Is your baby boy or girl born under Tula Rashi? Also called Libra, according to Western Astrology, Tula Rashi covers three nakshatras, namely, Chitra (3 and 4 Padas), Swathi (4 padas) and Visakha (1,2,3 Padas). In this article, we have featured 60 best Tula Rashi baby names for boys and girls, which are a perfect mix of traditions and modernity.

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But, before that let us look into the Tula Rashi name starting letters (syllables) for each of the Nakshatras mentioned above:

  • Chitra: Ra, Ri
  • Swathi: Ru, Re, Ro, Ta, Roo
  • Visakha: Te, Tu, Tae, To

List of Modern Tula Rashi Names For Boys and Girls:

Once you know the exact birth nakshatra and pada of the baby, you can explore the names using the relevant starting letters. Here are the top 60 Tula Rashi names with meanings:

25 Tula Rashi Names For Baby Boys:

Use the science of Vedic astrology before considering a name for your baby boy. Along with sounding well, the name must also be compatible with the star positions to attract success in life. Here are our 25 best picks for your little prince:

1. Raghav:

Raghav is an Indian baby boy name derived from Ramayana. It is means “one who comes from Raghu Vamsa,” i.e., Lord Rama. This Sanskrit word has variants like “Raagav”, “Raghava” etc. It is suitable for boys born in Chitra Nakshatra.

2. Rahul:

Rahul is one of the most popular names for Indian boys. It has multiple meanings and interpretations. According to Buddhism, “Rahul” is the name of Lord Buddha’s son, which meant “relationship”. But the earliest mention of the word was in Upanishads in which it meant “one who overcomes all miseries”. That’s not all! “Rahul” is the name of most Bollywood protagonists, which is probably the bigger reason behinds its popularity.

3. Raajan:

Raajan is a baby boy name derived from Sanskrit. It means “King” or “Royal person”. There are many alternate words for Raajan which have the same meaning, like Raja, Raju etc. However, Raajan sounds grand and kingly!

4. Rachit:

Rachit is a male name that starts with “Ra” and suitable for boys born in Tula Rashi and Chitra nakshatram. It is a Sanskrit word that means “invention” and has three syllables. The female sibling name is Rachita.

5. Ripan:

Ripan is a modern name for boys born under Chitra Nakshatra. It means “the first light on the horizon”. There are no variants for this word and the nickname can be “Ripu”.

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6. Rishank:

This name starts with the sound “ri” and is suitable for Indian baby boys. According to the Hindu mythology, Rishank is believed to be the name of a devotee of Lord Shiva. The variant is “Vrishank”, which means “Lord Shiva”. So, you can choose between the follower and the followed!

7. Rishil:

Rishil is a modern variant of the word “Rishi” means Saint. Technically, it has no specific meaning, and the letter “l” is added for uniqueness. The alternate spelling can be “Rushil”, and the nicknames are “Rishi”, “Rish” etc.

8. Riyaan:

Riyaan is a lovely Tula Rashi name for baby boys which means “Lord Vishnu”. It sounds similar to “Ryan” an English name, but the meaning and spelling are quite different. Another interesting interpretation of this word is “Little King”.

9. Ruheel:

Ruheel is a Hindu boy baby name that means “Mounted” or “Grown”. This name is associated with steady growth and positive inclination in life. Nicknames of Ruheel are “Ruhee”, “Ruhy”.

10. Rushit:

Rushit is a contemporary name for “Rishi” meaning Saint or Monk. It has its roots in the Sanskrit language and belongs to the Hindu religion. The closest alternative to Rushit is “Rishit”. Both have the same meanings as a minor spelling variation.

11. Rudransh:

Rudransh is a powerful sounding name for Tula Rashi born baby boys. It is a complex word made of Rudra (Lord Shiva) and Ansh (part of). People with this name are said to have a bold and fearless attitude towards life. The short forms are “Rudra” and “Rudr”.

12. Revanth:

Revanth is a Hindu origin baby name for boys, which means “horse rider”. The Indian interpretation of this word is “Lord Surya”, who drives a chariot of 12 horses. So, Revanth also means “sun” or “one who clears darkness”.

