The Telugu language is quite old, and hence, it is no surprise to find names that are classic and traditional. At the same time, you will also be fascinated to find some modern names and a combination of modernity and tradition. Here is a list of the latest baby boy names in Telugu that will surely help you with your naming woes.

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New Born Boy Names in Telugu:

Take a look at some classy and beautiful Telugu names to help you.

1. Aabhas:

A very common Telugu male name, Aabhas, means virtual.

2. Aabhat:

Aabhat is a male baby in Telugu that has its origin in Sanskrit. It means shining, Visible and brilliant. The name is now a very popular choice among a lot of Telugu parents for their sons.

3. Aabheer:

Abheer means a cowherd. It is also a name of a dynasty. This Telugu male name is a favourite among many parents.

4. Aacharya:

It is a very traditional name that carries a significant meaning. Aacharya is a prominent religious teacher and spiritual guide, and teacher. This will be one apt Indian Telugu baby boy names.

5. Aachman:

Here is a very thoughtful and classic name that is related to mythology. It means ‘Intake of a sip of water before a Yagna/ puja’.

6. Aadarsh:

Aadarsh is a very popular and modern Telugu baby boy names that mean Ideal; The Sun; Principle; Belief; Excellence.

7. Aadarsha:

The name means Idol; Mentor, With an ideology, will be a suitable name for your baby if you are planning on bringing your little one to an ideal man.

8. Aadavan:

Aadavan is a Telugu God name for a baby boy that refers to ‘the Sun’. This is a Telugu name starting with a for boy.

9. Aadish:

Aadish means full of wisdom and is a name of Telugu origin. This name will be a very cute one for your son.

10. Aadim:

This is a name of Sanskrit origin that is very popular and adopted by Telugu parents for their sons. It means the entire universe, first, foundation and original.

11. Baala:

Baala is a very common name for children. It is also a popular nickname for boys in Telugu. It means Child; A young girl; Vigour; Strength.

12. Babala:

The name means above and is a variation of the name Baala for Telugu baby boys.

13. Baban:

Baban is a rare Telugu male name. If you are looking for something very unique for your son, this will be a good one. It means Conqueror.

14. Babeesh:

Babeesh means meaning. This one is a very old male baby names in Telugu.

15. Babu:

Babu is a very famous baby boy pet name in Telugu for all the little ones. It is very commonly given to boys and called very affectionately.

16. Babul:

Babul means father and is a unique new baby boy name in Telugu.

17. Badari:

Badari is a place name and is A place sacred to Lord Vishnu. If you are looking for something pious, this will be a good choice.

18. Badri:

If you are searching for Telugu God names for a baby boy, Badri will be a good one. It refers to Lord Vishnu, Bright night.

19. Badrinath:

A name that again resembles Badri, Badrinath is regarded as the Lord of mount Badri. This name is very common in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

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20. Badriprasad:

Badriprasad means Gift of Badri.

21. Bagira:

Loving & nurturing is the meaning of Bagira.

22. Bagyaraj:

Bagyaraj is also a name used in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It means Lord of luck.

23. Bahubali:

A name that became hugely popular after the blockbuster Bhaubali, this name actually refers to a Jain Tirthankara.

24. Bahul:

Bahul is a star according to the Telugu calendar.

25. Bahuleya:

A very religious name, Bahuleya refers to Lord Kartikeya; Bahu – a lot; Abundant.

26. Bahuleyan:

Another Telugu God names for baby boy, Bahuleyan, refers to Lord Murugan; Bahu – a lot; Abundant.

27. Bahuliya:

The name refers to Lord Kartikeya; Bahu – a lot; Abundant and is only a spelling variation of the earlier listed, Bahuleyan.

28. Bahumanya:

Bahumanya means Honored by many, Universally respected and valued.

29. Bahurai:

Bahurai means ‘with great riches’ and signals a very positive connotation.

30. Bahwaasy:

One of the Kauravas, Bahwaasy, is a name that is tied to the mythology. This name is also now a modern Telugu baby boy names.

