When we think of the most common alphabet for baby names, we often do not include names starting with the letter ‘C’. But we also agree that naming our precious little one with the letter C opens up new possibilities for unique, charming, and meaningful new baby name ideas. Today’s name guide is all about baby names that start with C. Our custom-compiled list includes the most unique, rare, meaningful and modern, stylish baby names that start with C.

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These names will undoubtedly impress you and inspire you to name your little one with a new, lovely, modern name. So why wait? Let us move ahead and check out the gorgeous baby names that begin with the letter C.

Baby Names That Start with the Letter C

We have compiled a list of rare, unique, meaningful, and beautiful male and female baby names that start with the alphabet C, Depending on your preference. You can seamlessly pick the gorgeous name for your little one from here. Continue reading to know more!

Unique and Cute Baby Boy Names that Start with the Letter C:

How about starting with meaningful and unique male baby names, starting with C? Here we go!

1. Charles:

One of the most common name with the letter C is Charles. It is among the most popular boy names with C, and it is not surprising when we admit that it is still among the trending baby names till date. This name originated from German with the word ‘Karl’, which means ‘a man’. It has been quite popular from ancient times and still stands relevant till today.

2. Christopher:

This is yet another common yet meaningful name for baby boys. The name originates from the Greek language, which means ‘bearing Christ’. It is still a relevant yet modern, stylish baby boy name starting with C.

3. Cooper:

Cooper is both a first name and last name, starting with C. It originated from the word ‘couper’ from medieval times, meaning barrel maker’. Yet, this is among the most sweet and charming baby boy names with alphabet C.

4. Chase:

As the name suggests, Chase denotes to ‘hunting’ or ‘chasing’. It is a cute and modern baby boy name that is gaining popularity in the current times.

5. Cray:

Cray name originated from Scotland. It means ‘son of prosperity’. The origins of the name is not very well-known. However, this is a unique and modern rare baby boy names with the letter C. How do you like it?

6. Ciel:

Most believe that the name Ciel originated from the French language. It means ‘sky’. The name also implies and denotes hope, endless possibilities, and infinity. Do you agree with this beautiful baby boy name with C?

7. Cyan:

Cyan may be a very well-recognized name. However, it still is charming and beautiful. The name denotes to greenish blue colour cyan and is gaining popularity in modern times as a baby name. What do you think?

8. Connor:

Connor is a popular Irish baby boy name. The name includes two words, con, implying a dog or hound, and cobar, implying desirable. It is a rare and unique Irish baby names idea beginning with letter C.

9. Chandler:

How about a lovely French baby boy names beginning with C? Do you know that the popular boy name Chandler originated from French? It is originally an occupational surname meaning ‘a candle seller’ and is now a popular first name.

10. Chinmay:

Chinmay is a new yet beautiful and meaningful Indian baby boy name starting with C. The name implies a boy full of knowledge and wisdom, also denoting a man with supreme consciousness.

11. Charan:

Charan is quite a popular baby boy name in India. This is among most famous Hindu baby names starting with C from ancient times and still is relevant even today. Charan traditionally means ‘feet of God’.

12. Chetan:

Chetan implies a man of intelligence. The name also denotes to wisdom or a man who gained knowledge and creativity. It is another famous and new modern baby boy name starting with C.

13. Chatur:

Most of you may have heard the name Chatur. If you are preferably looking for a modern yet light and funny meaningful boy name, this can be a good idea to check out. Chatur means clever.

14. Chintan:

Chintan means contemplation or thought process. The name originated from Hindi and Sanskrit languages and is a rare baby boy name in India.

15. Chirag

Chirag is an ancient yet popular baby boy name. It means brilliance. If you like a simple yet charming and profusely meaningful name, this can be a good idea to check out.

16. Chahat:

If you are searching for rare, beautiful, meaningful, and poetic name, we have just the right one for you. The name Chahat is a combination of all beautiful meanings. It means affection.

