Are you looking for baby names that start with letter D? Unlike common assumptions, there are super cool and unique names for babies starting with D. These include both popular and super well-known names as well as rare and lesser known yet meaningful baby names. Are you excited to know what these are? So are we!

Today, let us check out the list of lovely and cute male and female names beginning with D. These names that start with D are those trending across the globe and will surely mesmerize you just like they did to us. Continue reading to know more.

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Baby Names That Start with Alphabet D

You will be enthralled with these lovely and cute baby names for your precious little one! These gorgeous names are all meaningful and unique and sounds lovely. We can’t wait to share them with you. So here we go, check out our most popular and fascinating male and female names starting with D.

Male Baby Names Starting with D:

First, let us check out baby names for boys with the letter D.

1. Daaim:

The beautiful baby boy Daaim is a unique choice if you wish to have a rare baby name. Daaim means lasting personality.

2. Daniel:

Daniel is a trendy baby boy name. It has origins in Hebrew. It means ‘God is my judge.’ This is popular choice among Hebrew names starting with D.

3. David:

David is another popular Hebrew name. It has been a classic choice for names in several countries. It means ‘beloved.’

4. Dylan:

Dylan is the new and popular baby boy name. It is particularly gaining popularity in the United States but however has Welsh origins. Dylan means ‘great tide.’

5. Dominic:

The name Dominic has Latin origins from the word Dominicus. It means ‘of the Lord’.

6. Damian:

This is another lovely and modern baby boy name. Damian has Greek origins and means ‘to tame’.

7. Diego:

Diego is a lovely baby boy name. It has Spanish origins. Diego is often considered a shortform of Santiago, and the name means ‘teaching’.

8. Dean:

A very common baby boy name in western countries is Dean. It means ‘valley’. It has Latin and middle English origins.

9. Dawson:

Dawson has its roots and origins in Old English. It means ‘beloved’. It is a unique and rare yet beautiful baby boy name idea.

10. Dallas:

Most of us know the name Dallas from a city in Texas. However, it also has Scottish origins and means ‘a valley house’.

11. Daley:

This is a rare and unique baby boy name. Daley has the origins from the Gaelic language and means ‘assembly’.

12. Dacre:

Dacre is generally a surname popular in the United Kingdom. However, it is also gaining popularity as a unique baby boy name. It means ‘tricking stream’.

13. Dante:

As most of us can guess already, Dante has Italian origins. It means enduring. The name also is popular after the famous Italian poet.

14. Damodar:

Damodar or Daamodar is the other name for Lord Krishna. The name has Sanskrit origins. It is a popular choice in Lord Krishna names starting with D.

15. Daanesh:

Daanesh means knowledge or wisdom. It is a popular Hindu baby boy name. However, there is also a Muslim counterpart’s name starting with D, spelled as Daanish. This is most common choice of Hindu names starting with D.

16. Dabeet:

Dabeet means a warrior. The name is unique and less common in India.

17. Daevarshan:

Daevarshan translates to an offering made to the Gods. It is a rare and uncommon baby name and has origins in India.

18. Daivik:

Daivik has Hindi and Sanskrit origins and is a traditional yet uncommon name in India. It means ‘by the grace of God’. It is traditional choice among Hindu God names starting with D.

19. Daksh:

Daksh can be a good idea if you are looking for a modern baby boy name. It means intelligent.

20. Dakshesh:

Dakshesh is another name for Lord Shiva. It has origins in India and is a traditional yet meaningful baby boy name.

21. Dakshin:

Dakshin means direction. It is a popular name in South India for baby boys.

22. Dakshit:

Dakshit is yet another name for Lord Shiva. If you are looking for name with a traditional meaning yet is uncommon, this can be a lovely choice.

23. Daman:

Daman means the man who controls. It is a rare and unique baby boy name choice.

24. Dandak:

Dandak means a forest. The name has origins in Sanskrit and is a rare name choice in India.

