Are you a strong believer in the principles of Buddhism? Do you wish to see your child practice the same fundamentals and grow into a kind and compassionate human being? Instead of choosing regular names, you must explore these top Buddhist baby names for your little one. Not only do they sound melodious, but they also have deeper spiritual meanings.

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Here is a mix of traditional and modern Buddhist inspired baby names, with meanings, origins and symbolism.

50 Popular Buddhist Names for Boys and Girls:

Many parents, including celebrities, are choosing Buddhist names for their babies. The words used in these names are inspired by the name of teachers or the Dharmic principles of Buddhism. They make a sort of peaceful sound when pronounced and also have a profound meaning.

20 Latest Buddhist Baby Boy Names:

Naming your baby can be quite a challenge, especially if you are looking for a meaningful and stylish word. To do your job easier, we have compiled these popular Buddhist male names, which are a perfect mix of traditions and modernity. Read along to explore them in detail with meanings and importance in Buddhist culture:

1. Abhaya:

Abhaya is a Sanskrit word which means “without fear”. It also refers to the Abhaya Mudra, one of the many symbolic hand gestures of Lord Buddha, which is used to dispel fear and restore peace. Its variant name is “Abhay”.

2. Dharma:

The word “Dharma” originated in Sanskrit, which means “law and order”. In Buddhism, Dharma is the Universal truth which is taught by Lord Buddha through his teachings and sermons. The variant names for Dharma are “Dharmah”, “Darma”, and “Dharana”.

3. Gautam:

Gautam is one of the most popular Lord Buddha names for baby boy. It is derived from Sanskrit and used as a contemporary version of “Gautama”, which means “the enlightened one”. The female sibling’s name for Gautam is Gautami.

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4. Munish:

Munish is a baby boy name in an Indian Buddhist context. It means “Lord Buddha” and is used in the Hindu religion. This 3 syllable word also can mean “Chief of all sages”, as it can be divided into “Muni”, meaning sage and “ish”, which means master or supreme spirit.

5. Saugata:

Saugata is one of the many names of Lord Buddha, which means “One in a Hundred”. The word is derived from Sanskrit and is used as a Buddhist inspired name in the Hindu religion.

6. Indivar:

Indivar is a Sanskrit word which means “blue lotus”. This flower has a lot of significance in Buddhism and is used as a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and intelligence. The variant name is “Indibar” and “Indeevar”.

7. Nirvin:

Nirvin is a Sanskrit originated name which means “eternal bliss” or “happiness”. This word is derived from “Nirvana”, a Buddhist term for releasing oneself from rebirth. It is supposed to be the ultimate spiritual goal in Buddhism.

8. Sandipan:

Sandipan is an Indian name which means “a kindling spirit”. People with this name are known to ignite the fire of learning and wisdom in others. Also, there is a Hindu sage called Rishi Sandipan, who was the Guru of Lord Krishna.

9. Trikay:

Trikay is one of the Buddhist baby boy names which translates to “Lord Buddha”. It is dervived from the word “Trikaya”, which means “three bodies”. According to Mahayana Buddhism, there are three modes or bodies of Buddha – the Dharmakaya, Samboghakaya and Dharmakaya.

10. Upagupta:

Upagupta is a baby boy name that comes after “Upagupta”, a Buddhist monk of the 3rd Century. It is also told that he was the spiritual mentor of the famous Mauryan king, Ashoka. The monk is known for guiding many people to the path of enlightenment.

11. Issan:

Issan is one of the unique Buddhist baby boy names, which means “One Mountain”. Mountains have a lot of significance in Buddhism as they are considered the closest points on earth to the heavens. “Issan” can mean one of the many sacred peaks of the Buddhist culture.

12. Dhiman:

Dhiman is a Sanskrit derived Buddhist name for baby boys, which means “Knowledgeable” or “Wise”. It is a compound word made with the words “Dhi”, meaning intelligence or intellect and “man”, meaning mind.

