Names are our sole identity. With that in mind, isn’t it only logical to hope for a distinct name for your child? Most of us are on the lookout for something innovative every day, which includes thinking of some creative name ideas for our baby. So we thought of a list of names starting with a, from all the religions and cultures. Here is a good look into some ideas we have for your baby girl or baby boy.

Baby Boy and Girl Names Beginning With A:

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Unique Baby Names That Start with A for Girls:

1. Aabha:

Aabha is a very classy girl name that starts with a. It means to glow, splendour and radiant. This name signifies the positivity she will radiate.

2. Aadarshini:

Aadarshini is a modern girl name that starts with a. It means idealistic.

3. Aashita:

Aashita is another modern best name starting with a. It means one who is hopeful.

4. Aatmaja:

This is one elegant name that you can name your daughter. Aatmaja means daughter and is a name from the Hindi language.

5. Aadhya:

Aadhya means beginning. It signifies how she will be the beginning of all the goodness that can happen to her and her family.

6. Aadhila:

Radhika means honesty and is probably one way to tell your daughter the importance and virtue of being honest.

7. Aadhira:

A variation of the name Aadhila, Aadhira means moon. For those parents who like to name their children after celestial objects, this will be a good choice.

8. Aadhirai:

Aadhirai means a star and is a name that is language-specific. It is an Indian month, and the most commonly used name starts with a for girls.

9. Aaditri:

Aaditri is a name that refers to Goddess Laxmi. It is probably the best name starting with a, especially if you are looking to name your daughter after Gods.

10. Aaditri:

Not happy with Aaditri’s name for your daughter? Well, it might happen that you don’t like the name, but you may like the meaning of it. Here is another female name that starts with a and means Goddess Laxmi.

11. Aadrika:

Aadrika means Mountain and is a unique woman’s name that starts with a.

12. Aaradhya:

Aaradhya is a very popular name in all languages. It means one who is worth worshipping.

13. Ahaana:

Ahaana is a very popular name that is slowly being loved by a lot of parents. It means dawn.

14. Abhijishya:

Abhijishya is a very interesting name and a modern one. The name can be difficult to pronounce. It means independent girl and is an apt name for today’s generation.

15. Abhikya:

Abhikya is one interesting name that starts with a for your daughter. It means beauty, and this is a name from the Hindi language.

16. Abirami:

Abirami is an old name which still hasn’t lost its charm. The name refers to Goddess Lakshmi and is a good one to choose.

17. Abhita:

Abhita means fearless and is a name from the Hindi language.

18. Aditi:

Aditi is an all-time favourite name for a lot of people. The cute child’s name starts with a means free and unbounded.

19. Ananya:

Ananya is a very common name among a lot of people. The name means matchless in Hindi.

20. Anvi:

Anvi is the name of the Goddess of the forest. Aanvi is a variant of the name Anvi.

21. Akshara:

Akshara means invincible. The name also refers to Goddess Lakshmi.

22. Anokhi:

Anokhi means unique. A name that will make your daughter stand out from the rest, given the uniqueness of the name and the meaning itself! This is a unique baby girl name starting with a.

23. Anusha:

Another popular baby girl name starting with an Anusha means beautiful morning or star in Hindi.

24. Amalia:

If you are looking for English names, starting with this will be a good choice. The name means work.

25. Archisha:

Archisha is the latest baby girl name starting with a. It is also very rare and means a ray of light.

26. Aryahi:

Aryahi means Goddess Durga. This is a very unique and rare name that is trendy in look and traditional in meaning.

27. Asmita:

Asmita means pride in Hindi. For that little one who will be your pride and happiness, this will be a good name for her to think of.

28. Atreyi:

Atreyi is the name of a river. The name is a true-sounding Indian name starting with a.

29. Avni:

Avni means mother earth and is a popular name that starts with an in South India. The name is very traditional.

30. Arushi:

Arushi means red. The colour red has a lot of value in Hindu mythology, and thus the significance of the name lies there. It indirectly refers to the rising sun that most Indians pray to.

31. Aishwarya:

How will we not know this name? This name beginning with a is a sure hit. Aishwarya means propriety and wealth.

32. Anjali:

Anjali means offering with both hands and is a name that has a lot of significance in the Hindu way of life and tradition.