25. Dabir:

Dabir means a brilliant teacher. It is a new and modern short baby boy name idea trending currently.

26. Darius:

Darius is a very unique and uncommon charming baby boy name. It means the one with goodness. It has both Roman and Greek origins.

27. Daxton:

The name Daxton has gained popularity after a small French town with the same name. It is a lovely choice for those who are looking for modern baby boy names.

28. Delano:

This is a traditional French baby boy name. It means ‘wetland’.

29. Delroy:

Delroy means ‘the king’. It has French origins and is a unique and charming boy name idea.

30. Denver:

Denver is a popular baby boy name already. In old English roots, it means ‘stream’.

31. Driscoll:

Driscoll is an uncommon baby boy name. It is also popular as Irish name beginning with D, which means ‘descendant of messenger’.

32. Dalton:

Dalton means a village town. It has its origins in Old English.

33. Damon:

Damon means ‘to tame’. The name has gained popularity from Greek mythology and is a cute modern version baby boy name.

34. Darwin:

We all know the name Darwin from the popular naturalist name Charles Darwin. However the name actually means ‘dear friend’. It has origins in old English.

35. Davey:

Davey means beloved. It is a cute baby boy name with rising popularity.

36. Delmar:

Delmar means ‘from the sea’. It has French origins and is a rare baby boy name idea in the current era.

37. Derick:

Derick technically means ‘ruler of the people’. It has German origins.

38. Dewayne:

Dewayne has Irish origins. It means ‘dark black’. It is an uncommon and rare unpopular baby boy name to check out.

39. Drake:

This cool baby boy name is already popular across the globe. It means ‘dragon and has its origins in Old English.

40. Drew:

Drew means manly or masculine. It has Greek origins and is a modern version of the name Andrew.

41. Dhruv:

Dhruv means firm or unmovable. It has Hindi origins and is a popular baby name in India.

42. Devansh:

Devansh means demi God. It means a part of God and is a modern yet traditional baby name.

43. Divit:

Divit means heavenly. It has Sanskrit and Hindi origins and is a lovely short name choice with the letter D.

44. Diyan:

Diyan is the masculine version of name Diya for women. It means bright or lamp.

45. Divij:

If you are looking for a name with a traditional meaning yet very rare or uncommon, you can consider Divij. It means the one who came from heaven.

46. Divyaan:

Divyaan means a man with a unique and brilliant personality.

47. Dhrish:

Dhrish means sight. The name also implies envisioning or imagination. It has origins in Sanskrit and is a popular modern name in India.

48. Dhairya:

Dhairya translates to a courageous person. It is a lovely and charming name with fantastic meaning.

49. Dwij:

If you are looking for a meaningful name, you can see Dwij. It means the one who lives life with principles.

50. Dhyan:

Dhyaan or Dhyan translates to meditation in Hindi and Sanskrit languages. It also implies a man with peace of mind.

Female Names That Sart with the Letter D:

How about now checking out baby girl names with the alphabet D? These names starting with D are amazing and fascinating.

51. Delilah:

Delilah means delicate. This is a traditional yet popular and beautiful baby girl name with the letter D.

52. Daisy:

If you like floral names that are among the classic choices, you can check out the name Daisy. It also means ‘day eye’ in Old English.

53. Diana:

Who doesn’t love our favourite Lady D? The name Diana is popular Greek and Roman name that means ‘highest of Gods’.

54. Demi:

Demi means mother earth. It has Greek origins and is a short cute lovely baby girl name.

55. Dahlia:

Dahlia is a name that became popular after the flower with same name. It is a lovely and rare beautiful baby girl name with alphabet D.

56. Daley:

Daley means to assemble in Gaelic. It is a rare and lovely yet uncommon baby name for girls.

57. Danette:

If you are looking for Biblical name, you can check out Danette. It means ‘God is my judge’.

58. Dawn:

Dawn is a lovely unique and charming baby girl name. It is rare yet gaining popularity in the recent times.