17. Chahit:

Another lovely Indian Hindu baby boy modern name idea is Chahit. It means a man who is loving and affectionate.

18. Chirayu:

Chirayu name originates from Hindi and Sanskrit. It means a man who will live long. It is a lovely and meaningful traditional baby boy name idea.

19. Chand:

Chand literally means the moon in Hindi. This baby boy name in India is new; however is rising to be a popular choice due to the in-depth lovely meaning.

20. Chanakya:

If you are searching for a traditional and ancient baby boy name idea, Chanakya can be the right choice. It is the name of a great scholar from the ancient Mauryan empire in India.

21. Chiranjeev:

Chiranjeev means an immortal person. This Indian name is a very ancient and traditional choice, and yet stays relevant due to its beautiful meaning. What do you think?

22. Chiraksh:

If you are searching for a rare and modern day name for your baby boy, Chiraksh can be just the one! This lovely name means ‘person with beautiful eyes’. It is a less-known and unique name choice with the letter C.

23. Clark:

Clark is another English name for baby boys. It originated from the Latin word clericus, meaning priest.

24. Curtis:

Curtis is yet another famous name that originated from the French. It means courteous in old French and is a lovely, meaningful boy name.

25. Corwin:

Corwin, in old French, means leather. The name, although sounds traditional, is lesser known choice in the current era.

26. Cornelius:

If you are searching for a beautiful Latin baby boy name with the letter C, Cornelius is just the right choice. It means horn.

27. Cole:

Cole is a lovely short four-letter baby boy name with C. It means ‘victory of the people’ and is originated from the Greek language. Such a meaningful name, isn’t it!

28. Cavan:

Cavan is a modern day Irish name idea. It means hollow of the tree. What do you think of this rare name for boys?

29. Cyril:

Cyril is an ancient Green bible name for boys. The name means ‘lord’ and is among the strongest, most meaningful and short lovely baby boy name ideas with C.

30. Craig:

Craig may seem a very common name, but it is a beautiful, lovely, classic name idea. It refers to crags in nature. What do you think?

31. Conrad:

Conrad is a lovely German baby name idea. It means ‘brave counsel’ and is an ancient, meaningful name choice for boys.

32. Coby:

If you are looking for cute and short biblical name ideas for baby boys, this is a lovely choice to check out. Coby means ‘may God protect’.

33. Cleo:

Cleo is a male-name counterpart to the name Cleopatra. It is originated from Greek language.

34. Chester:

Chester is both a popular boy name and also a surname. It implies ‘fortress’ and originated from the old English language.

35. Casper:

Casper is originated from the Dutch language. It means treasurer in Hebrew, too. Many also name their baby boy Cas, as a short form of Casper. What do you think?

36. Carver:

In literal meaning, Carver denotes a wood carver. The name has artisanal and occupational name origins. The name is another lovely choice for a modern, cute name idea with C.

37. Chandan:

Chandan in Sanskrit and Hindi means sandalwood. It is a popular and traditional baby boy Indian name idea with C.

38. Charit:

If you love a meaningful and knowledgeable name, Charit can be a suitable choice. It means ‘history’ and is a modern-day rare baby boy name idea.

39. chetak:

Chetak means thoughtful. The name also is an ancient Indian baby boy name idea with traditional meaning.

40. Charanjeet:

For those looking for name with a traditional meaning that is rarely found, Charanjeet can be a good choice. It implies ‘a man who wins over the God’.

41. Chaman:

How about the pleasant name idea? Chaman means garden. The name reminds us of a beautiful and pleasant sight, isn’t it? It is also a rare baby boy name idea.

42. Chahel:

Chahel means a man who is cheerful. The name is a modern and unique rare baby boy name idea in India.

43. Charish:

Have you ever heard of the name Charish? If not, this is the time to check this lovely, apt, less known name idea. It means grace and is a new baby name idea.

