Among the 28 nakshatras, it is believed that those born under a particular nakshatra can have an auspicious and happy life if their names are aligned to their particular ones. In case if your baby is born under pushyami nakshatra, today we have a list of pushyami nakshatra baby names to help you out pick the right and perfect name for the little one.

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We all want a perfectly lovely and meaningful name for our little star, and with our specially compiled list, we hope you find the right baby names. Here we go!

Pushyami Nakshatra and Characteristics:

The pushyami nakshatra babies are believed to be the ones who are always happy and deliver happiness to others around them. These joyous beings are also said to be stable in mind, respectable in society and always pre-planned with soft and gentle behavior. The pushya nakshatra comes under cancer signs ranging from 3.20 to 16.40. The nakshatra means someone who nourishes and gives.

While the pushya nakshatra Rashi is Cancer, the animal symbol is a goat. Let us explore more about the perfect names and starting letters for those babies born under pushya nakshatra.

Pushya Nakshatra Names Starting Letter/Syllable:

If your little baby is born under pushyami or pooyam nakshatra, it is considered good and lucky if he or she is named Hu, He, Ho, or Da. Let’s find out the best and most lovely baby names for pushyami nakshatra.

Pushyami or Pushya Nakshatra Baby Names for Boys and Girls:

Let’s get started, and we have compiled the latest, modern, meaningful, and cute baby names for the little ones born under Pushya nakshatra. Here is our top list of names of Pushya Nakshatra babies.

Pushyami Nakshatra Baby Boy Names:

1. Heeran:

The name Heeran is derived from the Hindi word, heer, which means a diamond. Heeran literally translates itself to someone who is like a diamond, Lord of diamonds.

2. Hema Chandra:

The name Hema Chandra is popular in south India and Telugu speaking states. Hema Chandra means Golden Moon. This pushyami nakshatra names in Telugu is a popular yet modern and youthful Pushya nakshatra male names to try out.

3. Hemadri:

The name Hemadri has a traditional meaning yet sounds classy and lovely. Hemadri is none but Lord of the Mountains. Isn’t it cool?

4. Hemant:

It is another popular name across India now, and it has been one of the most loved choices in the past two decades. Hemant is originated from Hindi and Sanskrit languages, which means Lord Budha and Gold, both!

5. Hemraj:

Hemraj, also variated as Hemaraj, means King of the Gold. It is a lovely and beautiful, meaningful name to check out. Among many baby boy names for Pushya Nakshatra, this is among the most trending these days.

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6. Hetansh:

For parents who are completely looking for a new, rare and unique name, here we are. Hetansh means a rising sun. The name also symbolizes a person who always is on the rise in life.

7. Hetvik:

Hetvik is such a cute and beautiful name. Hetvilk means Lord Siva. This Pushya nakshatra names for the boy has a traditional and beautiful meaning, yet with modern pronunciation.

8. Hunar:

Hunar in Hindi literally translates itself to someone who is skilled and has good qualities.

9. Heyaat:

Also spelled as Hayat, it means life or the presence of life. It also symbolizes existence. This is such an intense and lovely name; what do you think?

10. Hari Kiran:

The name Hari Kiran has a lot of meanings and denotations. Hari Kiran essentially means Lord Vishnu. However, the name also symbolizes a ray of light, hope, radiance, and brightness bestowed. We love all the essence and meanings.

11. Harvinder:

Harvinder, which can also be spelled as Harwinder, means God of Heaven. This is a traditional name choice for baby boys born under pushyami nakshatra.

12. Hemin:

Hemin is now a new and rare name choice. While its origins aren’t yet established, Hemin denotes calm, peaceful and someone who is quiet or loves calmness.

13. Hemish:

Hemish again is a modern-day name. Originating from North Indian local languages, Hemish means Lord of the whole world or God of Earth. Not many know this name yet, which makes it even more wonderful to name our little one with such a new name.

14. Harvir:

Harvir means warrior of God. It also symbolizes who defends the Lord, divine power, and protector. Those who want a traditional and blissful name with modern rare, unique pronunciation can try this one.

