Hawaii! If you watch Hollywood movies and shows, you already may be aware of the immense natural beauty in Hawaii. The lovely island is surrounded by the most serene beaches, lush green environment, and colorful flora and fauna. We have Hawaii baby names for you if you love connecting with nature! The Hawaiian names for babies reflect their rich natural environment and culture and sound exotic. They are unique, beautiful, meaningful, and adventurous.

If you have a newborn or have a baby on the way and are fascinated by unique and natural baby name ideas, these Hawaii names and meanings might mesmerize you. Give it a try!

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Most Popular Hawaiian Names for Babies

These beautiful and traditional Hawaiian baby names have mesmerized us and left us in the world of magic and adventure. They are lovely, meaningful, and unique. We have the list of best Hawaiian inspired baby names for you. So, please have a look and see how you like them. Here we go!

Hawaiian Baby Boy Names:

Let us begin by exploring some of the famous and meaningful Hawaiian origin baby male names. These guy names are unique, meaningful, popular, stylish, and blend traditional and modern names. Check them out!

1. Ahe:

Ahe means a gentle breeze. It is a short and cute baby boy name inspired by Hawaiian natural beauty.

2. Ailani:

Ailani means ruler. The name also symbolizes the high chief of the region. It is a strong, fearless baby boy name idea from Hawaii origins.

3. Akamu:

Akamu, a baby boy Hawaiian name, originated from the Hawaiian language. It means ‘of the earth,’ The name Akamu is also spelled or called out as Kamu or Aka. It is among the most unique yet famous name choice, even for baby boys in the United States.

4. Akoni:

Akoni is another Hawaiian-originated name for boys. It means someone who is inestimable or something that is too beyond in calculation. The other spelling variant of the name is Koni.

5. Bane:

Bane is another lovely and unique Hawaiian baby boy name. it means ‘a long-awaited child.’ Most often, Hawaiian baby names are inspired by real-life stories or experiences, which reflect the same.

6. Iokepa:

This is a very traditional baby boy name in Hawaiian origins. It means God will increase. The name also has origins in Hebrew.

7. Keanu:

Keanu is another Hawaiian-originated name that means cool breeze over the mountains. The actor, Keanu Reeves, is named from this name choice in itself. It stood as among the most globally famous name ideas for boys.

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8. Kai:

Are you looking for a very short and yet cool baby boy name? Then, this is a good choice. Kai is a Hawaiian-originated name that means ‘the sea.’ It is a simple yet meaningful and philosophical name idea. Several famous celebrities are named after this name idea too, such as Kai Altair, the musician.

9. Koi:

Are you instead of searching for a traditional baby boy name? How about Koi? It means implore or the urge. The other name variation is Coy. We love this one among the famous Hawaiian baby names for a boy.

10. Kaleo:

This is another beautiful name for baby boys. The Hawaiian originated the name Kaleo, means ‘one voice.’ Ka in the Hawaiian language means voice or sound.

11. Kekoa:

Kekoa means a brave person or also symbolizes warrior. It is Hawaiian originated baby boy name in itself.

12. Kimo:

Kimo means supplanter. This Hawaiian name is very rarely found and is unique.

13. Makani:

Makani in Hawaiian origins means wind or breeze. It is a unique name that is kept for baby boys all across the globe. The famous personality Makani Harrelson is named with this inspiration of meaning.

14. Ilima:

Ilima’s name for boys is very traditional yet deeply meaningful. It has Hawaiian and Hebrew origins, which means ‘flower.’ The other variations here include Lima, Alima, and Ulima.

15. Iulio:

We absolutely love pronouncing this name, Iulio. The Hawaiian originated name means ‘youthful.’ The other alternative name variations here include Julia, Julio, and Julen.

16. Kalani:

Kalani in Hawaiian means sky and sea. It is a very globally famous Hawaiian name.

17. Keoni:

Keoni symbolizes ‘God is gracious.’ It is originated in Hawai, and the other name spelling variation is Keo.

18. Lokela:

Lokela means legendary warrior. The name is a strong and powerful baby boy name idea with origins from Hawaii itself.

19. Maleko:

Maleko is a baby boy name from Hawaiian origins; it means warrior. The other name variation here is Malek, a modern pronunciation of the same name.

20. Makaha:

Makaha means a ferocious person. This is an adventure-inspired Hawaiian-originated baby boy name. How do you like it?

21. Makoa:

Makoa means a very bold man. The name also symbolizes strength and a person who has power. It is a very rarest baby boy Hawaiian name.

