Meena Rasi, or Pisces, is the 12th Zodiac sign of Hindu Vedic astrology. You can identify this Rashi by a pair of swimming fish joined together by a cord. Children who are born under Poorvabhadra (1,2,3 Padas), Uttarabhadra (4 Padas) and Revathi (4 Padas) belong to this Rasi. Now, if you believe in naming your babies as per the Rashi rules, then you can check out this list of 60 Meena Rashi Baby Names for Boys and Girls!

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But before that, let us look into the Meena Rasi starting alphabets (sounds):

  • Poorvabhadra –Se, So, Dha, dhi
  • Uttarabhadra – Dhu, Syam, Jha, Dha
  • Revathi – Dhe, Dho, Cha, Chi

60 Best Meena Rasi Baby Names for Boys, Girls, Unisex and Twins:

Scroll down to get a list of 60 popular names for Meena Rasi born boys and girls. As a bonus, we have even listed down a few names under the Unisex and Twins categories:

25 Meena Rasi Names for Boys:

Boys born under Meena Rasi are known to be very sensitive and soft-natured people. Of course, when the situation demands, they can also be quite strong-willed and extremely adaptable. Now, let us see the 20 popular names for Meena Rasi born boys:

1. Sekhar:

Sekhar, also written as Shekhar, is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. It comes from the Sanskrit word “Sikhara”, which means “mountain or peak”. The name is associated with success and scaling new heights in life. Some people even prefer adding the word “Chandra” or the crescent moon to bring in a complete feeling.

2. Sehej:

If you are looking for a name for your baby boy that has a soothing meaning, try “Sehej”. It means Calm, peaceful and pleasant. The name is just 3 syllables and is ideal for those who prefer short and meaningful words.

3. Sobith:

Sobith is a nice name for baby boys born in Meena Rashi. It means “one who is beautiful” or “one who is decked up in ornaments”. The name is also associated with the radiance of the body and mind.

4. Somil:

Somil is a perfect name for Meena Rasi born babies who are naturally soft and sensitive people, as it means “soft-natured”. It is often used as an alternative for “Komal” to adhere to the Rasi alphabet prescriptions.

5. Sohan:

Sohan is a Sanskrit derived word which means “good looking”. It is also one of the popular Meena Rashi names for boys due to its short spelling and stylish pronunciation.

6. Sopan:

Sopan is a Sanskrit word which translates to “ladder to heaven”. It can also indicate the ultimate bliss or the Moksha state. This is a perfect name for baby boys born in Meena Rashi and Poorvabhadra Nakshatra.

7. Syamrit:

If you are looking for a rare name that starts with “Syam”, try Syamrit. This unique word comes from the Sanskrit language, which means “Powerful” or “Delightful”.

8. Syasank:

Syasank is one of the many names of Lord Shiva, which literally means “One with the moon”. Some people prefer to write Shashank or Sasank as the spelling variants.

9. Dhaksh:

Dhaksh is a widely used name for boys born in Meena Rashi. It means “Eeshawar,” i.e., Lord Shiva. Some people even believe that Dhaksh refers to God in general (irrespective of the names).

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10. Dhaman:

Dhaman is a beautiful sounding name that comes from the Sanskrit language. It has multiple meanings like “glory”, “radiance”, “strength” “majestic”, or even used to describe an “a place of residence”.

11. Dharma:

The word “Dharma” has powerful pronunciation and meaning. It means “Law of all things”. The name is associated with both Hinduism and Buddhist religions. You can even go the extra mile and try “Dharmendra”, who is the Lord of Dharma.

12. Dhiren:

The name “Dhiren” is a Sanskrit word which comes from the word “Dheera”, which means strong or powerful. Dhiren translates to “One who is strong”. Whether it refers to physical strength, mental strength or both, this name can fill the person with a lot of confidence.

13. Dheeraj:

The word “Dheeraj”, which means bravery, can definitely create a lasting impression on others. It reveals a lot about the nature of a person. Apart from courageousness, the name is associated with mental acumen and tolerance.

14. Dhilan:

“Dhilan” is a relatively new name for Meena Rashi born baby boys. It is a modern word derived from the Hindi language, which means “Son of the Waves”. A quirky nickname for this word can is “Dhillu”.

15. Dhanesh:

Dhanesh is a masculine name which is derived from two Sanskrit words, “Dhana” and “Eesh”. The literal meaning of this word is “Lord of Wealth”, who is none other than Kuber. So, if you want your baby boy to live a life in the lap of richness, this is the name to give him!

16. Dhanvin:

The name “Dhanvin” has two different meanings. Some consider it to be “Archer”, while others treat it as one of the many names of Lord Shiva. Interestingly, it is also said to be one of the names of Lord Rama, as he was a skilful archer.

17. Dhavak:

If you are looking for a rare name that you have not heard before, try “Dhavak”. It means “athlete”, “forerunner”, or “racer”. “Dhavak” is associated with physical fitness and a strong inner desire to stay on top of the game always.

18. Dheekshit:

The word Dheekshit means “fair-complexioned”. If you are baby is born with a fair and glowing complexion, you know what to name him now! The spelling variant of this name is “Dixit”.