15. Harman:

The name Harman has been gaining popularity for the last decade, given its both beautiful meaning as well as pronunciation. Harman means everybody’s beloved person. It is originated from Indian languages.

16. Humair:

Humair is someone whose face is red in color. While the meaning itself is quite new and unique in the Indian scenario, the name also symbolizes blooming. It is believed that it is inspired by Middle Eastern names.

17. Hetash:

Hetash name symbolizes someone who is full of energy or always on the go. The name is originated in the Hindi language and is a new and rare name to try out.

18. Heetraj:

Heetraj means the beloved king or raja of the people. It also symbolizes someone who is always has best wishes. The name is new in the baby name list.

19. Hemang:

Hemang name is originated from the Hindi language and means a person who has a shining body or skin. It is a cute and unique fresh baby boy’s name to check out.

20. Hurditya:

The name Hurditya is new, and the origins aren’t yet established. However, Hurditya means a joyous and happy, blissful person.

21. Heyansh:

The name Heyansh is gaining wide popularity just for a couple of years. It is such a beautiful sounding and lovely name. Heyansh means a piece of heart. This is now something special, isn’t it?

22. Hetaksh:

The name Hetaksh means the existence of love. The depth and intense meaning of the name are what make it beautiful, along with the uniqueness and rarity of the choice.

23. Hemkar:

Hemakr or Hemkar means Lord of Wealth. For those who want a mythological and traditional name, this can be an excellent choice as it is not common yet has a beautiful association with it.

24. Hemansh:

Hemansh means a part or piece of gold. The name is also associated with the precious piece, part of love and someone’s life.

25. Heramb:

Another unique and rare name originated from India. Heramb means someone who is respectful in society.

Pushyami Nakshatra Baby Girl Names:

26. Hema:

The name Hema is one of the popular household names in India. Hema means gold or golden women. This baby girl names for Pushya Nakshatra is a classic and timeless name to try out even today.

27. Heera:

Heera in Hindi literally translates to diamond. The name symbolizes someone who is like a diamond or a precious person. Lovely meaning isn’t it!

28. Heeya:

It is a new name these days which is rare and unique. Heeya means heart. The names origin isn’t yet known but is among the most uncommon and rare names of today.

29. Hemalatha:

Hemalatha is again quite a common name in India for decades together, which means golden creeper or golden vine. This Pushya nakshatra female name is such a lovely and beautiful meaning, isn’t it!

30. Hemani:

The name Hemani is a modern name choice for many parents these days, yet with a meaningful and tradition-bound one. Hemani is Goddess Parvathi, the Goddess of mountains.

31. Hemavathi:

Hemavathi, which can also be spelled as Hemavathy or Hemavati, is Goddess Parvathi’s name. Some also believe Hemavathi is Goddess Lakshmi. However, both meanings are auspicious!

32. Hetika:

It is a modern and unique, refreshing name choice for modern parents. Hetika means sun rays and also symbolizes light, brightness and love. This pushya nakshatra names for a girl is originated from the Hindi language.

33. Huemisha:

Huemisha is quite a rare and new name. This means Goddess Saraswathi. The name also symbolizes someone who is intelligent and smart. The other name variations and spellings here are Humisha, Humshikaa, and Humsiha.

34. Huvishka:

It is a lovely and pretty sounding cute name. Huvishka means promise. It also symbolizes a woman who has godly qualities. The origin is not known yet, but we love the intense meaning associated with it. What do you think of this Pushya nakshatra karka rasi names?

35. Heemanshi:

The name Heemanshi name has been derived from two words, Hema and anshi. Heemanshi means part of the snow. Now, this is quite a new and wonderful name to try out, isn’t it?

36. Hejal:

Hejal name is very new and most uncommon as yet. While the origins aren’t well established, Hejal means fruit. If you prefer to name a very new and unique name which is never heard of, this can be a good one.

37. Hemadrika:

Hemadrika means a drop of snow. While Hema means snow, the name is a variant in the entire realm of names within it.