13. Tenzin:

Tenzin is a Tibetan word which means “holder of Buddha Dharma”. It is one of the commonly found Buddhist male names in Tibet and Ladakh regions which comes from the name of the local priest. The variant names of Tenzin are “Tenzing” and “Stanzin”.

14. Chimon:

Chimon is a Buddhist word which means “Wisdom gate”. It is often chosen as a name for baby boys in Buddhist culture. It has two syllables and is pronounced CHI-mon.

15. Siddhartha:

Siddhartha is the first name of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism and is a commonly used Buddhist baby boy name. It is a compound word which is made of “Sidda”, meaning accomplished, and “Martha”, meaning goal. So, Siddhartha means “a person who has accomplished his goal”.

16. Khajit:

Khajit is which means “a person who has conquered the heavens”. It is one of the many names of Lord Buddha. This is a unique and modern baby boy name with a Buddhist meaning.

17. Tathagatha:

Tathagathais are one of the most used boy names in the Buddhist religion. It is derived from Pali and Sanskrit languages, which means “one who has thus gone” or “one who walks in the right path”. Also, in many of the Buddhist scrolls written in Pali, there are references to Buddha calling himself “Tathagatha”. The variant spellings are “Tathagat” and “Tathagata”.

18. Prabuddha:

Prabuddha is a 3 syllable Buddhist baby boy name which means “the enlightened”. It is also used as another name for Lord Buddha and translates to “one who has sacred wisdom and religious brilliance”. The word is derived from Sanskrit and is even mentioned in the Upanishads and Puranas.

19. Hemnath:

Hemnath is a Buddhist inspired name for baby boys, which means “early winter”. It is also one of the many names of Lord Buddha. As per Hindu traditions, this name is usally chosen for boys born in KarakatRasi and Pushya Nakshatra. There are no other variant names for this word.

20. Amitav:

Amitav is a Hindu baby boy name derived from Buddhism. It is another name for Lord Buddha and translates to “limitless luster” or “infinite light”. The variant name is “Amitabha”, a Sanskrit word.

Top 20 Buddhist Baby Girl Names:

If you are looking for a name that has a calm, Zen effect on the ears, these Buddhist girl names are ideal for you. They are derived from Buddhism and refer to the many female characters and deities mentioned in the religion. Let us look into each of these names in detail:

21. Tara:

Tara is a Buddhist name for baby girls, which is recognized in many schools of Buddhism, such as the Mahayana, Vajrayana and Tibetan. It is used as the short form for “Ayra Tara”, a female Boddhisatva known as the “mother of liberation”. Tara is also a deity of meditation worshipped by the Tibetans and is often referred to as the “female Buddha”.

22. Aikyaa:

Aikyaa is a Sanskrit word which means “unity” or “oneness”. In Hindu and Buddhist cultures, this word refers to “the unity of the human soul with the Universe or the Supreme spirit”. The spelling variations of this name are “Aaikya”, “Aikya”, etc.

23. Disha:

Disha is a beautiful-sounding name which appears in both Hindu and Buddhist texts. It is a Sanskrit word which means “Direction” and even refers to “good luck”. The sibling name of Disha is Dishant.

24. Haimini:

The word Haimini means “golden colour” or even “winter”. It is one of the popular Buddhist baby girl names of Indian origin. The variant name is “Hyma”, which also means Goddess Parvati as per Hindu mythology.

25. Yasodhara:

Yasodhara is a Sanskrit name which means “one who brings fame or glory”. This name has a lot of importance in Buddhism, as it is the name of Lord Buddha’s wife- Princess Yashodhara. The variant name is Jasodhara.

26. Mayra:

The name “Myra” appears in many cultures with different meanings. In the Indian context, Myra refers to the “moon”. As per Buddhism, the moon symbolizes enlightenment, truth and the remover of illusion. The variant spelling of this name is “Maira”, which is a modern Buddhist name for baby girls.

27. Rinzen:

Rinzen is a Buddhist name which means “the holder of intellect”. In other words, it also means “one who attained Bodhi or wisdom”. So, the name Rinzen can be used as a synonym for Lord Buddha.