44. Chatresh:

If you want a traditional Hindu baby boy name with the letter C, Chatresh can be a good option. It means Lord Siva.

45. Chiraag:

Chiraag means lamp. The name also denotes light, hope and path. It is a lovely and classic baby boy name beginning with the letter C.

46. Cyrus:

Cyrus can be a popular name, but we also agree that it is a classic and evergreen, lovely name idea. The name Cyrus means like the sun.

47. Chitral:

If you like artist name ideas, Chitral can be a good masculine boy name idea. It means painting.

48. Chinna:

Chinna is a cute baby boy name. While some use it as a pet name, others also use it as a first name in India. Chinna means small boy.

49. Chayank:

Chayank is a modern-day baby boy’s name. It means ‘the moon’. The name is a popular choice for those looking for modern yet meaningful cute boy names.

50. Cahaya:

Cahaya is a lovely and rarely known Malay and Indonesian name. It means ‘light’. Isn’t it truly a gorgeous name idea?

Unique and Meaningful Baby Girl Names that Start with C:

Let us also check out the gorgeous and lovely baby girl name ideas starting with the letter C. These names are truly one-of-a-kind, and you will fall in love with them. Check out!

51. Chitrangda:

Chitrangda is a beautiful name choice for baby girls. The lovely name sounds both meaningful and yet lovely with a traditional tone. The name means ‘ethereal’ and also is the name of Arjun’s wife in Ramayana.

52. Chitra:

Chitra is a very common name in Indian traditional households. However, it still stands tall as a popular name choice for baby girls with the letter C. It is the name of the Hindu Goddess.

53. Charvi:

This is yet another gorgeous Hindu baby girl name idea. It means ‘beautiful’. This is a modern name idea for girls.

54. Chhaya:

Chhaya or Chaya means ‘shadow’ in Sanskrit. The name is a lovely, rare and unique baby girl name with the letter C.

55. Chitrika:

Chitrika is a lovely and another rare, unique name for females. It means painting or art and also denotes the spring season.

56. Charlotte:

Charlotte is the female version of the name Charles. The ancient name choice still stands very popular across the globe. It has origins from Italian and Spanish and is famous after several Queens by this same name.

57. Chloe:

If you love a cute and feminine baby girl name with C, Chloe is a lovely choice. The name has Greek origins and means ‘green shoot’. It depicts nature and is a pleasant choice.

58. Claire:

This French baby name Claire is yet another lovely idea. It means clear or bright and has both French and Latin origins.

59. Caroline:

Caroline name has Latin origins. It simply means ‘carol’. There are also other several variants of the same name, such as Carolina, Caroyn and Carol.

60. Cora:

If you love a cute four letter baby girl name with C, you can check this name – Cora. It has Greek origins and means ‘maiden’.

61. Cecilia:

Cecilia, in Latin, means blind. However, there is also a female saint goes by the same name. This is a rare and yet lovely baby girl name idea.

62. Camryn:

Camryn is the female version of male name Cameroon. The name sounds cool and modern and is also very rare.

63. Carmen:

Carmen has gorgeous name meanings in both Latin and Hebrew. In Latin, the name means ‘song’. Also, on the other hand, Hebrew Carmen means ‘lovely garden’. What do you think, isn’t it a lovely choice?

64. Celine:

Celine means ‘heaven’. If you are looking for an already popular baby girl name choice, it can be a good idea to check this out.

65. Calista:

In Greek language, Calista means ‘the person with most beautiful soul’. The name is both unique and rare to find, which makes it a perfect choice for modern day baby girls.

66. Caprina:

This unique name got popular after the Italian island of Capri. It sounds delightful and pleasant and is also a very rare choice to find.

67. Caryn:

Caryn is the other version of popular name Karen. It has Danish origins and is a very newly found choice

68. Ciara:

Ciara is the new variant of a popular name – Sierra. The name has Irish origins. It has originated after the mountain range with the same name.