59. Delia:

Delia means noble. It is short form of Adelia and is a lovely choice for those who are searching for short cute name.

60. Delice:

Delice means pleasure or delight. It has Latin origins and came from the word deliciae.

61. Delphia:

If you are looking for fascinating yet meaningful name, Delphia can be fantastic choice. It echoes of Greek heritage.

62. Diantha:

Diantha is another lovely floral name choice. It means heavenly flower and has Greek origins.

63. Docia:

Docia is a lovely Greek name, too. It means ‘giving to God’. If you want a modern short name with traditional meaning, it can be a good choice.

64. Dosia:

Dosia similarly is another lovely traditional name. It has Polish origins and means ‘gift to God’.

65. Dua:

Dua means prayer in Arabic. It is a short three-letter baby girl’s name with the letter D.

66. Dia:

Dia means light. It also implies lamp brightness. It is a lovely baby girl’s name with Hindi origins. The other variants include Diya. This is a very popular choice among Indian names starting with D.

67. Devisha:

Devisha means a woman like a Goddess. It is a traditional yet modern baby girl name with Sanskrit origins.

68. Daamini:

Daamini or Damini means lightning. It is a popular and traditional meaningful Indian baby girl name idea.

69. Dakhsha:

Dakhsha means altered one. This is another popular baby girl name with D in India.

70. Dhanalakshmi:

Dhanalakshmi is a traditional and typical household name in India. It means Goddess of wealth.

71. Dariya:

Dariya is a cute and unique rare baby girl name in India. It means ‘river’.

72. Darshi:

Darshi means guide. It has a beautiful meaning that also implies direction or path.

73. Deepali:

Deepali means a collection of lamps. It is a traditional and common yet delightful name choice with Indian origins.

74. Devaki:

Devaki can be a good choice if you are searching for another traditional name. It is the name of Lord Krishna’s mother.

75. Devangana:

Devangana means celestial maiden. It is a popular north Indian name for baby girls.

76. Dhara:

Dhara is a short and cute baby girl name. It means ‘flow’ and has Sanskrit and Indian origins.

77. Ditya:

Ditya or Dityaa means Goddess Lakshmi. It is an uncommon and modern baby girl name with traditional meaning.

78. Dhanvi:

Dhanvi means wealthy woman. It is a lovely and beautiful name choice for girls.

79. Driti:

Driti or Dhriti is a beautiful modern, and rare baby girl name. It means courage or steadiness.

80. Divyanshi:

Divyanshi or Divyaanshi means the one with divine power. It is a traditional and gorgeous baby girl name with Hindi origins.

81. Dviti:

Dviti or Dvithi means brightness. It is a modern and rare meaningful short name with letter D.

82. Dishani:

Disha in Hindi means directions. Dishani means a queen of all the directions.

83. Dira:

Dira is a rare and uncommon choice if you are looking for a short four-letter word name. It means beautiful and splendor.

84. Divya:

Divya is a traditional and popular household name in India. It means divine and beautiful.

85. Dyuthi:

Dyuthi means sunshine or light. This is a lovely and modern uncommon baby girl name with Sanskrit origins.

86. Deekshitha:

Deekshita is concentration. It is a traditional baby girl name too, and has its origins in Sanskrit.

87. Dimple:

Dimple simply means an indication that forms in the cheeks when a woman smiles.

88. Dhvani:

Dhvani means noise or sound. The name has Sanskrit origins and is popular for girls in Southern parts of India.

89. Drishti:

Drishti or Dhrishti means eyesight. It is a popular name as well, originated in India.

90. Durga:

Durga is a name popular from ancient times. The name goes after Goddess Durga.

91. Dhriya:

Dhriya means a woman with endless patience. It is a rare and new modern baby name for girls with D.

92. Dhanya:

Dhanya means ‘gift of God.’ It has Hindi and Sanskrit origins and is a lovely yet traditional short baby name for girls.