19. Charvik:

Charvik is a meaningful name for Meena Rashi born baby boys. It has many meanings like intelligence, smartness, brilliant, bright, thoughtful, clever etc. You can also try “Chaarvik” as a spelling variant.

20. Chatur:

Chatur is one of the best-ranked names for Meena Rashi babies in terms of usage and popularity. It is derived from the Sanskrit language, which means “Smart”, “Shrewd”, “Clever”, etc.

21. Chirag:

Chirag is another lovely name for a Hindu baby born in the Pisces Zodiac sign. It means “light”, “guiding lamp”, etc. Chirag has commonly used among Hindi speaking communities, where the word “Chiraag” is also used as a spelling variant.

22. Chinmaya:

Chinmaya means “God”. It comes from two words, “Chit” and “Maya”, meaning “one who consists of all knowledge”. The name refers to those who have attained the ultimate knowledge of life, like Saints, Sadhus etc.

23. Chintan:

The word “Chintan” means “profound thought” or “meditation”. The name also means “one who thinks of another’s comfort”. It is used across Hindu, Buddhism and Jain religions due to its meaning.

24. Jhaswin:

“Jhaswin” is a Sanskrit derived name which means “beauty of life”. According to other interpretations, this word is said to have come from the many names of Lord Shiva. You can also use ‘Jhasvin” as an alternate spelling.

25. Jhanish:

Jhanish is a name that has come into existence in modern times. So, it roughly translates to “God’s gracious butterfly”. However, there are not many mythological associations with this name.

25 Meena Rasi Baby Names for Girls:

Meena Rasi born girls are generally considered to have qualities like empathy, love and affection towards family and creative thinking. They are also soft-spoken individuals who always try to maintain a positive environment around them. Here are the 25 best names for these little girls born in Pisces Zodiac sign:

26. Sejal:

The word “Sejal” is one of the most preferred names for girls born in Meena Rashi. This Hindi derived word means “Pure”, and “Innocent” and even refers to “River Water”. The name is commonly found in North Indian regions.

27. Selvi:

Selvi is a Tamil word which means “Daughter”. Along with using as a name, “Selvi” is also used for women who are considered a pride of a particular community or a field.

28. Sehana:

The word “Sehana” might sound Indian but is actually derived from the Filipino language. So, if you don’t mind picking a name for your daughter from across the borders, then this lovely word is quite apt. “Sehena” means Goddess of Love!

29. Somita:

The name “Somita” is adapted from multiple languages and so has different interpretations. It means “Sunrise” and “One who befriended good looks”. Either way, “Somita” is a beautiful name for your little baby.

30. Sohini:

Sohini is the name of a raga in Indian Carnatic music. It is known for leaving a tranquil effect on the listener’s mind and senses. Music lovers who are inspired by this Ragam prefer naming their daughters after it.

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31. Sonal:

Sonal is a Hindi-derived name for baby girls, which comes from the word “Sona”, meaning “golden”. The name translates to “pure gold” or “precious”, etc. A variant of this name is “Sonali”, the name of a popular Bollywood model and actress!

32. Dhaatri:

Dhaatri is a Sanskrit word which means “Mother Earth”. It is also one of the many names of Goddess Parvati mentioned in Lalita Sahasra Namam. A spelling variant can be “Dhatri”.

33. Dhaaravi:

Dhaaravi is considered to be another name for Goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva. You can also use the spelling “Dharavi” to remove the extra ‘a from the word.

34. Dishana:

Dishana, also written as “Dhishana”, has multiple meanings and interpretations. It refers to religious wisdom, sacred hymns, speech and even the Goddess herself. Due to its multi-dimensional symbolism, Dishana is popularly picked for Meena Rasi born baby girls

35. Dhriti:

Dhriti has numerous meanings, as there is no proper translation for it in English. This Sanskrit word means “to act in determination”, “patience”, “firmness”, and “tolerance”. The spelling alternative can be “Dhruti”.

36. Divija:

Divija is a lovely name for Pisces born baby girls. It means “one who is born in heaven”. This is an apt word to describe your daughter, who you think is a gift from God. The spelling variant can be “Dhivija”.

37. Dhitika:

Chitika means “one who is thoughtful” or “wise”. It comes from the Hindi language and is widely used as a name for baby girls. Though it is more commonly found in the Buddhist religion, many Hindus are also picking this nice name for their daughters.

38. Dhiyaana:

Dhyana is a unique name for Meena Rashi baby girls. It means “Meditation” or “profound thinking”. The name has a nice feel to it, along with a slightly anglicized sound that rhymes with “Tiana”. You can remove the extra “a” if you want to.

39. Dheryanshi:

Another rare name for girls of this Rashi can be “Dheryanshi”. It roughly translates to “patience”. The name is associated with passion, creativity, dedication and enthusiasm. People with this name are also known to be quick learners!

40. Syamili:

Syamili is a spelling variant of “Shamili”, which means “a beautiful angel”. It is usually preferred by people of the Southern states who want to use the original word but twist it as per the Nakshatra rules.