69. Cadence:

Cadence is a pretty unique baby girl name. This modern and lovely name means flow or rhythm.

70. Cennet:

Cennet means garden or paradise. The name has its origins from Arabic. It is a lovely name choice for your precious little one with a gorgeous meaning.

71. Chelsea:

Chelsea is already an existing popular baby girl name. It also has other variants, such as Chelsie or Chelsey. The name got popular after a district in London with similar name.

72. Cleopatra:

We all have heard of this popular name Cleopatra. The famous Greek name is popular after the queen of Egypt. It is a beautiful name and still stands relevant and popular.

73. Crystal:

Crystal is an English name after the word that goes by similar. From Greek origins, it also means ‘ice’.

74. Cyrielle:

In Greek, the name means ‘lord’. However, it also has French origins with similar meaning. It is a unique and rare baby girl name idea.

75. Caelie:

The name Caelie came after the other name, Kaylee. It is a rare and unique new modern name idea.

76. Calypso:

Calypso means to conceal or cover in Greek mythology. It is a traditional name idea with letter C and is rarely found too.

77. Carey:

Carey is a gorgeous choice if you prefer a cute and beautiful-sounding name. It has Irish origins and is a variant of Kerry.

78. Christiane:

Christiane is the female version of male name Christian. It also has other variants such as Christiana in French or Chrisyan in German.

79. Cosima:

Cosima in Greek origins, means ‘decency’ or ‘order’. It is a beautiful baby girl name with a modern outlook.

80. Cybill:

Cybil, otherwise also called as Sybil, is an Ancient Greek prophetess. They are popular to carry divine knowledge. It still is a very famous name for baby girls.

81. Cindy:

We love this cute beautiful name for girls too. Cindy often is used as both nickname and first name. It is popular from quite few decades and still manages to top in the position for being so lovely and gorgeous.

82. Chrissy:

Chrissy can again be used as both nickname and first name. It is a variant of Christina and is a lovely choice with letter C.

83. Codie:

Codie is a feminine for of name Cody. It has Irish origins and means helpful.

84. Cheryl:

Cheryl may sound old fashioned in the tone but it feels elegant and classy. The name Cheryl means darling and has origins from French.

85. Candace:

If you are looking for traditional English name, this can be about right. Candace means queen mother. It appeared in new testament and is still a beautiful name.

86. Cassandra:

Cassandra in Greek means to excel or shine. The name is popular in Greek mythology and still is very popular for its beautiful and strong meaning.

87. Chaitra:

Chaitra is the first month of traditional new year and also means first month of spring season in India. It is a lovely and meaningful choice.

88. Chhavi:

Chhavi is a reflection. It has Sanskrit and Hindi origins and is a gorgeous modern day cute name for girls.

89. Charmi:

Charmi denotes charming and lovely girl. It is a cute and short version of the name for baby girls.

90. Charitha:

Charitha or Charita means warm hearted. It also denotes someone with a very good character. It is a popular Indian name.

91. Chavishka:

Chavishka name has Sanskrit origins and it means sky or water. It is a modern and rare baby girl name with the letter C.

92. Chaitrika:

Chaitrika means a woman who is very clever. It is a meaningful Indian name and has its origins from the Sanskrit language.

93. Caihong:

Caihong means rainbow. It is a rare and unique baby girl name idea.

94. Celena:

Celena is a gorgeous name popular since ancient times. It means goddess of the moon and has its origins from Greek and Italian.

95. Chenoa:

Chenoa is yet another rare meaningful baby girl name. While the origins of the name are unknown, it means a white dove. The name also denotes peace.

96. Chakrika:

Chakrika has its name origins from Sanskrit and is a traditional Indian baby girl name. This Hindu name means Goddess Lakshmi. It also means the divine wheel of Lord Vishnu.

97. Chinmayee:

Chinmayee or Chinmayi means wonderful, loved, or gift sent by God. It has Sanskrit origins too.