13. Rochit:

The name “Rochit” comes from Hindi, which means “glorious” or “delightful”. It is relatively new among the Tula Rashi names which start with “Ro” syllable. The sibling name for Rochit can be “Rochita”.

14. Rohesh:

Rohesh is one of the many names for Lord Vishnu. You can choose this one for your baby boy born under Tula Rashi. However, the “h” in the center can make the pronunciation difficult at the beginning, so you can use nicknames like “Roh”, “Rohi” etc.

15. Ronith:

Ronith is a stylish name for Tula Rashi born baby boys. It means “Charming”, which perfectly describes your handsome prince. For variants, you can remove the letter “h” at the end and simply stick to “Ronit”.

16. Ruhan:

Ruhan is an unusual name for Indian baby boys. It has its origins in Persia, and the meaning is “one who is spiritual”. Although the name is used by Muslims, the religion-neutral meaning makes it suitable for Hindus also.

17. Rithul:

Rithul is a nice baby boy name that adheres to the Tula Rashi naming rules. It comes from Hindi and means “Truth Seeking”. It has no other alternatives, and the nickname can be “Rithu”.

18. Tohit:

Tohit is a different name for Hindu baby boys. It rhymes with “Rohit”, but has its own meaning. Tohit comes from Hindi language and means “one who is beautiful”. Along with physical beauty, the name also indicates inner beauty and goodness.

19. Tarunesh:

Tarunesh is an extended version of “Tarun” meaning “young male”. The name is associated with youthfulness and energy. Some people prefer “Tharunesh” as an alternate spelling to meet the numerology rules.

20. Tathagatha:

If you are a Buddhist believer, Tathagatha can be an excellent naming choice for your baby boy. It is derived from Sanskrit which means “one who has thus gone”. Lord Buddha is often referred to as Tathagatha in many ancient scriptures.

21. Tavish:

Tavish is a male baby name which means “heaven”. The other interpretations of this word are “strong”, “brave” etc. Interestingly, Tavish also has a Scottish link! It is used as an alternative for “Thomas” in Scotland. So, one name and many cultures!

22. Tejas:

Tejas is a Sanskrit origin name for boys which means “brilliance” and “lustrous”. It is predominantly used by followers of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The alternates are “Teja”, “Tejal” etc.

23. Tushar:

Tushar is a sweet-sounding name for baby boys born under VisakhaNakshatram. This Sanskrit origin word means “winter” or “snow” and symbolizes “purity”. The female sibling name for Tushar is “Tusharika”.

24. Taksheel:

Taksheel is an impactful name for baby boys which means “a person with a strong character”. It is mainly used in Hinduism and Jainism. The spelling variant is “Takshil”, which looks short and simple.

25. Teerth:

Teerth is a traditional boy name for Tula Rashi babies and has 3 syllables. It has its origins in Sanskrit and means “a holy place” or “sacred water”. You can also use “Tirtha” instead of Teerth.

25 Best Tula Rashi Baby Girl Names:

Your girl deserves nothing but the best, including her name! To make the selection process easy, we have picked our favourite 25 names for your baby girl born under Tula Rashi:

26. Raaga:

Raaga is a music-inspired name for Libra born baby girls. It means “melody” and derived from Sanskrit. In traditional music, raga is a combination of harmonious musical notes. So, if you want your daughter to have a joyful, musical life, this is the name to choose!

27. Rajasi:

Rajasi is a Sanskrit origin name which means “one who is worthy of a king”. Isn’t it the perfect name for your little queen? In other contexts, Rajasi is also considered to be one of the many names for Goddess Durga.

28. Rabita:

Rabita is an uncommon name for baby girls born under Tula Rashi. It is a Hindi derived word which means “connection” or “bond”. The alternate spelling is “Rabitha”. This is a great name for girls who play a central role in connecting the family together.