22. Nahele:

Are you looking for an adventurous or mysterious baby boy name? This Hawaiian inspired baby boy name means woods or forest. Interesting, isn’t it!

23. Nahoa:

Nahoa means a man who is defiant. This is a very strong baby boy name idea that originated from Hawaii.

24. Pika:

This is a very cute and rare baby boy name idea too. Pika means rocks.

25. Uluwehi:

Uluwehi means lush greenery or lush plants. The name is given with inspiration from the natural beauty of Hawaii’s island. We love the natural connection to this name. What do you think?

Hawaiian Baby Girl Names:

How about looking at the female baby girl names, which are Hawaiian inspired?! These are equally mesmerizing and meaningful. While some of them are feminine and beautiful, others are adventurous and unique. Have a look!

26. Alamea:

We absolutely adore this baby girl’s name. Alamea in Hawaiian origins means a precious girl. It also means someone who is special and loved. It is a unique name and has recently gotten famous for its pretty meaning and pronunciation.

27. Alana:

This is another globally famous name we all can find in different countries and regions. Alana has origins from Hawaiian, Irish and Gaelic. It means ‘an offering.’ This name inspires the famous musician Alannah Currie.

28. Alohi:

The name Alohi means shining and brilliant. It has origins in the Hawaiian language. We immensely love these Hawaiian baby names for girl.

29. Halia:

Halia is an immensely deep and philosophical meaningful name. It means remembering the loved one. It has Hawaiian origins too.

30. Haukea:

Haukea has Hawaiian origins. It has a gorgeous meaning – white snow. The lovely name is rarely found and is a unique choice.

31. Kailani:

Kailani is a traditional baby girl name idea, which means sea and heaven. It has Hawaiian origins as well.

32. Kaia:

Are you looking for a short, precise, and sweet Hawaiian baby name? This is a good choice. Kaia means the sea. The other name variations here include Kiya.

33. Kapua:

Kapua is a traditional baby girl name with Hawaiian origins. It means blossom.

34. Luana:

We love this gorgeous baby girl name too. Luana is a chirpy and happy baby girl name idea with Hawaiian origins, which means enjoyment.

35. Keala:

We by now realized there are quite a lot of baby names starting with K in Hawaiian origins. But we love the meanings with themselves. Keala means Pathway in the Hawaiian language.

36. Lana:

Lana has both Greek and Hawaiian origins. It means light or floating. The other variations are Lonna and Alana.

37. Leia:

Leia is a short and cute baby girl name idea, which means lioness. The name sounds pretty powerful and strong. It has origins in Hebrew, Hawaiian, and English.

38. Loni:

How about another famous yet beautiful short name for baby girls? Loni means sky in the Hawaiian language.

39. Leilani:

Leilani means heavenly wreath. The rarely found name has Hawaiian origins too. The other variations of this name are Leila and Lani. They are also two Hawaiian language words, Lei meaning wreath, and Lani meaning heavenly. There are famous celebrities with this name, such as Leilani Jones, the actress.

40. Lilo:

Lilo means a generous human. The name also has Hawaiian origins.

41. Lokelani:

Lokelani means a red rose. This beautiful baby girl name idea is also yet rarely found. It has Hawaiian origins.

42. Luanna:

Luanna means enjoyment. It is a traditional baby girl name meaning Hawaiian origins.

43. Malia:

Malia is a feminine-sounding baby girl name, yet a very strong and powerful choice. It means a brave and rebellious person. The name has origins in Hawaii and Spanish too. Our famous American President, Obama, has named his daughter Malia after the famous Hawaiian names.

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44. Mahina:

Mahina means moonlight. The name is a rare baby girl name idea that is gorgeous and unique. It has Hawaiian origins.

45. Naia:

This feminine and gorgeous baby girl name have origins in both Latin and Hawaiian. It means ‘to flow.’ The name has alternative variations, too, such as Nya and Naya.

46. Nana:

Nana in Hawaiian means’ spring’. The name is a short, cute, meaningful, and rarely found baby girl name.

47. Okalani:

Okalai in Hawaiian origins and language means ‘heavenly.’ The name symbolizes someone who is precious and heavenly. It is a very unique and famous name here.

48. Oliana:

Oliana has origins in Spanish and Hawaiian languages. It means a variant of Oleander. It is quite a unique name idea for girls!

49. Olina:

The name Olina and Oliana may sound the same, but they are both pretty different. Olina means a joyous person.