31. Baidyanath:

Baidyanath means Master of Medicine, The king of medicine, and Lord of physicians. Looking for an aspiring doctor in your son? This name will do justice.

32. Baikuntha:

Baikunta means Heaven .

33. Chaand:

Chaand means sincere wish. It also refers to the moon. This name is a baby boy names starting with cha in Telugu.

34. Charan:

Charan means feet, one who chants praise.

35. Chaitan:

Chaitan is a popular Telugu name for baby boys. It means consciousness, perception, vigour and life.

36. Chakrapani:

Chakrapani is a very classic traditional Telugu name that is the name of Lord Vishnu.

37. Chakresh:

Chakresh is the name of Lord Vishnu.

38. Chanakya:

Chankya is a name that is used by parents of different language-speaking states. Chanakya is a very famous Mauryan writer who is also a politician. He is the author of Arthashastra, a very popular name of Kautilya. Chankya was and even now regarded as a very intelligent scholar.

39. Chandragupt:

Chandragupt is a name of an ancient king who is renowned.

40. Chandramouli:

Chandramouli is the one who wears the moon on the head. The name refers to Lord Shiva.

41. Daakshit:

Daakshit refers to Lord Shiva.

42. Daav:

Daav is a very short and best Telugu names for baby boy. It means wildfire and is also a name for Abmni.

43. Daeven:

Daeven means little black one.

44. Dahak:

Dahak means powerful.

45. Daityakarya:

This is a very old Telugu male names. The name means destroyer of all demon’s activities.

46. Daivit:

Daivit means God’s gift. For all those who believe your son is a true gift from the Lord, Daivit will be a good choice.

47. Eshwar:

Eshwar is a very common name in many languages. It refers to the Lord.

48. Edhas:

Heard of this name before? Edhas means happiness and sacred.

49. Ehan:

Ehan means expected. This is also used as a pet name for baby boys.

50. Ekagrah:

Ekagrah is a very traditional Telugu name. It means focused.

51. Fanishwar:

Fanishwar refers to the Lord of Serpents. It is also referred to as Vasuki.

52. Fanish:

Fanish is a name that refers to Lord Shiva.

53. Frany:

Frany is a very modern newborn baby names in Telugu. It means joyful.

54. Gaalav:

Gaalav is a very modern Telugu name that means to worship. It also means sage.

55. Gaganesh:

Gaganesh is a name that refers to Lord Shiva.

56. Gahan:

The name Gahan is a very common name to be heard in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Gahan means depth or profound.

57. Gajananan:

Gajanana refers to Lord Ganesh.

58. Gajendra:

Another common Indian Telugu baby boy name is Gajendra. Gajendra means Elephant King.

59. Gambhir:

Gambhir, as the name became after the popular cricketer. It means deep, serious, tolerant and powerful.

60. Ganaraj:

Ganaraj means Lord of the clan.

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61. Haan:

Haan is a very trendy male baby names in Telugu. It means Sun.

62. Hajesh:

Hajesh refers to Lord Shiva and is a name of Telugu origin.

63. Hamesh:

Hamesh means forever.

64. Hanshith:

Hanshith means like honey and is a name that denotes sweetness.

65. Hanumanth:

Hanumanth is a very old Telugu name. The name is now not being heard so much. It refers to the monkey God of Ramayana.

66. Hareesh:

Hareesh refers to Lord Shiva.

67. Hariharan:

Hariharan is an ever green name. It means born out of Hari, who is Lord Vishnu and Hara, who is Lord Shiva. This will be the ideal name pick for many parents who might be confused between choosing a name after Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva.

68. Harindra:

Harindra refers to Lord Shiva. It is also the name of a tree.

69. Jaagrath:

Jaagrath means Awakened, and this one is a very popularly picked names for baby boys.

70. Jaagrav:

Jaagrav means Alert; Awake; Watchful; Sun, another name for Agni. Agni means fire.

71. Jaahnav:

Jaahnav is a Hindu Rishi who kept Ganga on his legs. The name is closely connected to Hindu mythology and is not merely restricted to the Telugu language.

72. Jaapak:

Jaapak means Meditative, Muttering prayers.