29. Rakshita:

Rakshita is one of the popular Hindu names for girls born under Chitra nakshtram. It starts with “Ra” and derived from the Sanskrit language. Rakshita means “protection” or “saviour”. For an alternate spelling, you can add an extra “h” to make it “Rakshitha”.

30. Ramila:

Ramila is a modern name for baby girls which means “loved”. Its origins are believed to from the Persian language. The closest variant to this name is “Ramita,” which also interprets to “pleasing” or “one who is loved”.

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31. Ranita:

Ranita is an unusual Tula Rashi name for Hindu girls. It has its roots in Hebrew language and means “Lovely tune” or “melody”. You can also call her “Rani”, meaning queen as a nickname for Ranita.

32. Rashitha:

Rashitha is a female name which means “graceful” or “one who is peaceful”. There are three syllables in the name, and for a spelling variant, you can use “Rashita”. The nickname for this word can be “Rashi” meaning Zodiac.

33. Raveena:

Does Raveena remind you of the yesteryear’s Bollywood beauty, Raveena Tandon? Not only does this name have a beautiful sound, but also a nice meaning as well. Raveena means “sunny” or “beauty of the sun”. Perfect name for your Little Miss Sunshine!

34. Ravija:

Ravija is an Indian origin name that comes from Sanskrit. It translates to “one who is born of the sun”. The alternate names are “Raveeja”, “Rawija” and the male sibling name is “Ravij”.

35. Rechal:

Rechal is a Hindu baby girl name which has multiple meanings like “innocence”, “responsible,” etc. These are the most desirable qualities in any girl, aren’t they? Apart from the meaning, Rechal also has a stylish, anglicized sound to it.

36. Rithika:

Rithika is a nice-sounding name for baby girls born in Tula Rashi. It is a Sanskrit origin word which means “flow of water”. It is believed that people with this name have an abundance of creativity and energy. You can also use “Ritika” as a variant name and “Ritu” as a nickname.

37. Rhea:

Rhea is an internationally accepted name and suits well for modern girls. It has multiple origins with multiple meanings. Some of the interpretations are “stream”, “earth”, “flow” etc. It is also one of the most popular female names and the variants are “Riya”, “Riyah”.

38. Rikvitha:

Rikvitha is a stylish baby name for Tula Rashi born babies. The actual word doesn’t have any significant meaning, but some rough translations are “fragrance”. The male sibling name is “Rikvith”, and the nickname can be “Rikkie”.

39. Rinita:

If you are looking for a unique Tula Rashi suitable name that starts with “Ri” try Rinita. It is of Sanskrit origin and translates to “Gift of God”. You can also use “Rinitha” if you want to have an odd number of letters in the name. “Rini” is a suitable nickname.

40. Riyanshi:

If you are looking for a baby girl name that spreads positivity and happiness, pick Riyanshi. This Hindi origin words mean “Cheerfulness”. You can even cut it short to “Riya” as a nickname. To make it suitable for boys, you can use “Riyansh”.

41. Rochana:

Rochana is a Sanskrit origin name that has multiple meanings. The word can be interpreted as “Red Lotus”, “Bright”, “Brilliant” etc. It is also considered to be one of the many names of Goddess Parvati.

42. Romica:

Romica is a fashionable name for girls born in Tula Rashi and Swathi Nakshatram. It even has a unique meaning to it. Romica means “princess of hearts”. With such a pretty face, your girl deserves every letter in the name.

43. Ramola:

If you want your girl to be a multi-faceted personality, name her “Ramola”. This word means “one who develops an interest in everything”. In other contexts, Ramola also means “good looking lady”. You can use “Ramy” has a nickname.

44. Ruhika:

Ruhika is a nice name for baby girls born in Tula Rashi. It belongs to the Hindu religion and is considered to be one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi. The actual meaning of this word is “desire”. Girls with “Ruhika” as a name can be called “Ruhi”.

45. Tanvee:

Tanvee is a sweet name for baby girls born under Tula Rashi and VisakhaNakshatram. It starts with the syllable “tha” and has multiple meanings like “slender”, “delicate”, “graceful” etc. The variant spelling is “Tanvi”.

