Name is an identity for every person. We all want the best one for our child. Every person has different preferences, and in case if you are looking for something easy and funny choice, we have the funny girl names ideas for your newborn. They are pretty interesting, modern, and unique meaningful names you may want to explore. They are stylish, new, and have a fascinating effect on them as well. And not just it, these funniest names are also best to call your best friend, girlfriend, and wife, or even your family members. They are ideal for grown women and ladies too.

Isn’t it cool? Why wait? Let us go ahead and explore all about the beautiful and latest and most popular funniest girl names choices. Here we go!

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Funny Baby Girl Names Ideas for 2023:

When we talk about funny names, we have short and sweet casual, funny names or super funny names and the beautiful yet funky ones. Among the ideas and several options in the funny girl names ideas and meanings, we have several variants and preferences. Here we go with the top trending cute, funny names for girls this season in the vast list of combinations and ideas we have in our minds!

Recent 25 Funniest Female Names:

If you are exploring and looking out for the latest, latest, and yet popular and stylish funny girl name choices, why search much? We have the list with us! Here is a list of 25 funny names for girls, along with meanings.

1. Azalea:

This is a lovely pink blossom. We believe many of us have seen around us yet don’t generally know the name. The Azalea is known for its lovely pink petals and can be an exceptionally one-of-a-kind funny name for your girl. It is yet beautiful and feminine funny female names too!

2. Adrienne:

Why not simply ahead and name your girl after a standout amongst the most unmistakable and eminent women’s activist artist symbols the world has watched, Adrienne Rich? It sounds like an arrangement of the funny girls’ name too.

3. Calvina:

A Female type of Italian Calvino, the name signifies a girl with less hair. This is a funny girl name that portrays women with baldness. Isn’t the funny lady names unique too?

4. Sequoia:

Sequoina is derived from the Native American Cherokee name of the mammoth redwood trees that are present in California. The tree is named after the half-blooded researcher George Gist, innovator of the Cherokee letters in order. The name Sequoia (“pig’s foot”) was given to him after a chasing mishap that deformed his foot.

5. Coriander:

This English name got the name and meaning from the flavor name coriander (additionally regularly called Cilantro). It also is from Latin Coriandrum, from Greek corys (“kissing bug”) with the additional component – Ander “taking after” (alluding to the scent of the zest, which is like the scent of bedbugs), henceforth “possesses an aroma similar to a bedbug.

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6. Daisy:

This is one of the popular and funny female names that are popular amongst its lead. We all already have an idea about it. It is a beautiful white blossom spring plant. Daisy is a standout amongst the most widely recognized bloom names the world over. It can be a basic, excellent and exquisite name for your dear baby.

7. Shabooboo:

It is also one of the funny names for girls, which sounds like the name of a clown. Well, that is not actually the meaning, but doesn’t the tone sound so? It resembles a pokemon character too and is one of the funniest names

8. Bon Qui Qui:

This is the funny girls’ name which means your steak is about to complete. However, the French government has banned the use of the name because it dictates child abuse.

9. Aileen:

Aileen is one of the unusual and funny girl names: a Scottish turn on the Irish name Eileen. It signifies “light” and could be a fantastic unique decision for your new young lady. The name both sounds funny yet has such a mesmerizing meaning and significance towards it. What do you think so?

10. Bluebell:

Flower names are incredibly famous, yet Bluebell is one of the more unusual alternatives. We often do not hear about the name. Bluebells are iconic components of old British forest. It is a milder adaptation of purple and is best when it appears as a blend of delicate purple and blue. The lilac blooms are a standout amongst the variants and are the most excellent blossoming bundles.

11. Rose:

This blossom or its name needs no extraordinary mention; however, it can legitimately be said this is one flower that has been made godlike with Shakespeare’s famous lines “A rose by whatever other name would smell as sweet.” While climbed additionally has a highly religious reference, it stays a standout amongst the most usually utilized funny women names for young ladies. We all are already familiar with Rose as a feminine name, too, isn’t it!

12. Coral:

Coral is a beautiful and funny name for girls for any young lady. The coral reef is an underwater component of the ecosystem and often is found in groups. They are also synonymous with beauty and mesmerizing looks.

13. Abha:

This is again an exotic and beautiful funny girl nickname that signifies rays of light and beauty. Girls blessed with this name are ought to be extremely beautiful and elegant with the most charming personality.

14. Logan:

If you want your princess to be bold and fearless rather than shy and reserved, logan is a perfect choice. It is a unisex name that signifies boldness and bravery. It is derived from the Gaelic word lagan. Isn’t it fascinating?

15. Melodie:

If you are expecting a true singer, then this musical name is the right option for you. Melodie is a variety of Melody, which has Greek roots. Melodie signifies “music” and would make an awesome funny name for girls.

16. Nadetta:

This is among the funny women names, which portrays the meaning that every parent needs their kid to confront each hurdle in life with utmost determination boldly. This German name is a here means the bravery of a bear in German. Isn’t the name meaningful as well as beautiful?

17. Seeley:

Seeley or Seeleey means very happy person. The name is quite rarely found and is a great, funny name too.

18. Sissie:

Sissie in the Welsh language means sixth or even someone who is blind. However, it is a very short and funky name choice too to try out.

19. Tabatha:

Tweaking the spelling of your infant’s name can make it stranger. Tabatha is a variation of the name Tabitha, which signifies “gazelle.”