73. Jaathavedhas:

This is a very traditional name of Sanskrit name. It means fire.

74. Jaboah:

It means Deepak, Light.

75. Jadabendra:

The name is a combination of two names. It is Jadav + Lord Indra, referring to God Lord Krishna & Lord Indra. This is a very thoughtful name.

76. Jadadhar:

Jadadhar refers to Lord Shiva, The one having matted hair. Jada means matted hair, and Dhar refers to bearded.

77. Jadhav:

Jadhav is a Yadav.

78. Jag:

Jag means the universe, The Earth, World.

79. Kaal:

Kaal means time and destiny. It also refers to the occasion.

80. Kaamuk:

Kaamuk is a very rare latest baby boy names in Telugu. It means passionate and desired.

81. Kaanishk:

Kaanishk is a Telugu origin name that was an ancient King. He was also the king who followed Buddhism.

82. Kaartik:

Kaartik is also a very popular name for baby boys. It means the name of one of the months of the Telugu calendar.

83. Kalpit:

Kalpit means imagined; creative.

84. Kalva:

Kalva is a very rare name. It means heroine or hero.

85. Laayak:

Laayak is someone who is fit, capable and clever. This is a name that will embrace all the meanings you are intending to bestow your son with.

86. Lagan:

Lagan means appropriate time; devotion.

87. Lajjak:

Lajjak means modesty.

88. Laksh:

Laksh means aim or target. This is a common name even in the Hindi-speaking states of India. Although it does not have a Telugu origin, it is nevertheless commonly used by Telugu parents for their sons.

89. Laksit:

Here is a modern Telugu baby boy names for your son. Laksit means regarded and distinguished.

90. Lalit:

Lalit is a commonly heard Telugu name that means beautiful, gentle and graceful.

91. Maadesh:

Maadesh refers to Lord Shiva.

92. Maadhav:

Maadhav is the name of Lord Krishna. It means sweet, like honey.

93. Maahir:

Maahir means one who is brave and expert. This is a Telugu boy names starting with m.

94. Maalya:

Maalya is a very thoughtful name of Telugu origin. It means worthy of being garlanded. It also means the mass of flowers.

95. Maandhar:

Maandhar means honourable.

96. Maanvir:

The name Maanvir is a Telugu boy names starting with m. Maanvir means brave heart.

97. Madan:

Madan is a classic Telugu male names. It means cupid, who is the God of love. It also means man filled with beauty.

98. Naag:

Naag refers to a big serpent and is a Telugu baby boy names starting with n. This name is a popular one in the whole of South India.

99. Naagpal:

Naagpal means saviour of serpents.

100. Narayan:

Narayan refers to Lord Vishnu. It also means refuge of man. The name will be an apt choice for all those parents who are looking for the name of God to give their child.

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101. Naayak:

Naayak means the guide.

102. Nabhi:

Nabhi is a name that is from Sanskrit. It means the centre of the body. Nabhi was also known as an ancient king.

103. Nachiketa:

Nachiketa is the son of Vajashravas. This name is a very pious one.

104. Nadeesh:

Nadeesh is the God of rivers, oceans and seas.

105. Nagalingesh:

Nagalingesh is another name for Lord Shiva and is a quite popular Telugu baby boy names starting with n.

106. Obalesh:

Obalesh is sometimes kept for girls as well. It refers to the name of Lord Shiva, Epithet of Shiva.

107. Oha:

Oha is a very small and cute name that means meditation. This name will be a good name to learn soon for your baby boy.

108. Omdutt:

Omdutt means given by God.

109. Paal:

Paal is a modern new baby boy names in Telugu. It means King, guardian and moment.

110. Parthiban:

Parthiban is an old Telugu name for boys, which is another name for King Arjuna from the popular epic of Mahabharata.

111. Paavan:

Paavan means pure and sacred.

112. Padmanabhan:

Padmanabhan is a God’s name that is hugely popular. It means one with lotus, referring to Lord Vishnu.

113. Pahal:

Pahal, a Telugu boy names starting with p, means facet, an initiative.