33. Anala:

Anala is a very rare name. The name means expressive.

34. Aaravi:

Aaravi means peace.

35. Anushka:

Anushka means grace. It is an Indian form of the Russian name Hannah.

36. Adah:

Adah is a very unusual name that means ornament. The name is taken from the Hebrew language.

37. Akarshika:

This name means one with an attractive power and will be a good one for your daughter.

38. Advika:

Advika means unique.

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Baby Boy Names That Start With A:

Here are some names for your baby boy.

1. Amal:

Amal is a name that is very often used and preferred by a lot of parents. This boy’s name starts with a means expectation.

2. Aaqil:

Aaqil means one who is wise and intelligent.

3. Aaban:

Aaban is the name of an angel and is also the name of the 8th Persian month. This male name that starts with a is unique and has a religious association.

4. Aabavaanan:

This is a name that implies a person who is responsible and reliable.

5. Aabharan:

A very common boy’s name with Aabharan means jewel. It is a variant of the Sanskrit name Abharan.

6. Abbas:

Abbas is a very common baby boy name that means to sense or feelings. The Sanskrit meaning of the name is realisation.

7. Aabheer:

Aabheer means cowherd. The popular variant of the name Abheer is Abir, which is a Bengali-origin name.

8. Aabid:

Aabid is a very creative name powerful. The name also means worshipper of Allah.

9. Aabinus:

Here is another unusual name that means ebony and one that is dark-coloured.

10. Aabraham:

The name means father of many and is equally used in the Christian and Islamic religions for sons.

11. Aacharya:

Aacharya is a very common name of Sanskrit origin. The name means a teacher who is well-learned. This is another name for Dhrona, a character from the Indian Hindu epic Mahabharata.

12. Aad:

Aad in Islam means ‘the man’.

13. Aachalendra:

Aachalendra is a classic Hindu baby boy name starting with a. It means the Himalayas. This indicates that the person will be unchallengeable and strong.

14. Aadalarasu:

Here is a name from the Tamil language for your little baby boy. It means a Kind of dance. This name represents one of the names of Lord Shiva.

15. Aadam:

Aadam means father of mankind.

16. Adeep:

Adeep means light or spiritual illumination and is a traditional name starting with a for your son.

17. Aaden:

Aaden means fire and flame. The name indicates the person as a source of radiance for the future.

18. Aadesh:

Aadesh means command. It means instruction and is taken from the Sanskrit language.

19. Aadhan:

Aadhan means ‘be first’.

20. Aadhavan:

Aadhavan means sun and is a name taken from the classics of Hindu mythology.

21. Aadhav:

Aadhav is a boy’s name with a. It means ruler or a person who rules and governs. It indicates a sense of power your son will carry in the future.

22. Aadheen:

Aadheen is an Indian baby boy’s name starting with a. It means being obedient and who will comply by listening to others.

23. Aadhev:

Aadhev means first or most eminent.

24. Aadhi:

Here is a Hindu baby boy’s name starting with a. It means beginning.

25. Aadhil:

Aadhil is a male name that starts with a. It means one who acts only with all justice and fairness. The name also means someone who has excellent character.

26. Aadhikara:

Aadhikara refers to Lord Shiva.

27. Aadhimulam:

Looking for traditional and religious names from mythology? Here is a baby boy’s name that means beginning and source of everything.

28. Aadhish:

Aadhish means king or emperor.

29. Aadhiseshan:

Another classic Indian baby boy’s name is Aadhiseshan. It means anyone and is regarded as the name of Lord Vishnu.

30. Adhinarayan:

Another religious name from the Hindu religion, Aadhinarayan, means the first God. It is also the name of Lord Vishnu.

31. Aadhikesavan:

Aadhikesavan is another name of Lord Vishnu and is a very old name for baby boys.

32. Aadhikara:

Aadhikara is the most commonly used term. It is a name from the Sanskrit language and means Lord Shiva. It is a variant of the name from Sanskrit that means principal.

33. Aaban:

Another rare name starting with for your baby boy is Aaban, which means the 8th Persian month.

34. Aabdar:

This name is from the Islamic culture. It means moonlight, early and quick. This name has been used in the Quran verse and is also the name of a famous battle.