50. Ulani:

Ulani means a cheerful girl. It has Hawaiian origins too!

Hawaiian Twin Baby Names:

Some Hawaiian baby names are perfect for twins too. There is a list of twin name ideas from Hawaii. Have a look and see how you like them too!

51. Alo – Aloiki:

These are twin baby boy name ideas. Alo means the face, and Aloiki means renowned war. They both are rare name ideas

52. Amosa – Alika:

Alika means a form of Alec. Amosa means strong. They both are rare twin baby name ideas.

53. Mamo – Manu:

Mamo means yellow bird. Manu means a bird. They both are rhyming and lovely twin baby names ideas for boys.

54. Oliwa – Onaona:

Oliwa means olive tree. Onaona means a sweet fragrance. They both are twin baby boy names with Hawaiian language origins too.

55. Kai – Kainalu:

Kai means sea. Kainalu symbolizes surf. These are popular sea inspired baby boy names for twins

56. Ahonui – Aloha:

These twin baby girl names are unique and beautiful. Ahonui means patience. Aloha means love.

57. Kanani – Kanoa:

Kanani means beautiful girl. Kanoa means hollow of the land. These both are nature-inspired twin baby girl name ideas.

58. Malu – Mele:

These beautiful rhyming twin baby girl name ideas are lovely. Malu means peace or peaceful person. Mele means poem. They both have Hawaii origins.

59. Kiele – Pua:

They are nature-inspired Hawaiian baby girl names. Kiele means garden, and Pua means flower.

60. Alaula – Anuenue:

Alaula means light of the dawn. Anuenue symbolizes a beautiful rainbow. They are unique and modern twin baby girl name ideas.

Hawaiian Unisex Baby Names:

How about going through some gender neutral baby names in Hawaiian? They sound equally gorgeous and unique too! Have a look!

61. A’ala:

The gorgeous name is suitable for both boys and girls. It means fragrant in the Hawaiian language.

62. Ahuahu:

Ahuahu is a traditional gender neutral Hawaiian baby name idea. It means healthy.

63. A’ia’i:

Most traditional Hawaiian baby names are gender neutral. This name here means shining bright like a moon.

64. Ailana:

Ailana means island. The very nature of Hawaii itself inspires it. How do you like it?

65. Ainakea:

Ainakea means a white land. The gorgeous name is inspired by beaches and the serene sea in Hawaii.

66. Akahi:

Akahi means the first time. It is another beautiful traditional baby name idea with Hawaiian origins, suitable for both boys and girls.

67. ‘Akau:

‘Akau is a traditional baby girl and boy name that is yet rarely found. It means north or right.

68. Io Lani:

Io Lani means royal hawk. It is another beautiful and meaningful rare baby name idea.

69. Malie:

Malie means calm. This is a traditional and ancient Hawaiian language baby name for boys and girls.

70. Elue:

Elue means lively or a person who is always alert! It is traditional, yet the baby’s name is rarely found.

Famous Hawaiian Surnames or Last Names:

There are also some popular surnames, last names, and family names in Hawaiian. Let us go through some of them!

71. Aka:

Aka is the name that means noble. It has Hawaiian origins.

72. Akana:

This is a famous Hawaiian last name that means bright. It has Hawaiian origins.

73. Aukai:

Aukai is a famous Hawaiian surname found several times. It means sailor.

74. Hale:

Hale means house or home. It is a short Hawaiian surname.

75. Haoa:

Haoa means chief or chief guardian in Hawaiian origins.

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76. Ka’aukai:

Ka’aukai is another popular Hawaiian surname or last name option that means ‘the swimmer’ in Hawaiian.

77. Kalama:

Kalama means flaming torch or the torch. It is popular with Hawaiian origins and is a beautiful last name idea.

78. Likeke:

Likeke has Hawaiian and German origins; it means powerful or brave.

79. Makali:

Makali means small eyes. It has Hawaiian origins and is a less popular name.

80. Wailani:

Wailani means heavenly water. It is a beautiful name with meaning. It has Hawaiian origins too!

We hope you enjoyed exploring the meaningful and beautiful Hawaiian baby name ideas for boys and girls. These are absolutely adorable, traditional, and lovely. Let us know your thoughts. Did you like any? If yes, which of them?!


This is exclusively a guide to learn about Hawaiian baby names. These are for informative purposes only. Please keep in mind that the meanings of several names vary according to different cultures, regions, and languages. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. The author does not guarantee or promise any accuracy of the facts provided in this article.


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