114. Padmaj:

This Telugu boy names starting with p refers to Lord Brahma, one who is born from a Lotus flower.

115. Raag:

Raag is a Telugu boy names starting with r. It means the musical, denoting bringing someone to life and being lively.

116. Raagav:

Raagav means Lord of God and refers to Lord Ram.

117. Raahinya:

Here are other Telugu boy names starting with r. Raahniya means Lord Vishnu and is another name for him.

118. Raajan:

Raajan means King. It also means royal.

119. Raghu:

Raghu is a name that is popular in all the states of South India. It refers to Lord Ram.

120. Saadar:

Saadar means attached and respectful. This baby boy names in Telugu, starting with s, is very common and popular.

121. Saadhav:

Saadhav is the latest baby boy names in Telugu. It means pure and loyal. It also means noble.

122. Saagar:

Saagar means sea or ocean.

123. Saahil:

Saahil is a Telugu name for baby boys. It means sea shore. It is also a bank of a river.

124. Saanjya:

Saanjya means unique. It also means incomparable. Saanjya is a Telugu boy names starting with s.

125. Saatvik:

Saatvik means virtuous. It also refers to Lord Krishna.

126. Sabari:

Sabari is a tribal devotee of Lord Ram. It also means one who lives on the Sabari hill, Lord Ayappa.

127. Taarik:

Taarik means method. It also means who crosses the river of life.

128. Tamas:

Tamas is a classic Telugu name that means darkness.

129. Uchit:

Uchit means correct.

130. Uday:

Uday means to rise. It also refers to a blue lotus.

131. Udesh:

Udesh means flood.

132. Vaasu:

Vaasu means wealth. It also refers to Lord Vishnu.

133. Vadish:

Vadish means lord of the body.

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Telugu Nicknames for Baby Boy:

Here are some easy nicknames you can call your son at home.

1. Babu: Babu is a very common nickname for boys in Telugu. The name does not particularly anything, except that it is often used to call a little boy.

2. Bujji: Bujji is equivalent to darling. This is one of the most common Telugu baby boy nicknames.

3. Chinna: Chinna is another pet name in Telugu. This also means little.

4. Daav: Daav means fire.

5. Eeshan: Eeshan is another common name for a nickname that refers to Lord Shiva.

6. Fenil: Fenil means brave.

7. Gaj: Gaj is a small and cute pet name for baby boys. It refers to Lord Ganesha.

8. Gana: Gana refers to Lord Shiva.

9. Ganesh: Another popular Telugu baby name as a cute pet name is Ganesh, which refers to Lord Ganesha as Ganesh.

10. Garud: Garud is the king of birds.

11. Haan: Haan refers to the Sun.

12. Hari: Hari refers to Lord Vishnu.

13. Ihit: Ihit means to prize or honor.

14. Ijay: Ijay means Lord Vishnu.

15. Oha: Oha is a very cute nickname for your baby boy. It means meditation.

16. Ojis: Ojis means Teej Ojisvi.

17. Om: Om is a sacred Hindu symbol.

18. Onir: Onir means shining.

19. Ovi: Ovi means a holy message of a Marathi Saint.

20. Ovin: Ovin means handsome and is a name of Telugu origin.

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Telugu God Baby Names:

  • Abhav: Abhav refers to Lord Shiva.
  • Bala: Bala means small and is also the name of Lord Ganesh.
  • Benny: Benny is a Christian Telugu baby boy name that means born of the right hand.
  • Bobbin: Bobbin means bright frame. This is another name for Telugu Christian names.
  • Dab: Dab is a Muslim Telugu name for a baby boy. It means nature or habit.
  • Daai: Daai is another name for Prophet Muhammad.
  • Deen: Deen is a popular Telugu Christian baby boy names that mean God will judge.
  • Duhr: Duhr means noon and is a Muslim Telugu name.
  • Ovais: Ovais means a companion of the Prophet.
  • Hari: Hari refers to Lord Vishnu.

This article would have given you a lot of children’s names boy in Telugu for you to choose from. The names are a mix of culture, mythology and tradition. We have also covered the meanings so that sorting them out becomes really easy for you!


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