93. Deepthi:

Deepthi or Dipti means flame, brilliance, or ray of hope. It is a traditional baby name, too in India.

94. Deeshna:

Deeshna means offering or gift to God. It is a rare and unique yet meaningful name idea.

95. Deanna:

Deanna is a female form of the name Dean. It means ‘valley.’

96. Deborah:

Deborah is a popular and traditional baby girl name. It means ‘bee’ and is a popular Biblical baby girl name.

97. Delma:

Delma means beauty or ‘ever good’. It has Latin origins and is a lovely short name for girls.

98. Denise:

Denise has several meanings. It means sky or shine. It also means God.

99. Donna:

Donna means ruler of the world. It has Italian and Greek origins and is a short name that can be used as a nick and first names.

100. Danica:

Danica means morning star. It is a Slavic baby name, sounding pretty and beautiful, and is also a rare name.

Twin Baby Names That Start with D:

How about also checking out some beautiful choices of baby names for Twins with the letter D? We have compiled a list of possibilities for twin names beginning with letter D.

101. Diana – Delaney:

This is a cute and lovely baby girl name idea. If you have baby girl twins, these can be lovely choices.

102. Daria – Darla:

Both the baby girl names start with D and end with a. They are both also five letter names. Isn’t it cool?

103. Dani – Denver:

If you have a baby girl and boy, then these are lovely choices. These names rhyme and also sound beautiful together.

104. Dayanna – Denisse:

These both names are suitable baby girl names for twins, too. They are both traditional and meaningful.

105. Dhruv – Dhruvit:

Dhruv and Dhruvit can be lovely baby boy twin name ideas, popular in India. Both names symbolize determination.

106. Darshik – Daruk:

Both the names are again, twin boy name ideas with the letter D. They have origins in India and are lovely modern choices.

107. Dacey – Dacian:

These twin boy baby names are another lovely, unique choice. If you want uncommon ideas, these can be the best. Dacian is an ancient place name, and Dacey means man with noble background.

108. Drew- Drea:

These are lovely baby boy and girl name ideas. Drew is a short form for Andrew, and Drea is short for Andrea.

109. Dani – Dara:

These are short baby twin girl name ideas. Dara means flow in India or star in Irish, and Dani means ‘God is my judge.’

110. Dona – Dory:

These four-letter baby girl names are an uncommon choice, too. Dona means lady, and Dory means respectful women.

Unisex and Gender Neutral Baby Names That Start with D:

We also have compiled list of unisex gender neutral names that can be named to all the genders.

111. Da:

Da is a short and cute baby name. This can be named for both boys and girls. It means ‘to attain’.

112. Darby:

This is an uncommon and rare unisex baby name for boys and girls. It means ‘deer town’. It has origins from Old Norse.

113. Darian:

This is a lovely and rare gender neutral name for boys and girls. It has Irish origins.

114. Dakota:

Dakota means allies or friends. It is popular in the United States and is also a rare baby name for boys and girls.

115. Dael:

Dael has Dutch origins. It is similar to the name Dale, which means Valley.

116. Darren:

Darren is a traditional lovely name for both boys and girls. It means ‘great little one’ and has Irish origins.

117. Derby:

Derby means ‘park with deer’. It has origins in old English and is a lovely uncommon name.

118. Devon:

Devon has Irish roots. It means poet and can be named to both boys and girls.

119. Dion:

Dion is another short and lovely four-letter name with D for girls and boys. It means ‘child of heaven’.

120. Damaris:

Damaris means ‘to tame.’ It is a traditional name with a rich heritage and Greek roots.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these lovely name ideas starting with the letter D for boys and girls. Which names do you pick and shortlist for your little one? Let us know your favorites, and we love to hear from you.


This is exclusively a guide to learning about lovely and unique beautiful names for boys and girls that start with ‘D’. These names are provided for informative purposes only. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. We do not guarantee or promise any accuracy of the facts provided in this article.


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