiful forest. It is derived from the Sanskrit language – where Vana means forest and ika is a feminine-sounding word.

These six letter baby name choices include both which are traditional, ancient and yet beautiful ones, as well as modern-day contemporary and new rare name choices. We hope you have found them useful, along with their meanings and origins.


The above-mentioned names and their meanings may alter and change according to different cultures, communities, regions and languages. Make sure to check and conduct your research before finalizing the baby’s name.


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