35. Aabis:

Aabis means lucky. It also means one who is grim-faced.

36. Aace:

Aace might be a very unusual name for you. This unique baby boy’s name starts with a means of unity. It also refers to luck and excellence.

37. Achman:

Achman refers to the intake of a sip of water just before starting a puja or yagna. This is according to the Hindu way of life.

38. Acharappan:

This name means restless or proactive.

39. Athul:

Athul means light and is a very common name.

40. Ajay:

Ajay means success and is a very common name of all times for baby boys.

41. Amar:

Amar is a baby boy name commonly used by the people practising Islam. The name refers to the prophet.

42. Abhilash:

Abhilash is a name that is old and classy. It means desire.

Hindu Baby Girl Names Start with A:

If you are looking to name your daughter something glued to your Hindu culture, here are some names you can think of.

1. Aadarsha:

The name means one who is perfect and ideal.

2. Aadhila:

Aadhila means honesty.

3. Aarabhi:

Aarabhi is a musical raaga that is very soothing and sweet to the ears. The name is a womens name that starts with a.

4. Aapti:

Aapti is a modern Hindu baby girl name that starts with the alphabet a. It refers to a state of fulfilment and satisfaction.

5. Aangi:

Aangi is a person who is close to God or the one who decorates God. In either case, she is considered pure and good at heart.

6. Anindita:

Anindita is a very simple name for your daughter if you are looking for one. It means a very happy woman. It also refers to a woman who brings fortune.

7. Aanchal:

Aanchal is a modern name that means protective shelter.

8. Aami:

Aami is a very cute and short name that means one who is loved dearly.

9. Aakruthi:

Aakruthi means one who cannot be moulded to others’ wishes. It indicates her strength and character as a strong person.

10. Aamani:

Aamani is the spring season.

11. Aamaal:

Aamaal means belief and expectation.

12. Aamaya:

Aamaya is a modern name that starts with a. The name means the night rain that brings hope.

13. Aamodini:

Aamodini means fragrance or odour.

14. Aapeksha:

This is a name that is very common. It means the act of showing or expressing passion. It also means request.

15. Aaradhana:

Aaradhana means reverence and worship. It also refers to the meaning of devotion and respect.

16. Aarati:

Aarati is a classic Hindu baby girl name that means prayer.

17. Aaravi:

Aaravi means being in a state of tranquillity and harmony.

18. Aarin:

Aarin means one who has mountain-like strength.

19. Aaritra:

The name means one who loves to explore. The name also means navigator.

20. Arohi:

Arohi means being very sound. It also refers to the musical sound.

21. Aruna:

Aruna means one who has the power of the sun. It most popularly refers to the Sun.

22. Aruni:

Aruni means to grow or develop anything. The name also means dawn.

23. Aarvi:

Aarvi means peace.

24. Aarya:

Aarya means a very noble lady.

25. Aasha:

Aasha means hope and desire. The name also means wishful thinking.

Hindu Baby Boy Names Start with A:

1. Aadir:

Aadir means origin or beginning.

2. Aadishwar:

Aadishwar refers to the saint Shankaracharya, the founder of Adwaitha philosophy.

3. Aadit:

Aadit is an Indian baby boy’s name starting with a. It means peak or shade. It also means radiant or illuminate.

4. Aaditey:

The name means son of Aditi. This refers to being the son of the Earth or the son of Mother God.

5. Aaditya:

One of the most popular names of all time, Aaditya, means the Sun. The name is a variant of the name Aaditva.

6. Aadish:

Aadish is one with wisdom.

7. Aadrik:

Aadrik means the rising sun between the mountains.

8. Aagar:

Aagar means someone who has an interest in music.

9. Aagman:

The name means arrival or welcome.

10. Aahan:

Aahan means iron. It also means sword and is a symbol of military power.

11. Aahir:

Aahir means dazzling. It also means impressing people very effectively.

12. Aahlad:

The name is very classy and traditional. This male name that starts with a means one who is always happy and cheerful.

13. Aahnik:

Aahnik means prayer.

14. Aahva:

This is a very rare and unusual name that means beloved. It also means someone who is dear to the heart.

15. Aaish:

This name means God’s blessings.

16. Aakaar:

Aakaar means shape. It means evolving and taking shape into something beautiful.