41. Syamolee:

Syamolee, also written as Syamoli, is picked by my parents, who believe that dusky is beautiful! The word literally means “girl who is dusky”. With increasing awareness of color diversity, there can’t be an any better time to pick this beautiful word to describe your honey-skinned baby doll!

42. Jhanak:

The name Jhanak is often confused with Janak (the father of Seetha). “Jhanak” refers to the jingling sound of the feet, especially one that comes from the payal beads. It also symbolizes energy and liveliness.

43. Jharna:

Jharna means a “Cascade” or a “waterfall”. This word is associated with a continuous flow of energy and creativity. The name comes from the Hindi language and is popular among North Indian communities.

44. Jhanhavi:

Many people prefer to use “Jhanvi” as the short form of the word. “Jhanhavi” means “River Ganga”. It is also believed to be the name of a Yaksha’s daughter, while another meaning for this name is “one who is wise”. You can try these spelling variants – “Jaanvi”, “Jahanvee”, and “Jahnavi”.

45. Jhansi:

When we talk about baby girl names with “Jha, we simply cannot miss out on “Jhaansi”. More than the actual meaning of the word, which is “rising sun”, the historical association with the famous Jhansi ki Rani makes it more popular.

46. Chaaya:

The word “Chaaya” comes from the Sanskrit language, which means “shadow” or “shade”. It is associated with symbolism like being supportive, helping others in need etc. The alternative spelling is “Chhaya”.

47. Chaarvi:

Chaarvi is an excellent name for Meena Rasi born baby girls. It means “a beautiful girl” or a “beautiful woman”. The word is derived from Sanskrit and has just 2.5 syllables.

48. Charitha:

Charitha is a sweet name for baby girls, which means “one who has a good character” or “one with a warm heart”. It symbolizes qualities like purity, good nature and honesty.

49. Chikita:

Chikita is a modern name that is derived from the Mexican word “Chiquita”, meaning “cute girl” or “little girl”. However, in certain cultures, this name may be associated with sensuousness. So, it’s important to know the complete meaning before picking this one.

50. Chiranvi:

Chiranvi is a lovely name for baby girls, which means “laughing” or “one who is joyful”. This word is associated with positivity, radiance and energy. So, if you want these traits in your girl, give her this name!

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5 Unisex Meena Rashi Baby Names:

If you are looking for a gender-neutral baby name, then we recommend you check out these 5 best picks for babies born in this Rashi:

51. Jiva:

“Jiva” is an excellent name for babies born in Meena Rashi. It means “one who is full of live” or “one who exists”. Because of its neutral meaning, the name can be used for both boys and girls.

52. Dharuka:

Dharuka is the Sanskrit name for the Deodar tree. There is also a forest in the Himalayas called the “Dharukavana”. So, many Hindu parents prefer naming this word for their babies.

53. Chaital:

Chaital is a Hindi word which means “Consciousness”. It is picked for both genders due to its neutral meaning. The word also implies spiritual awakening and mental alertness.

54. Chaaru:

Chaaru is a beautiful name for both boys and girls, which means “Good looking”, “Cherished” “Pleasant”. It is often combined with other words to form gender-specific names like “Chaaru Latha”.

55. Chaturya:

Chaturya is a unisex alternate for names like “Chatur”, which means “one who is intelligent”. It is suitable for both genders due to its neutral meaning.

5 Meena Rashi Names for Twin Babies:

Take a look at these 5 different combinations of names for Meena Rashi born twins, including boy-boy, boy-girl and girl-girl:

56. Diyara and Dikshit:

If you are blessed with twin girls and boys born in Meena Rashi, try Diyara and Dikshit. “Diyara” means “Brightness”, and “Dikshit” means “one received initiation to attain knowledge”.

57. Somesh and Sonalika:

The names Somesh and Sonalika make a pair of lovely names for Meena Rashi, born twin boy and girl babies. “Somesh” means “Lord Chandra” or Moon, and “Sonalika” means “Golden”. So, you have an irresistible combination of Silver (color of the moon) and Gold.

58. Deepak and Deepthi:

Deepak and Deepthi is another pair of Meena Rashi twin baby names. Both words come from the root word “Deep”, which means “lamp”. “Deepak” means “Source of Light” or “lamp”, while “Deepthi” means “a bright flame”.

59. Dinakar and Divyesh:

Dinakar and Divyesh are excellent names for twin baby boys. They both start with the letter “Dhi”, and even their meaning is the same. Both words mean “The Sun God”.

60. Chandana and Chandini:

Another set of names for twin baby girls is Chandana and Chandini. “Chandana” means “Pure Sandalwood” and “Chandini” means “moonlight”. Both names share a similar set of alphabets.

We hope you liked this list of the 60 best Meena Rashi Names. You can try a variety of combinations, prefixes or suffixes with these names to form unique words to name your baby. If you have such creative names that you think must belong to this list, do let us know!


It is important to note that these names might have different meanings in different countries, cultures and languages. So, make sure to fully understand the symbolism of a name in your local culture before choosing it for your baby. You should not rely upon the material provided in this article as the information is not backed with extensive research or expert opinion.


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