98. Claudia:

Claudia name has its origins from Roman emperors. The name is popular due to being a saint in Rome and still is relevant to date.

99. Constance:

This old English name is yet another popular choice for baby girls. It has Latin origins and means constant or steadfast.

100. Chetna:

Chetna or Chethana means intelligence or wise. The name is the feminine version of Chetan and has Sanskrit origins.

Twin Baby Names that Start with C:

How about also checking out the gorgeous twin baby girl and boy name ideas with the alphabet C?

101. Cale – Calvin:

These are modern baby boy name ideas with letter C. These are meaningful and rhyming baby boy names if you have twin boys.

102. Cody – Coby:

Another twin baby boy name ideas are Cody and Coby. They both are four-letter names and has English origins.

103. Charley – Chesney:

These names are apt if you have a twin baby boy and baby girl. Both the names start with letter C and end with ‘ey’.

104. Cadena – Cadence:

Both are baby girl name ideas. The both names also refer to rhythmic woman meaning. How cool is having both twin girl names with same meaning?

105. Caela – Caeli:

These are, again, both twin baby girl names. Caeli means a girl with a crown, and Caela means a slender women.

106. Calvin – Caden:

Calvin and Caden are baby boy name ideas. Both the names are popular and traditional yet are still unique and meaningful.

107. Calandra – Calantha:

Both the names are unique for baby girl twins. Calandra means a park, and Calantha is popular for person who is like a beautiful flower.

108. Callia – Calissa:

Callia means women with a beautiful voice. Calissa denotes a woman who is the most beautiful in the world.

109. Caden – Cohen:

Other possible baby boy twin name ideas are Caden and Cohen. Both are unique and rare modern baby boy names.

110. Clay – Clyde:

Clay means a person who is mortal. Clyde denotes a man who is warm and friendly. The names are originated in Scotland and is a perfect choice for twin baby boys.

Unisex and Gender Neutral Names that Start with C:

Let us also check out few possibilities for unisex baby names that can be named for all the genders.

111. Cassidy:

This lovely unisex baby girl and boy name means a person who is curly haired. The name is a lovely and beautiful cute choice. The famous nickname that arises from this given name is Cassie.

112. Cansu:

Cansu means soul. This is a new and popular unisex baby girl and boy name idea for modern parents.

113. Cheyenne:

Cheyenne has its origins from the Native American language. It is a gender-neutral name that means ‘red speakers’. This beautiful name is a perfect choice if you are checking to name your little one with something which reminds of you of rich heritage of America.

114. Chihiro:

Chihiro has Japanese origins. Chi means thousand and hiro means arm span or fathom. It is a lovely and rare baby name for both boys and girls.

115. Cael:

Cael means a person who is slender. The name is unique and can be given to both boys and girls.

116. Chaitanya:

Chaitanya is a very popular Indian name for both boys and girls. It means radiant. It also denotes a man or woman with strong progressive thoughts.

117. Canberra:

Canberra is a rare and unique unisex and gender neutral name with C. It is capital city of Australia and also denotes to a meeting place.

118. Calwa:

Calwa is a place in California. However, recently, it is also rising in popularity as a name for boys and girls.

119. Cataleya:

If you haven’t heard this name yet, it is time we get to know more about this lovely name. It has origins in Spanish and British however implies the cattley’s flower. It also symbolizes beauty and joyfulness.

120. Cai:

Cai is another beautiful unisex name idea. It means rejoicing or a person who is happy. Cai has Latin origins.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these beautiful and unique lists of names that start with C. These meaningful, rare, lovely name ideas are perfect for your little one. What are your thoughts? Which names did you like the most? Let us know your thoughts; we love to hear from you!


This is exclusively a guide to learning about lovely and unique beautiful names for boys and girls that start with ‘C’. These names are provided for informative purposes only. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. We do not guarantee or promise any accuracy of the facts provided in this article.


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