38. Hemanthi:

The name Hemanthi in Sanskrit origins literally translates to winter or early winter season. It is one of the season names with a beautiful meaning.

39. Hetvi:

It is a new and upcoming lovely short name which is being preferred in the northern Indian belt. Hetvi means love. Such a short lettered name yet with intense meaning isn’t it?

40. Hesha:

Hesha means a complete being. While the origin isn’t derived as yet, it is again among cute, meaningful, and short name choices.

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41. Haadiya:

The name Haadiya isn’t an Indian origin name, yet many are preferring this one nowadays due to its simple yet intense meaning. Hadiya or Haadiya means gift or righteousness.

42. Heni:

It is again a four-lettered cute and very short easy name to try out. Heni means crown or a royal being. It also symbolizes someone who is compassionate and caring.

43. Henal:

Henal symbolizes the Goddess or ruler of wealth and beauty. This is a modern and contemporary classic name to try out.

44. Hetsree:

Hetsree also spelled as Hethsree or Hetsri, Hetshree means Love of God. This is a classic and all-time evergreen name choice for today’s generation of kids.

45. Homa:

Homa in Hindi and other religious texts literally translates to sacred fire. This is a traditional and yet short and meaningful name to try out.

46. Husniya:

The name Husniya isn’t an Indian origin name, but again, given its beautiful pronunciation, many these days are preferring it. Husniya means a beautiful lady. This is lovely pushya nakshatra 1st pada names to check out.

47. Hetarthi:

Hetarthi means someone who has a good thought process or a meaningful thinking person.

48. Heerkani:

Heerkani literally symbolizes and translates to a diamond-like person. It also symbolizes a precious person and gem.

49. Henna:

Henna is a new name choice these days. However, the meaning is quite obvious. Henna means mehendi. It also alternatively symbolizes and implies fragrance.

50. Holika:

Finally, Holika again is an auspicious and traditional name choice. According to religious texts, Holika is ceremonial fire. This is a unique and meaningful pushya nakshatra 3rd pada names to try out.

Unisex Baby Names Under Pushya Nakshatra:

51. Hetal:

The name Hetal is a unisex name that can be given to both baby girls and boys. Hetal means someone who is always friendly to others.

52. Hemal:

Also spelled as Heemal, it means a snow mountain or ice mountain. This is a lovely and cute baby name for boys and girls.

53. Heerva:

It is a unique baby name choice these days. Heerva means blessing. It is also one of the four Veda names.

54. Hemu:

The name Hemu again means Gold. This is, however, a unisex version of the name, which can be ideal for both baby girls and boys.

55. Hema Sai:

Hema Sai again is a unisex name. The last name Sai is what makes it unisex in nature, with the meaning symbolizing gold and gold like a person.

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Twin Baby Name Choices for Pushya Nakshatra Babies:

56. Hetav – Hemin:

The names Hetav and Hemin are twin baby boy name choices. Hetav means someone who is always giving love. Hemin is a calm and peaceful person.

57. Hemantshree – Hemantinandan:

Both are traditional baby boy twin name choices. Hemantsree means Gold and money, both. HemantiNandan is the son of Goddess Parvathi.

58. Heenal – Henitha:

Heenal means Goddess of beauty. Hertha, on the other hand, is grace or a graceful being. Both are ideal twin baby girl name choices with lovely meanings.

59. Heidi – Hela:

Heidi is a rare and short name, which means noble sort. Hela means hope or moonlight. Both are quite uncommon name choices and can be ideal twin baby girl names.

60. Hetarth – Hetarthi:

Now, these are rhyming as well as lovely twin baby boy and girl names choices. Hearth means distributor of love. Hetharthi is love or someone who always loves others. Now both mean similar things and are also intense and cute. What do you think?

We hope you enjoyed exploring these lovely Pushyami Nakshatra baby girl and boy names. If your baby is born under Pushya Nakshatra, try them out and pick your favourite one.


It is advisable to cross-check and understand each name’s meaning according to different cultures, regions, countries and languages. Their symbolism and meanings differ according to language, so kindly conduct in-depth research before finalizing the name.


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