28. Tushita:

Tushita is a female name which means “satisfied” or “content”. In the Buddhist tradition, Tushita is the name of one of the six heavenly realms in which the BoddhisattvaSvetaketu resided before being born on the earth as Gautama Buddha. The alternative spelling is “Tusita”.

29. Nima:

Nima in the Tibetan language means “sun”. According to Buddhist traditions, the sun is symbolically used for the destruction of ignorance and suffering and as the beginning of applying wisdom. There are no variants for this name.

30. Eeshvi:

The word Eeshvi means “a part of God” or “God’s gift”. This is a unique Buddhist inspired name for baby girls used in the Hindu religion.

31. Bodhi:

Bodhi is a Sanskrit word which has a lot of significance in Buddhism. The literal meaning of this word is “enlightenment” or “awakening”. It is also the name of the ficus tree (Bodhi Vrukha), under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. Bodhi is popularly used as a baby girl’s name in India.

32. Sinhini:

Sinhini is derived from Sanskrit, which means “a lioness”. It is believed that girls who are given this name display leadership qualities and have strong self-esteem.

33. Dohna:

Dohna is a female deity worshipped in Tibetan culture. It is one of the unique Buddhist baby girl names to consider for your little one.

34. Tashi:

The word “Tashi” is derived from the Tibetan language, which means “good fortune” or “auspiciousness”. The variant spelling for this word is “Trashi” and can be used as a first name or second name.

35. Hayma:

Hayma is a name for girls which means “forest”. It has 3 syllables and is often used in the Hindu religion. As per Buddhism, Lord Buddha spent most of his time in the forest and even achieved salvation there.

36. Pema:

Pema is a Tibetan word which means “Lotus Flower”. It is a Buddhist term for the Hindu word “The Padma”, meaning Lotus. Lotus is considered to be a sacred flower in Buddhism and symbolizes purity.

37. Kanika:

Kanika is a Sanskrit derived name for girls, which is found in Buddhism and Hindu religions. The word translates to “golden grain” or “gold seed”. It is a modern variation of the word “Kanaka” and “Kanak”.

38. Druki:

Druki is a Buddhist name for girls, which means “peace-loving”. It is believed that people who are named “Druki” build strong relationships with their families and are very compassionate and generous.

39. Sangmu:

Sangmu means “Kind-hearted one” in the Tibetan language. As per Buddhism, Kindness is a cure to suffering and people with the name “Sangmu” heal the world around them with their compassion and good heart.

40. Chesa:

Chesa is a Tibetan name for girls, which means “greatness”. It is one of the many Buddhist baby names for girls. Chesa refers more to spiritual greatness than a materialistic one.

Top 10 Unisex Buddhist Baby Names:

If you want to keep your baby’s name gender-neutral, check out these ten best Unisex baby names in Buddhism:

41. Zeya:

The word Zeya is derived from the Tibetan language, which means “success”. It is suitable for girls and boys.

42. Thuya:

Thuya is a unisex baby name in the Buddhist religion. It means a “sun” and is derived from the Burmese language. The variant name is “Thuga”.

43. Chinua:

Chinua is a Buddhist name which means “blessings from God”. This name can be given to both baby girls and baby boys.

44. Khin:

Khin is a Burmese word which means “friendly” or “one who is kind”. It is popular as a baby name in Buddhist culture.

45. Lwin:

Lwin is an old-fashioned Buddhist baby name derived from the Burmese language. It means “one who is clear” and is pronounced as “Lyn”.

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46. Taru:

Taru is a unisex name which means “Myth or legend”. The other meanings of this word are “a huge water body” and is used as a short version of “Tarja”.

47. Dokai:

Dokai is a Buddhist name which means “way or path”. Although it is commonly used as a name for baby boys, the gender-neutral meaning makes it a great name for girls as well.

48. Dojin:

Dojin is a Buddhist originated name which means “Path of Love”. According to Buddha’s teachings, love is the path to attaining spiritual liberation. The word “Dojin” is derived from this concept and hence can be used as a meaningful unisex name.