20. Teshi:

Teshi means full of cheerfulness, chirpy feel, and laughter. The name is originated from the African language and is relatively short and funny in pronunciation.

21. Vienna:

Naming children after touristy spots or nations isn’t another new pattern; we have witnessed the trend for a long time. Be that as it may, you can make your infant remarkable by picking uncommon spot names, for example, Vienna.

22. Wanda:

Wanda is the name of tribals in the Slavic language. It is quite a rarely found name yet very short and cute and funny too. Isn’t it, what do you think?

23. Whoopi:

How about the name Whoopi? Well, we, too, haven’t heard of this one until now. While the name’s origins aren’t well known and established, it indeed is a hilarious and funky name choice for little girls.

24. Winnie:

While Winifred may sound somewhat antiquated, Winnie is a present-day sounding name that will give your daughter some creativity. It is cute, short as well as great too. Isn’t it?

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25. Zooey:

Zooey technically means life. The name is of Greek origin, which also symbolizes precious. The name quite sounds funny and is a fantastic choice for baby girls.

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Funny Nicknames for Girls and Pet Names:

Well, how about funny girl names as pet names and nicknames for the home call? Isn’t it tremendous and thrilling? It is also super cute and trendy to have funky names at home. Let us look at some ideas and choices for nicknames.

26. Bambi:

The name does not have any such meaning however is pretty cute in calling and tone.

27. Chipmunk:

How about chipmunk? Well, this too does not have any meaning however sounds super funny and hilarious. Isn’t it!

28. Coo Coo:

Coo coo is similar to the cuckoo bird’s tone and noise.

29. Electra:

This funny girl nickname itself has a spark in it. It is pretty similar to electric impulse,

30. Giggles:

Giggles mean to laugh, happiness. The name basically means the expression of joy and laughter.

31. Muzzie:

Muzzie does not again have any meaning however is super cute as a nickname too.

32. Pigtail:

Pigtail in English basically means a kid’s hairstyle, which has two pony on two sides. The name also symbolizes cuteness and funny looks.

33. Snout:

Snout does not again have a meaning however symbolizes someone who is always laughing and keeps weird faces.

34. Twinkle:

Twinkle symbolizes the shining star in the sky. This is also popular funny old lady names.

35. Whiskers:

The name Whiskers is often equated with a pet’s hair. It is an adorable and funny name. This is among the best funny nicknames for girls.

Funny Twin Baby Girl Names:

We also have a list of funny twin baby girl name choices that you can try out if you have twins. They are super adorable and pretty too. Have a look!

36. Angela – Apple:

Both the names begin with the alphabet, “A.” Angela means messenger of the God in Greek language, and we all know what apple means. But together as a combination, they both sound super funny as well as cute too.

37. Billie – Blanche:

How about the names Billie and Blanche? These names do not have any specific meaning. However, they are super funky to hear. What do you think?

38. Essie – Gilda:

Essie means star in the Persian language. Gilda means Golden color. They both are beautiful, meaningful well as funny-toned names.

39. Kaley – Kayla:

Kaley means beautiful and slender in Greek. Kayla in English means Pure. They both are beautiful and charming funny name choices for little girls.

40. Rue – Ruthie:

Rue means regret, and Ruthie means friend and companion in Hebrew. They both are rhyming with sound and alphabets and are also adorable and funny.

Funny Indian Names for Girl:

Finally, let us also explore the most beautiful and gorgeous funny Indian baby girl name choices for little ones.

41. Aloo:

Whether you like Aloo a lot (potato in English) or a couch person, the Aloo silly names for girls is quite famous. This is also funny girlfriend nicknames.

42. Bulbul:

Bulbul is often symbolized by those who are hyperactive and always talking and blabbering. It is quite a comedy names for a girl.

43. Bukkad:

Bukkad or Bukkhad technically symbolizes someone who is always hungry or a foodie who can’t stop thinking about food. This is a famous funny name choice in India.

44. Choti:

Choti in the Indian Hindi language symbolizes short and small. The name also means women’s or girl’s plaits hairstyle. It is quite a cute and funny name for girls. It is famous funny nicknames for short girls.

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45. Curly:

Have curly hair? The curly name is often very funnily used in India. This is among the funny names for girl bestie.

46. Gudiya:

Gudiya in the Hindi language means doll. This is quite a common funny name choice for girls. This is among hilarious girl names.

47. Moti:

Moti in Hindi means fat. Although it is not an appropriate funny name as such, it is a widely used choice.

48. Nautanki:

Nautanki means someone who is very naughty and makes a lot of drama and fuss around. This is a pretty famous weird, funny girl names.

49. Pataka:

Pataka in Hindi technically means cracker. The name is symbolically used for those girls who are full of temper or over action.

50. Pagli:

Pagli means out of mind in Hindi. It also implies crazy or someone who acts weird. This funny Indian and female Hindi names for girls is a cute and adorable name choice.

We hope you all loved these super funny girl names choices and ideas that are popular across the globe. These funny names for girls are adorable and cute, too, and are best to call for lighter moments. What do you think about these ones, and which one do you love the most? Let us know your thoughts; we love to hear back from you!


All the names given above have their meanings based on the different countries, regions, and languages. These meanings and symbols hence may alter according to different cultures and regions. We advise conducting your extensive research before understanding the several interpretations attached to the name. Further, please note that this is only an informatory guide on the funny girl names, ideas, and choices; the author is not responsible for any error or discrepancy.


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