46. Tashya:

Tashya is a Sanskrit origin name which means “bonding”. It is a perfect blend of traditional meaning with modern pronunciation and spelling. This 2.5 syllable word can be shortened further to “Tash” as a nickname.

47. Tanima:

Tanima is a Hindi origin name which means “delicate”, “slender”. According to naming experts, Tanima is associated with physical strength and a sensitive heart. The nickname can be “Tannu” or “Tanni”.

48. Tesha:

The name “Tesha” has an exotic sound to it. In Latin, Tesha means “joy”, and in the Indian context, it is interpreted as “survivor”. It is a short and sweet name with just 2 syllables. There are no variants of this name.

49. Tanaya:

Tanaya is a Sanskrit word which means “daughter”. Isn’t that interesting? It translates to “girl child of mine”. The male sibling name for this word can be “Tanay”. You can use “Tannu” as a nickname.

50. Tejal:

Tejal is a Sanskrit origin name that has been in use for many generations. It comes from the word “Tejas” meaning “light”, “brightness” or even “energetic”. Ideal name for your little guiding light! Call her “Teja” for short!

10 Unisex and Twin Names For Libra Born Babies:

Let us now look into some of our favourite gender-neutral names for babies born under Libra sign. Also, find the trending twin baby names with meanings:

Tula Rashi Unisex Names:

51. Rajni:

Rajni is a popular unisex name for babies born under Tula Rashi. It means “night”. The word is often combined with other gender-specific words like “kanth”, “Devi” etc. to make it suitable for girls and boys.

52. Ratna:

Ratna is a Sanskrit origin name which means “precious stone” or “jewel”. It can be used for both boys and girls by adding second names like “Ratna-Kumar”, “Ratna-mala”, “Ratna-Devi,” etc.

53. Roshin:

Roshi is a unisex name for Libra born babies. It is a Hindi origin word which means “light” or “source of illumination”. The name is commonly used for boys and tweaked to “Roshni” for girls.

54. Tapasya:

Tapasya, Hindu girl name can be used even for boys due to its gender-neutral sound and meaning. It means “prayer” or “austerity”. If you are unsure of the syllable “ya” at the end for boys, use “Tapas”.

55. Tanmay:

Tanmay is a meaningful name for babies which translates to “inspiring”,” concentration”, “one who is focused”. This unisex name can be also be used as “Tanmayi” for girls.

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Tula Rashi Twin Names:

56. Ronav and Ronak:

The names, Ronav and Ronak, are perfect for baby boys born under Tula Rashi and Swathi Nakshatra. Ronav means “one who is handsome or good looking”, and Ronak means “one who is radiant”.

57. Rutvij and Rutvik:

If you are looking for twin baby boy names starting with “Ru”, try Rutvij and Rutvik. They sound not only identical but also have nice meanings. Rutvij means a guru or a teacher, while Rutvik means a priest.

58. Rakshit and Rakshanda:

The root word of both the names is “Raksha”, which means protection. Rakshit means “one who is guaraded”, and Rakshanda means “one who guards”. These names are ideal for twin baby girl and boy born under Tula Rashi.

59. Tanay and Tanya:

The names Tanay and Tanya are beautiful twin baby names which start with “Tha” syllable. Tanay is a male name which means “son” and Tanya is a female name which means “belonging to family”.

60. Riddhi and Riti:

These are different sounding names for twin baby girls starting with “ri”. Riddhi means “good fortune” or “prosperity”, and Riti means “good well-being”. A perfect combo of wealth and well-being!

We hope you loved this list of 60 Latest Tula Rashi Baby Names. Not only do these names have a modern feel, but also have deep meanings associated with them. If you have any more names that should belong to this collection, do let us know. We’d be happy to feature them here!


The Tula RashiNakshatra name details present in this site are taken from well-researched websites that deal with Vedic astrology. These names and meanings are collected from various source due to which there may be a variation in the interpretation. It is recommended to do a thorough analysis before deciding a name for your baby.


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