49. Cais:

The word “Cais” is a unisex name derived from Vietnamese. It means “rejoicer” or “a person who rejoices”.

50. Naing:

Naing is a Burmese originated word which means “winning” or a “winner”. This name is popularly used in the Buddhist religion and is suitable for boys and girls.

Buddhist Twin Baby Names:

In case you are still looking for something more unique to name your twins, here are the popular Buddhist choices that we suggest, along with their meanings.

51. Adhiarja-Agung:

This is a beautiful Buddhist name for your twin boys. Adhiarja means safety, while Agung means grand or great. Both will signify your boys’ personality and is a unique name choice.

52. Arkar-Asnee:

This is probably a very rare and unique Buddhist twin name for your twin boys. Arkar means sky, and Asnee means lightning. Both signify light and colour that will be the true representation of the personality of the baby boys. How about this truly unique choice?

53. Bu-Buddhamitra:

Bu as a name is something you probably wouldn’t have come across much and means ‘he who is a leader. Budhamitra means ‘one who is Buddha’s friend’. This Buddhist baby boy twin name, B, is a unique choice and is a name that will be remembered forever.

54. Boon-mee- Boon-nam:

Boon-mee is a popular Buddhist choice which means lucky or a fortunate boy. Boon-name means ‘someone born with good fortune. The names are an indication of how well they will lead their life, and they sound alike. For those twins who look alike, this could be the ultimate choice. This is a unique Buddhist baby name in Marathi.

55. Batuhan-Batukhan:

Batuhan means someone who is firm and hard, whereas Batukhan is a firm ruler. These names will stand for someone who has a tough personality to uphold.

56. Altansarani-Altantsetseg:

Ever heard of this Buddhist baby name in Marathi for twin girls? Probably not! This unique name means golden rose and golden flower, respectively. Both are a promise of the finest colour and positivity they will reflect in their personality.

57. Angkasa-Anong:

This Buddhist twin baby girl name means the sky and gorgeous woman, respectively. This unique baby name for twins is not a common choice and is the latest Buddhist name that you can consider naming your children.

58. Bi-Bayarmaa:

Bi means ‘Green Jade’ and Bayarmaa means ‘mother of joy’ Both are an indication of happiness and are unique twin baby girl names.

59. Chesa-Chewa:

This twin baby girl name means greatness and one who is great or powerful. This is a truly unique baby name choice that will aptly reflect their personality and mould them to be one.

60. Chime-Chimeg:

Chime and Chimeg mean immortal and ornament, respectively. They signify they will stand the test of time and could be an ideal choice for baby twins who look alike.

Buddha Names in the Marathi Language:

61. Adved:

Adved is one of the best Buddhist baby names in Marathi. It means Lord Buddha and also one with an advantage.

62. Nalak:

Nalak was the name of a little boy who wholeheartedly worshipped Lord Buddha.

63. Rahul:

The real meaning of Rahul is a conqueror of all miseries. One who is very different from others. It was the name of the son of Lord Buddha and also the son of Goddess Durga.

64. Aswath:

Aswath means the tree of knowledge. It is the tree under which Gautam Buddha meditated and gained most of his experience.

65. Samyak:

One who is the Shadow of Lord Buddha. It also means appropriately, fitly or in the right manner.

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66. Trigya:

This is also another name for Lord Buddha himself.

67. Animesh:

Someone who is wakeful, bright and attractive. It also means Lord Buddha.

68. Prashik:

The meaning of Prashik is someone who is full of love. It is also used for Lord Buddha as it rightly defines him.

69. Shaakya:

This is another name for Lord Buddha.

70. Siddham:

It means someone who is blessed or accomplished, perfect or Lord Buddha

71. Maitreya:

Friend or disciple of sage Parasara. It is another name for Lord Buddha.

Did you find your favourite Buddhist inspired baby name from this list? If yes, do let us know your pick! Also, if you have any more such lovely names inspired by Buddhism, please send them to us. We’d be happy to feature them here!


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