17. Aakash:

Aakash means sky and is a popular boy’s name with a.

18. Aakarsh:

Aakarsh means attraction or beauty.

19. Akashdeep:

This is a variation of the name Akash. It means vast like the sky.

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Christian Baby Boy Names Start with A:

1. Adam:

Adam refers to the first man on Earth and has a biblical reference in Christianity.

2. Aabel:

It means breath, and it also signifies the breath of God. Aabel is a name for the baby boys.

3. Aadrian:

This name means a man from Hadria.

4. Aaidyan:

Aadiyan is a name that means a fiery young man.

5. Aadam:

A popular variant of the name Adam, Aadam means the Earth.

6. Aadan:

Aadan means of the earth.

7. Aadne:

Aadne means a child or baby boy who is very sharp, like the eagle.

8. Aaden:

Aaden means the small flame of life.

9. Abraham:

Abraham is a very popular Christian name for baby boys. It refers to the Lord.

Christian Baby Girl Names Start with A:

1. Aaliyah:

Aaliyah means someone who is highly exalted. It also means to ascend.

2. Aamanda:

Aamanda means one who is loved dearly.

3. Aamiya:

Aamiya means nectar.

4. Aana:

Aana is a modern name for baby girls starting with the alphabet a. It means a woman who has God’s grace all the time.

5. Aaria:

Aaria means a beautiful melody.

6. Aari:

Aari is a classic traditional Christian name that means mountain of strength.

7. Aariel:

Aariel means a lion of God.

8. Aaron:

Aaron is a Christian name that means one who is exalted.

9. Aava:

The name means bird. It also means ‘from the water’.

10. Aaydan:

This is another rare Christian name. It means a fiery young man.

11. Andrew:

Probably the most common Christian name that you would have heard. The name means strong and brave. The name is derived from the Latin language.

12. Anthony:

Anthony means worthy of praise and is a name from the Latin language.

13. Aaron:

Aaron means enlightenment and exalted.

Muslim Baby Girl Names Start with A:

Here are some names for your baby girl.

1. Aabirah:

Aabirah means fleeting and ephemeral.

2. Aeesha:

Aeesha means life. She is also the youngest wife of Prophet Mohammad.

3. Aafia:

Aafia means good health and is a female name starting with a.

4. Aairah:

Aairah means noble and respectful.

5. Aafreen:

Aafreen means brave. It also means acclaim.

6. Akifah:

This is a very unique name for a baby girl. It means devoted and dedicated.

7. Aala:

Aala means bounties.

8. Aalimah:

Aalimah means scholar. It also means authority.

9. Aamanee:

The name means good wish.

10. Aamira:

Aamira means imperial. It also has another meaning that is inhabited.

11. Aara:

Aara means adoring.

12. Aatifa:

Aatifa means affection and sympathy.

13. Abasah:

Abasah means daughter of al-Mahdi.

14. Abeela:

The name means to be beautiful.

15. Abia:

Abia means great.

16. Ablah:

Ablah is a rare girl name that means perfectly formed. It refers to her character.

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Muslim Baby Boy Names Start with A:

 1. Abirah:

Abirah is a Muslim boy’s name that means transitory.

2. Aaqil:

The name means one who will grow up to be wise and intelligent.

3. Aabid:

Aabid means one who is powerful and complete.

4. Aadam:

Aadam means father of mankind. The name is a Malay version of Adam.

5. Aadil:

Aadil means righteous and one who has high morals.

6. Aaftab:

Aaftab means Sun or Sunlight.

7. Aabis:

Aabis means lucky.

8. Aadroop:

This name means embodiment.

9. Aahad:

The name means unity, oneness and harmony.

10. Aali:

Aali is another name of the almighty Allah.

11. Aamil:

Aamil means a hardworking person.

12. Aaqib:

Aaqib means one who is the follower of Allah.

13. Aarif:

Aarif means someone who is knowledgeable.

All possible names have been mentioned, starting with a. No special names were found.

We are sure our list of best names, starting with a, would have helped you find one you will be happy with. Most of these lists of names start with a mix of the many cultures, meaning, epic and identity. Remember to decide on the theme first. That way, it will be very helpful to figure out a name quickly.


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